Jurys Inn

>>Tourism is a key driver in the Irish
economy, driving more customers to
your business. To take full advantage of the
opportunity, you need to achieve better revenue, lower costs, better social
media reviews and better guest loyalty. Invest in the next two
minutes to discover how. Jurys Inn, a busy hotel chain further
embedded great customer service by utilising simple,
cost effective training aids.>>We pride
ourselves on customer service. We excel in the field and we’re about
hospitality, it’s all about people and the
guest. We’d have quite a variety of customers
that we deal with, ranging from corporate guests which would have
particular needs, to our leisure guests and then the tour
series would come to us as well.>>We got them to use the good
and bad practice examples and the check-lists from the
Universal Design Toolkits. This was part of the staff training,
in dealing with Jurys’ diverse range of
customers.>>I found the Universal Design training
aligned very well actually with our current practices with Jurys, our training
would be exceptional at a standpoint, however what we found really helpful
and added value was the prompt cards and the material that was used, it helped
make it easier for the employees to get that real life examples.>>Tomaz has been travelling all night
and needs some rest ahead of his busy
day tomorrow. He has limited English,
especially when he’s tired. Anna offers Tomaz a complimentary
coffee and asks him to rest in the lounge while she figures out
what’s going wrong with his booking. Tomaz gladly walks over to the
couch to relax and enjoy a free coffee. He’s happy that the hotel understands
and that he doesn’t have to deal with the
problem himself. Anna has discovered that Tomaz is
actually booked into one of their sister
hotels. She goes over and sits down with him
and in clear and simple English explains to him what has happened. She let’s him know that she’s ordered
him a complimentary taxi to bring him to another hotel and that she’s written
down all the information he needs when
he gets there.>>I would absolutely recommend
the toolkits for any industry in relation to tourism, they were easy to use,
in relation to staff, who may only be working for a short period in the
summertime for example, they’re ideal, small sound bites of learning that
were easy to implement with the toolkits
provided.>>If improving your customer
engagement and building customer loyalty is something you
need to do, then download the free Universal Design Toolkits from… Subtitles by Premier Captioning &
Realtime Ltd. www.pcr.ie

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