Inside the Most Expensive Hotels in Paris

The allure of Paris is clear. Its landmarks, chic shops and enviable restaurants
draw in tourists from around the world. But has the ‘City of Lights’ lost some of its
shine? Is it trapped by its glorious past? Well, the city’s mayor and some of its most
venerable businesses are working hard to keep the city looking forward. New environmental policies have opened up
the streets, while the city’s most famous hotels have been refurbished and modernized. Welcome to Paris. One of the first global cities, Paris has
attracted émigrés and artists, writers and entrepreneurs for centuries. It remains famous for fashion and food and
attracts more than 17 million tourists a year. And when they get here, tourists dig deep,
spending on average over $300 a day. That’s second only to shopping mall heaven Dubai. But with its clogged boulevards, neoclassical
architecture and occasionally obstinate service, Paris can feel like it’s penned in by its
past but nostalgic thinking is being firmly rejected,
and not by some nouveau crowd but by the old guard. This is the Ritz Paris, arguably the world’s
most famous hotel. It opened in 1898 and has been serving the
world’s who’s who ever since. But this symbol of high society and luxury
was getting a bit tired and it closed in 2012 for a $420 million renovation, only
reopening in 2016. Welcome inside the Ritz’s Imperial Suite. It’s pretty rare to get in here. It starts at $20,000 a night but for that money you get a lot of marble,
gold leaf, and antique furniture. This is 18th century refinement, with USB plugs in the wall. But you don’t come to the Ritz just for
the suites. Perhaps as famous as the hotel itself is its
bar, The Hemingway named after the American author and keen drinker. The story of how it got its name is full of
holes but the short version is that it was “liberated” – and that word is used very
loosely – by the author from German soldiers. He proceeded to buy 51 Dry Martinis. So if the Ritz is keeping modernity close,
but not too close, Paris’s other grand old hotel has gone the other way. If you think the Ritz is posh, take a look
at the Crillon. This 18th century property has been transformed
from a snooty hotel for the world’s super-rich into a classy, modern hotel for the
world’s super-rich. Contemporary art adorns the lobbies and bars,
while the staff are youthful and dressed to the nines. It also beats the Ritz on price. Business
suites start at $1,350 and go up to a whopping $36,000 a night for the Grand Apartment. Every room has its own butler, because why not? but it’s the little things that make the experience special. A barber is on-site to make sure your beard
is as sharp as your suit. While in-house cobblers are at the ready to
fix, polish and shine and offer some vintage cognac. The Crillon has embraced modernity and it’s
all the better for it. But step outside and cars, trucks and scooters
roar round Place de la Concorde. Research by environmental lobby group Transport
& Environment found living in the city for a year is equivalent to smoking 183 cigarettes. Paris’s air quality is bad. You can taste the
diesel fumes and its mayor is determined to change that. Cars built before 1997 are banned from entering
the city center on weekdays from 8am to 8pm. And the city has also introduced car-free days
on the first Sunday of every month. Paris wants to lead the way in reducing air
pollution and other cities around Europe are following suit. Working to ensure this historic city doesn’t
rest on its laurels but keeps its eyes on the future.

100 Replies to “Inside the Most Expensive Hotels in Paris”

  1. R R says:

    Paris' not Paris's. Bloomberg needs a qualified editor or maybe bad grammar is now universal.

  2. wakeupscreaming says:

    Needs more tent cities and mosques.

  3. Stephan Zuev says:

    the most expensive hotel room in paris is the secret eiffel room on top of the Eiffel Tower

  4. Not Even Wrong says:

    4:01 Christophe Dechavanne

  5. Alex says:

    If you want to know how Paris really looks like, go to Google street view. There is some dirty parts but about 70% of the city is high level

  6. 3DFX says:

    Cars from before 1997 are banned from entering.. Talk about Discrimination!

  7. Anish Chowdhury says:

    I was in the Ritz last year for Thanksgiving break. It was worth it.

