Is this the World’s Most Incredible Hotel?

September 28, 2019 48 Comments

What’s up everybody And welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now, we’re in Quebec. In this episode we’re feasting in a traditional sugar shack Drinking some cider And staying in a hotel made completely out of ice. But first we have to climb up this massive frozen waterfall. We’re at the Montmorency Falls. Home to this massive, frozen waterfall. I’m going to go learn how to do some ice climbing. We got these guys here that are experts. I’m gonna see how these guys do it And then see if i can learn a couple tips before i go up. Alright well we’ve just got to the base of the waterfall back here And the frozen section that Mark’s gonna be climbing. Dude it’s freezing right now man. It’s so cold, you’ve got two beanies on! Okay but that’s the only deviation from the Vagabrothers Winter Packing List. It’s gonna be good to get some exercise. My name is Francios Guy Thivierge. Adventurer, health fitness professional. I’m teaching ice climbing at the Montmorency Falls since 1980. It’s my passion, we’re gonna try to ice climb together. Lets go! This is gorgeous up here. The waterfall all around me is frozen. You can see the water going through the ice. It’s beautiful It’s good, it’s fun. Not a bad workout either. Another little interesting fact guys. This waterfall is bigger then Niagara falls And right now we’re pretty much the only people here. Spectacular waterfall but it is cold. It’s cold, i’m not gonna lie, I can barely feel my fingers right now. So i’m looking forward to lunch and warming up. It was not Le Massif of Chamonix nor the highest peak of Everest But it was something and I had fun. I did, I really did. Anyways now we’re gonna go warm up with a little bit of lunch At a traditional sugar shack And we’ll tell you more of what that is when we get there. Alright guys well now we are in the Ile d’Orléans. First discovered by Jacques Cartier And he actually called it the Isle of Bacchus Because he found some wild grapes growing And Bacchus is the Roman God of wine. It’s one of the first settled places here Where they developed agriculture in Quebec And its maintained that heritage. It’s where a lot of farms are. They produce a lot of cider here But we are right now infront of a sugar shack Last night we did kinda like a modern twist, on an urban sugar shack. Well this is the old school, real deal. Time to warm up, feast, eat, drink and be merry. Yes, like Bacchus. Well that was quite the re-past And now we’re gonna step outside And see how they actually make the maple syrup. Which is basically like tapping the trees And getting sap from the inside. It’s actually not the sap that makes maple syrup. It’s actually the water that’s in the roots of the tree. And once the tree thaws It starts to bring the water up to the leaves And it’s actually that water, that liquidy substance That is used to make the syrup. But we are gonna try some maple taffy right now. Quintessential Québécois right here. So this is maple syrup. It’s been boiled, so they get it right to 112 degrees And then you take it, you pour it on to the snow And then it becomes in to this lovely little popsicle. It doesn’t get much fresher then this. Wow. Alright guys, well we’ve just finished eating And now, it’s time to start drinking. We’re heading to a cider producer One of the other amazing products that’s made here. Always remember to wear your seat belt children. Welcome. I present to you the first cider house of the island. We have eleven products with alcohol. The first is the light cider. It’s 6.5 percent of alcohol We take it like a wine. We have the effervescent, it’s more like a beer And the most popular is the ice-cider. We have three types of ice-cider And this is made with frozen apple We have the apple in the trees or we press the apple in the Autumn And we put it outside for freezing. This is like happiness in a glass How do you say happiness in french Alex? Bonheur Happiness is “bonheur” This is bonheur en glace That’s like icy happiness Gosh! French is so hard [Attempting to speak French] You’re fluent bro Fluent in one sip Alright, well that was delectable. Now we’re on our way to a hotel completely made of ice. It’s really cool from here you can see across the St Lawrence river And the city of Quebec is where the river is at its narrowest point And that’s actually what it means Quebec means where the river is narrow in Algonquin. Guys this is incredible. Right now we’re in the honeymoon suite of the Ice Hotel And there is pretty much the entire animal kingdom Sculptured in ice. There’s an owl, a wolf behind me A grisly bear catching a salmon All of it carved out of ice. Trees, mountains And of course where the magic happens. I feel like this is like hipster heaven. Everyone’s got the polar bears and wolves on their shirts And here you can stay in the polar bear room. This is our room for tonight. It’s called the underwater garden. I got dibs On the one next to the fish. Yeah it looks like you doesn’t it. It does yeah. The theme of this years Ice Hotel is rivers. This is definitely like the Ice World of Hoth from Star Wars But this would be like after the wartime When they can finally have peace And turn it in to a resort, this is what it would be like. Because you definitely walking around this place like lost Like you’re in the underground bunkers of the resistance. But I think it’s time for a drink. Cocktail. Let’s go find the Mos Eisley of the Ice planet of Hoth. These aren’t the rooms you’re looking for. Incredible day, we’re in the Ice Hotel. That’s my bed right there. Got a fur lining on top of the mattress. A beautiful sleeping bag. Alex is back there tucking in already Anyways guys, if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up Share it with your travel buddies And subscribe to Vagabrothers For more travel videos every Tuesday Because tomorrow we are going to Charlevoix The beautiful region just up the St Lawrence river. It’s gonna be awesome, so stay tunned for the rest of the series. Alex, what do you have to say In the mean-time Remember to stay curious, keep exploring And we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace! It’s so cold. I can’t feel my legs Stanley. I don’t wana die.

