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Internet of Things (IoT) & EcoStruxure™ for Marriott Greater China Hotels | Schneider Electric

Luxury and energy efficiency can definitely work together because the better system design, the better integrated system you have, the more efficiency you can get. Hi, I’m Michael Wang, Marriott Global Design Asia Pacific, Continent Head. We, with Schneider Electric’s help, conduct regular training and workshop with all of the consultants and owners so that they are aware of our goal. So the experience that we want the guests to have is really that they are able to have a very comfortable stay with all the control and lighting, air conditioning requirement, heating requirements, and at the same time that they are very aware that Marriott is a company that is very focused on sustainability and with Schneider’s help, it will help us achieve that faster and quicker. The use of Schneider Electric systems and services like Resource Advisor power distribution, building automation, lighting, guest room solutions and UPS that’s given us a great ten to fifteen percent energy efficiency savings. China really wants to promote internal tourism. They are now building hundreds of resorts within China. Which has never been done before. It’s a huge market for us. Marriott and Schneider share the same vision, and I think that’s why it becomes much easier for us to reach the same goal and partner towards that sustainability and energy efficiency for all of our hotels.

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