  8. Narata says:

    One day I'll be so rich that I will rent out the entire hotel for a night and play hide and seek in it.

  9. UTKARSH PATEL says:

    With that money I can buy new usb charger every day for up to 20 years.

  10. Stephen B says:

    I'm curious if your "super rich " and can easily afford a room there wouldn't it be better to be luxury house with all the same amenities.

  11. spook says:

    What paris needs is some bathrooms. 1 public bathroom per like 2sq miles lol

  12. trilochan yadav says:

    Just compare pollution with Delhi 😂😂

  13. bring it on says:

    Paris' mayor's intention to better the air quality is commendable, but she way she tried to do it has been chaotic.

  14. jonbudi says:

    from paris with love

  15. eligirl100 says:

    In Paris at the moment for school. Lived most of my life in NY and Paris does not match up…

  16. CrackberryMe says:

    Paris has my❤️

  17. SoldanSoldan says:

    Whoever did this videos sound design did a wicked job

  18. gameplays and more says:

    Paris’ *

  19. Ioakeim Johnas says:

    Who really wants to travel to a place foul of immigrants gangs ?

  20. solidussnake0079 says:

    where are all the paris is dead and immigrants are this and that people in the comments……trolls getting lazy

  21. Desert Mav says:

    Ha! I’ll NEVER visit that TOILET ever again!

  22. Jess T. says:

    Those places are nice for when you get tired of seeing rubbish in the streets, scammers and immigrant families begging for money in every corner..

  23. SashaSmj says:

    I am french and i love Paris kiss from France on vous fait des bisous

  24. Andrew Kim says:

    "new environmental policies have opened up the streets"
    While the Yellow vests protest.

  25. Ash Walker says:

    When it comes to food, fashion, culture and tradition, Paris is still far better than NYC or London. Don’t believe those propaganda videos about Paris becoming a “immigrant hub” They only focus on one part of Paris. What if they show you East London, Queens or Brooklyn instead of Central London or Manhattan over and over again? Then I’m sure you’d say the same thing about NY or London too. So before you judge Paris, come and visit downtown Paris, it’s monuments and historical places in person. Every big city consists of a few rough suburbs but that doesn’t mean that the whole city is like that. Vive la France ♥️🇫🇷

  26. This freakin Guy says:

    Paris is a shithole overrun by the Muslim hoards they have let in. Trust me, don’t go there. You will think you are in the Middle East

  27. Hello C says:

    I’m going to Paris in 2 months. What are some foods I should try?? Is Disneyland worth it?? I’m from California but I’m only in Paris for two full days.

  28. Andrea Melis says:

    The most overrated city in the world.

  29. Jim Boland says:

    I’m heading to Paris in 22 days. I’m not staying at fancy hotels. We are renting a house across the street from the Eiffel Tower.

  30. Adrian Denila says:

    Woww!! just too expensive for my blood, ill go broke in a year or in a month.Most of us Filipinos cannot afford that.

  31. Jean pml says:

    Perhaps we do not have the best air quality in the world but we have the most beautiful city

  32. Justice Warrior says:

    MACRON wanted to stop pollution
    Now he has to stop a burning Paris

  33. taegukcci says:

    0:42 on est dans la merdeeee

  34. Wesam Mansour says:

    Great video..but i think the Le Meurice,Plaza Athenee,Le Bristol,and the Shangri-La are much more Luxurious than both of them..

  35. James Pappas says:

    When was this taken, the country is tearing itself apart and you serve up this crap. I haven't been to Paris in years, I can tell it's not the same as it was.

  36. Amina Bouarara says:

    For 36k a night I better sleep covered in gold and eat gold

  37. Claudio Weisz says:

    Great video but terrible music, very distracting. The video would be more enjoyable with softer sound.

  38. Dafuq says:

    Paris need to encourage bicycles usage. I'm from Paris, and I'm always amazed how other Europeans cities have way more infrastructure for bikes (not only dedicated lanes, but also parking places). Go to Frankfurt, Hamburg, Brême, any city in the Netherlands or Denmark, you seriously are more likely to get hit by a bicycle than a car !
    We're way behind.

