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Italian Thermal Pools: My First Spa Experience!

On this episode of ClaireTrips it’s day
6 of my 20 day European road trip with my best friend Justin. We’re not big spenders and most of our travel time is spent frugally pushing the limits of our
sanity, but today we’re splurging on one night in the most expensive hotel we’ve ever stayed in, the Bagni Vecchi Thermal Spa The Bagni Vecchi and its sister hotel
the Bagni Nuovi together create a relaxation haven unlike anything I’ve
ever seen, but before we can dive into the most rejuvenating 16 hours of our lives,
we have to brave the Stelvio Pass. This highway features some of the most
terrifying roads I’ve ever had to stock up on Dramamine for. Our task of
navigating the pass without killing someone was made even more challenging by motorcyclists who treated this highway like their personal playground. Warm pools overlooking a stunning valley in the Italian Alps are waiting for us
on the other end of this monstrosity of a drive but we couldn’t rush it. When we finally made it to the hotel safely we were thrilled to find that the spa was
still open, basically empty and we had a whole hour to explore before it shut
down for the night. Spa vlog! I have a spa robe! They gave us flip flops! They GAVE us flip flops! Oh my gosh I feel so fancy. There’s a waterfall inside?! Is that a thing? I betcha it’s cold, but I saw people in it earlier. Well I saw steam in all the pictures
so I bet it’s warm. I don’t know, we’ll see. How do we get down there? Do you think we can still go? Oh wait! This is the pool. Oh my gosh this is the entrance to the freaking outdoor pool. Ok hold on. Waterfall! I don’t think I’ve ever seen
anything this amazing in my life. I’m actually in heaven right now. There’s a button. Should we press the button? *Shreaks* Woah! I could get used to this. There’s Justin. This is Justin’s button. Oh mine is so much better than yours. In that one they have jet streams that like- This one’s a nice gentle massage while that one is a very intense massage. I think I like that one better haha We- We’re exploring! In true diva fashion, we’re unsatisfied because the water’s not hot enough haha you’re not unsatisfied you just prefer hotter water This is warm, this is nice and warm but it’s not- yeah this isn’t like ‘hot tub’ but there’s
supposedly hot tubs outdoors so that will happen tomorrow. Justin: Yeah this one is about
the same temperature as that one. Claire: but this one’s so much nicer though because it’s outside with fresh air and a pretty view. I think this one’s my favorite with
the waterfall one as a close 2nd. Yes! We managed to stay in the pool long
after closing but there was still so much more to see the next day. Pretty morning! This whole place smells like lavender. *Sniff Sniff* Today we have one goal, to try as many spa features of Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi as possible starting with an unbelievable anti-stress
massage and an exploration of the many saunas and cold baths at Bagni Vecchi. hey Justin come here Oh no that’s cold! It’s freezing! Oh for the sauna, so you get in the sauna and then you get in the cold tub after the sauna. I understand. It is hot in the saunas. I kind of object. Wait so we’ve never even been in the medieval one you’re right because nothing has felt that
medieval quite yet but we’ll get there. Ooh and we need to find the hot tubs remember? The very very very hot tubs. Bagni Vecchi is packed with history. The Baths of the Archduchess were
originally built in the 1800s as a private retreat for members of the Royal House of Austria. Oh just chillin’ in the hot tub on a cliff hahaha The Roman baths are carved inside a grotto where weary travelers have rested and bathed for over 2,000 years. This natural Turkish bath was originally dug in 1827. So I don’t know what this bucket of ice is for. Are you supposed to ice yourself when you’re done? Justin: I can’t see
Claire: Oh are your glasses fogged up? Ah! I don’t think I’m going to last 10 seconds. Time to go to the pool! Oh this one’s nice and warm Justin. Oh you know, just chillin’ in the Archduchess’s tub. Here, feel this, this is really nice. The main reason we chose this hotel for
our splurge was because one night’s stay included full day spa entry to both spas
the day we arrived and the day we left. The spas are only a 5 minute drive apart
from one another and if you don’t want to drive there’s a shuttle bus that runs
between them every hour. Spa number two! Just in case you aren’t a fan of that
one spa, you can go five minutes down the road to the other spa. If you’re hoping to retire any time soon this is a retirement home. It’s next door to a spa. I could get behind that idea. Wait, that side’s cold? Oh cool. Ok so, hot, cold, hot, cold. Holy crap it’s cold. SO COLD! if you’re into the ice bucket challenge
there’s your ice bucket. This was our first spa experience ever
and even though it was a big splurge for us, the value is absolutely fantastic. All in the cost was $312 total, including the hotel room spa entry a massage and breakfast. We didn’t want this day to end but we had
to pack up and hit the road for more adventures in the Dolomites. If you have any suggestions for unique spa experiences we should, try please let us
know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to see upcoming episodes.

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