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  1. Sally Gearing says:

    I wanna marry Alex…his French is sexy

  2. Cynthia Arancibia says:

    jajajaja que risa con el final del video, Jack en Titanic ajaja. Que lindo Quebec nevado, me encanto la escalada en la catarata!!
    Pd: ojala pongan subtitulos en español tambien 😀 Saludos!!

  3. hanson Feng says:

    Come to Calgary

  4. Slava Belchenko says:

    I'm just happy that I found this channel yesterday. Thanks guys for these really interesting videos! Looking forward to new travel videos 🙂

  5. Claudi Sult says:

    Hahaha, another awesome video guys! Loved the ice hotel – and your jokes, always make me laugh 🙂

  6. Chris Felix says:

    What is that song at 5:06?

  7. Tania Molina says:

    Amazing!!! #snapchatfam

  8. Claire Allen says:

    Love that even when you do sponsored videos, they still feel so authentic! Looks like I've added another destination to my to-go list ❤️ #snapchatfam

  9. Jody G says:

    Ice climbing isn't a thing I would ever have thought about doing but it looks so awesome. You got some really amazing shots of the waterfall too. I really want to visit an ice hotel one day! It's on the ol' Bucket List.

  10. Ocelotnatur Pantanal tours says:

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  11. Sarah Guzmán says:

    I love your videoss!! Keep up the good work! <3!!

  12. Vanessa White says:

    Vagabrothers, how do you travel with your drone? And what advice can you give someone backpacking who wants to take a drone with them?

  13. Greg Snell says:

    Dudes, editing is on point!!! So good 🙂

  14. Valen 365 says:

    I'm a new subscriber and love your channel!!!!!!!!! Super cool!!!!!!! I'm so happy I've found you and can't wait for your next adventure!

  15. Adam Goodsell says:

    I have to say it doesn't look to frozen to me 😉 Awesome videos guys.

  16. gdcat777 says:

    I bet the toilet seats were really cold, or do you have to do that before you get there?

  17. Simon Mansfield says:

    Iv been following you fellas for a while now, but your content constantly amazes me. Loved the ending btw xD

  18. Twilink36 says:

    Such a shame we had a mild winter this year, your ice climbing could have been even more incredible 😉

  19. StandingbyourA says:

    Vous devriez définitivement revenir faire un autre voyage au Québec durant l'été 🙂 you would see a totally different side of Quebec province !

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    awesome vid!! This ice hotel looks amazing!

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  27. Camille Tremblay says:

    Home 🙂

  28. Tereza Epps says:

    so you can t have shower and the toilet . Other ways , you are SO FUNNY , you make me laugh when you speak french .

  29. vincenzo iacono says:

    Hey Guys! Thank you for your videos, I am finding out many curiosities about other countries that I didn't know before. it's cool what you are doing! keep it up. Stay blessed

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  35. Gabrielle Simoneau says:

    next time you come to quebec please tell me i'll give you proper hats and gloves hahaha that beanie isn't for quebec weather

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  38. Ayesha Zafar says:

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    The ice hotel was the inspiration for the ice castle in Frozen from Disney! 😉

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    The Bold New 1958 Pontiac Bonneville. Welcome Home….2020 Thrive 2050!!!!

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