  39. In Hawaii says:

    LOL what a joke..Mohamed Al-Fayed is not apart of the old guard. The whole idea this is being presented by the old guard/ old money is ridiculous.

  40. chenran wen says:

    its a joke

  41. 3506Dodge says:

    too little, too late…france is over

  42. Archana Singh says:

    Parisian people are the rudest and most arrogant and thieves. Speaking from my experience.

  43. ShaTTeredReaLity says:

    Paris is a terrible city for tourists

  44. nshadow888 says:

    Paris is very dirty. From air until river.

  45. Phileas Fogg says:

    Late stage capitalism

  46. queen V says:

    one day i hope to live in paris ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Andy says:

    $20k-$36k/day, go to China or Singapore, it’s way more expensive! :0

  48. Sagun Malla says:

    You call Paris a dirty ad polluted city?
    Come and taste the cities of South Asis😂😂😂😂
    I went to Paris last weekend, trust me it isn't as dirty as people make out to be.
    Yah you can find some waste here and there but not everywhere.

  49. AlbanZap says:

    Owned by the super corrupt Mohammad Al-Fayed. I'd rather airbnb,

  50. J Fraser says:

    can you imagine being a Parisian, with normal cigarette consumption and that air quality, they're smoking like 1,000,183 cigarettes a year….

  51. Elyssae says:

    the vintage furniture seems soo uncomfortable to me

  52. joapps says:

    Paris' not Paris's

  53. gamevalor says:

    Has the city of lights lost some of its shine? Yes see the protests, riots and slums outside the city center. The videos only shows the posh parts of Paris.

  54. spunk v says:

    I stayed at Novotel

  55. Diego V says:

    Paris is overrated as fuck. I liked Dublin much more.

  56. Diego V says:

    4:08 CUNT plate

  57. UABIO online says:

    1 ปี ในปารีส เท่ากับ บุหรี่ 183 ตัว หรือ 6 ซอง กับ 3 ตัว …. (นี่ ภาษา แห่งควาย ใช้หน้าคน มาโพส ทั้งๆที่มัน เป็นควาย ) อีลอน มัส สัญญาจะนำเศษเงิน จาก ตลาดหุ้น แห่ง แรงซื้อควาย ดันหุ้น พา ควาย เกาะ กระสวย ชม ทิวทัศน บนดาว เมากาว เซนจูรี่ ในอีก พันล้านปี ข้างหน้า

  58. LlamasAreBest says:

    Paris is a shithole.

  59. milloooones says:

    To be honest I don’t like the decoration. And too damn expensive, it’s ridiculous!

  60. yash kat says:

    Who else heard yanny ? 😂😂😂😂

  61. Fathima Farahna says:

    I prefer traveling n exploring cultures n sitting silently in a cafe watching crowd or reading books. I dont go Paris to act rich😬 That's too much n takes the essence of travel . But provided you are billionaire then that's cool👌

  62. Toyama Asahi says:

    As long as Paris is packed with too many Chinese I would never go

  63. 4surprisingly says:

    all that puff with the gold and the marble and the stuffiness, i used to think i wanted to stay at these posh places but i just realized that my tastes aren't refined enough to even enjoy all that

  64. Annn Niemm says:

    Paris is lowkey a bit overrated. The people there are (with exeptions for some really nice people) pretty rude and always look like the wanna kill you lmao. And tbh, if you stay in such luxury do you really go to discover the city or to show of? But it's not (like some people say) full of immigrants. Actually, the immigrante were the nicest people that I met there lmao.

  65. seraphxl18 says:

    Capitalism and the rich scum will end the world

  66. JamesXD says:

    4:31 – Yanni?

