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Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant

Hey guys today. We’re in gonna prefecture to check out the ultimate diner where you can get food from vending machines. Let’s check it out The word here at the vending Machine cafe And the first thing I get is this thing called the toast sandwich and they’re out of the ham and cheddar cheese So we’re going to get the the one called. What is that? Liz honey Italian Italian it’s Written in Kanji Okay, all right. Let’s try this one So first one get is the Italian toast for the toast sandwich machine, so we put in the money Okay press the button and what. Oh! It says. (40 seconds.) 40 seconds! 40 seconds until.. it’s ready. Oh my god It’s so exited I’m SO excited! And there are directions here. It tells you… That it’s hot, so use a tong Use that. And use a mitten Where is the mitten? (Laughs) (No Mitten.) And there is a tray. Oh, here! There is a mitten. There it is. Look at that. Looks like we are doing a cooking show. So. So that’s your cheese sandwich should we sit [over] [here]? In this japanese stuff with something okay. I think we should [get] all the food first okay next We’re gonna Burger and they have Sliced cheese and cheddar cheese double cheeseburger they have the tartar meat with bacon that sounds gross and they have a Mexican burger which is Jalapeno Garlic, Mayonnaise and tortilla chip 64 seconds really microwaving Oh my God Wow – Mexican it says Mickey Chic on woods hot very hunt Okay, okay, so we got the burger and a ham toast I would like [Ramen] Ronnie Well, that’s possible because guess what? They have ramen they have ramen let’s get ramen from the vending machine Wow, that’s fast 25 seconds really yeah 25 seconds. [he’ll] like that Romney is ready. Oh my God Wow, right that’s amazing. Okay. Let’s take it to the table seven minutes long Okay, so we got the vending Machine Brahman And we mixed it up in the Chashu and naruto was on the bottom. So you have to mix it up yourself There’s one not at all there are two pieces of Joshu And it looks like Shoyu ramen. [I] believe that’s about it. Oh Actually three pieces of charge ooh, and there’s like small bits of green onions, no That’s what come in [a] CV, so no green onions in here. Oh Here, and there’s Bamboo shoots [Mima]. All right Tastes like Ramen Shoyu Ramen like like really really like old fashioned style Okay, and noodles here. We go Interesting noodles. They’re not Al Dente but They’re not like soggy either. There’s special noodles, and I’m really curious about the Chashu so part mark Now that is good Joshua. Not really good [edie] Mm-Hmm I some please itadakimasu Super Super Fast Whoa surprise [each] like on a restaurant-quality? Show raman comes to really locate the very oldest type very old-style right or the style Ramen restaurant, right the caillou you don’t find anymore [mmm], right it’s not bad right noodles. [that’s] bad. Yeah. I really like that [mmm], isn’t it surprise this is a [frog] [and] [a] [commotion]. I know I’m so surprised. I’m shocked I’m pleasantly shocked So this is my Mexican burger that we know Mexican ballet machine Yes, which scam burger from any machine? And it’s vending machine because there’s jalapeno, and there is a tortilla chip inside the Burger and the bird the meat looks actually Legit it looks like real Good quality [pattie] very thick very thick of course the verb is very small But it’s [like] [a] hundred yen. Take a box from a vending machine How is it oh? surprising things spicy Spicy the Jalapeno, but It’s not bad and because it’s so small [it] makes me want to have another one cause you’re so tiny But look [the] [meat] [patties] pretty thick mmm Here try [it] try it try it try that burger trailer building machine burger weary feet meat. Yes, Mm-hmm It’s pretty good right [miss] from vending machine. I know I’m surprised I am shy, and how good this vending machine [tastes]? Very nice and a little spicy spicy and meat also Regular butter yes, like a good hamburger like a pretty good hamburger Right and we got the Italian toast from the toast vending machine comes in a foil And let’s open this up This way it’s tightly wrapped It looks rather handmade wife’s [alter]. Oh, my goodness. Look whoa Look at that Toaster it is a thin toast [very] [thin] is it two slices weary it is yes, there is some ah bacon big and cheese and Tomato Sauce and some Italian smelling stuff smells Eukarya wow a Little Flimsy so it’s not like toasty toasty it smells like toast back off It’s a bit dry anything It’s not bad. It’s really not that Yeah, your face saying it’s been [many] machine [college] It’s very hard to describe because you will not get this at a restaurant But I’m trying to get my head around the fact that this came from a vending machine and I’m trying to judge it by that and I have to say it’s okay. It’s pretty good. It’s not bad at all Yeah, like you asked those are very curious we Pehla Pehla, Nasha yes floppy. It’s very floppy yes, I Think it’ll