Jon har flyttet inn i eldrebolig | Helt Perfekt | TVNorge

Everyone can see
that this is a retirement apartment. -How long will you live here?
-Well, yes… -I’d like to live here for a while.
-So you’re happy here? To be honest, the way my life is now,
I don’t mind living here at all. -I’ve got everything here.
-How long ago did she die? -Not that long ago.
-What is this pedalling thing? Auntie Haldis had poor circulation,
so she had to pedal to get it going. I’d like to show you something. -Did you find pee in the toilet?
-Stop it! Look at this. It’s a sensor-controlled home help.
It let’s you know about everything. If you’ve been out, are a little
drunk and want to cook a pizza,- -it will let you know: “The oven
is on. The oven is too hot.” I’ll just get the key. My God! It’s social suicide
for a single guy to live here, right? Another one. OK! Let’s go. -Yes!
-And… Listen. -“The door is open.”
-Good. Do you bring people back here?
Ladies, I mean. It’s great.

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  1. Martin rakerdegikke says:

    Hvor er den dressjakken til Thomas kjøpt? Takker for tilbakemelding

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