be good. If it was toasted in kind of crispy. How is it? Done in China. I’m feeling It’s quite good yesterday. I agree like pizza right like pizza bread Yes, the bread is not, so [pretty] Yeah, I think the bread is the part I wish [they’d] learn how to make it a bit more toasty But I think it’s difficult in my in vending Machine hmM. So it’s true [this] is very good as a vending machine food [Mm-Hmm]. I totally agree You know what since the burger was so good. I’m very interested in trying the double cheeseburger a double cheeseburger The butcher stuff yeah, so it’s 300 yen Which is about three dollars? press double cheeseburger can’t wait for 66 seconds It’s ready cheese So we got the double cheeseburger. This is the Mexican burger. [oh] so good You know and we just realized that they are always changing up the burger variety So this must be homemade is it homemade burger so in vending machines? Because I mean it says you know there. They got a chain change the variety next time Very hot so you have to be careful very hot Here is a double cheeseburger. It’s really really hot. [I] thought it was ketchup. I don’t think it’s ketchup, but [pussy] I do mas The burger is so thick [I] almost thought there are two patties because it’s so thick it’s good There’s cheese in here. I’m sure but I don’t taste the cheese. Oh Here it is, okay For this one. I think they need to add a little more cheese Because the burger patty is so thick and there’s so much sauce on it. You cannot taste the cheese So I think that is the problem this burger? like [a] [mosque] The homburg body isn’t quite nice. It’s maybe the same buddy Probably yeah, Richmond makers come type [Mm-hmm] And you you you said you’re right We need more cheese Yeah, you cannot taste the cheese right because there’s so much meat and so much sauce on it And it’s really hard to taste the cheese But it’s not bad though. It’s not bad no. It’s wrong vending machine. Yeah We’re I guess we don’t but all don’t yeah, oh Pencil alone is tempered up door 330 Mm. Not bad at all, [right] cheek Here we go 25 seconds quite fast it’s very fast wah-wah surprise wow, I am surprised how Young this temporal don’t looks I’m gonna put some Japanese [Ichi] me togarashi. Which is Japanese chili pepper Usually we put this on Abaddon, or hot Soba? And I try to see first No bad, no Okay, detest atashi. I could stop but not Super Super Katashi very very Okay, those not great. You girls. Which is better Lawmen or widow you know what the ramen is better. Oh, really? The Cocky again I can put up It is frozen it has this frozen taste. You know that is something that has been defrosted overall I’m not particularly liking this one nutella chemos Which is better these two don’t want my you don’t oh Come on. It’s your atonal your [dos] way better ready for sure See how it’s like just soy sauce taste mmm So yeah, we are right [out]. I’m good It’s too tight too light yeah, and Charlie can pull out you have to try the [tempo] down Can you taste that freezer? taste but [inside] instant too cocky agaisnt like this really it’s very normal is it I don’t [think] it was so bad Hmm Yeah, you’re right actually you’re right. I am being too critical because you know it’s just not that great, but [from] [vending] machine. It’s quite. Good. Mm-Hmm. What was your favorite the Mexican burger? I have to agree [with] you [that] was the best thing and my least favorite was the [futon] Are you doing cause my Visa waiver? How about you was your least be on display, but it was [dumb] double cheeseburger [the] double cheeseburger yeah, that was double cheeseburger [that] doesn’t taste the cheese I know. I know I will say that. This is a pretty good concept you know at first when we heard about this place We thought it was going to be dirty and old and grungy. There’s actually really nice. What are you doing? It’s really really nice it’s very clean there’s lots of places to sit and I just went to the restroom and the restroom is very clean oh, yeah it’s very clean and they have so open a very clean toilet and Here is no people, but the oil money [g.low] managed. Well managed place yeah [and] even the trash um Everybody is doing their their part in Separating the trash because that’s what we do here in Japan you separate everything if they have any leftover soup you’re putting it in the leftover soup bucket, you’ll put your chopsticks Chopsticks trash and Very nice and clean so you know I guess it’s a good thing there was doing their part We had a pretty full meal now the only thing is that I wish they had a little more variety They had drinks you can buy on the outside, but I wish I had pizza [I] wish you had ice [cream], and I wish they had ice cream Yeah, I wish out like coffee and tea. Yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video Let us know what you thought [of] comments down below Give it a thumbs up subscribe to a channel for more [views] [like] this one and see you guys here soon. Bye you

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