  67. Random facts says:

    I stayed in a hotel near Paris for 150$$ a day stayed there for 7 days

  68. theburners32141 says:

    Now the city being raped by immigrants

  69. Abhay Achal says:

    Capital of picketpocket

  70. Abhay Achal says:

    This hotel belongs to Arab

  71. Maxine W says:

    that boy at 0:53, that's Paris

  72. Angel Rios says:

    Paris has, since the age of Kings, been defined by extravagance and ostentatious luxury.

    For those that demand modernity and simplicity, I'm not sorry to tell you, you've not only got a droll sense of living, but have picked the wrong city to achieve that sense.

    Paris is a city of dreams, guilded and gorgeous; any attempt to change that, is, in my opinion at least, blasphemy.

  73. Keiron Kyelo says:

    They modernized the interiors… I'll just go to versailles

  74. May .K says:

    This video gives me CHILLS

  75. David Ruiz says:

    We want moreeeeee of these videos

  76. Ava Yu says:

    No thanks! Very overrated. Been there and done it years back on more than a few occasions on business and side pleasure. I prefer Bora Bora and Lanai islands any day over gross polluted cities!

  77. Someone says:

    The only thing special about it is the price

  78. That Other Other Car Guy says:

    I caught a Bloomberg blooper! They said the Crillon "beats the Ritz on price" but they said it's $36,000/ night for the Grand Apartment at the Crillon but the Ritz Imperial Suite starts at only $20,000/ night. Obviously they got it backwards. How did someone not catch this error before they posted the video…..?

  79. Casol says:

    Great video! Thank you!

  80. Sebastian Alexander says:

    5314 CNT lol

  81. Nandeezy Nessy says:

    Another city I can’t go to because of money and air quality

  82. i am anonymous says:

    Paris is the most overrated city.. It has slums, filthy areas n dirt.. I have seen my relatives regret spending so much money to see all the dirty n stinky streets.. Dubai is much better to spend money on

  83. Maxwell Smart_086 says:

    Muslims and Blacks don´t belong to Europe. Send them back to their beautiful home country. NOW.

  84. Gloria Cruz says:

    I went to Paris for one day and honestly I can see how people can get carried away

  85. J’aime Macron says:


  86. hbarudi says:

    So that is the 7 star hotel outside of Dubai and it is in Paris.

  87. Kim-Thuy Thi says:

    As a foreigner who came and settled down in Paris, it’s been 10 years, i have seen all the prettiest and also the ugliest sides of this city. But i never regret moving here, you have to live here to feel that special spirit of this city, it’s a very special thing. I’m glad i passed my 20s here.

  88. guitarhamster says:

    What a shitty city

  89. Saleh Hashmi says:

    If there isn't a fucking elevator in a hotel I don't give a fuck…

  90. psych says:

    damn this comment section is full of bitter people

  91. Jack Bono says:

    Paris is so overrated

  92. Alexandra Ashborn says:

    Try Plaza Athene with all its prostitutes trying non-stop to destroy your marriage. Absolute FILTH establishment.

  93. Wesam Mansour says:

    I think Le Meurice,Plaza Athénee,and Le Bristol are the most Luxurious hotels in Paris..

  94. Robert junior says:


  95. rimmel10 says:

    Can they not drive teslas given the wealth they have got

  96. Lilia ahdabs world 🌎 says:

    I’m traveling today to Paris I will stay there for about 5 or 9 days

  97. Tube Specific says:

    Heck, you get a shot of the finest cognac thrown in for a mere $36,000 a night on Rue de Royale just a stones throw from the big gold capped ancient Egyptian obelisk. What a killer deal…
    Must be in the financially illuminated upper crust to partake in this most elegant finery.

  98. Alex says:

    For the those who compare it to NY : NY agglomeration is almost 20 millions, Paris agglomeration is about 12 millions. It's still consequent but smaller. So it's hard to compete for Paris with such a city.

    However, there is many places to explore in Paris, during the day, the evening (it's great because you do not have to wait the night to party. A 7pm there is afterworks and beautifulls bars opened), and the nigth.

    Since 6/7 years, there is more and more choice.


    Vuitton fondation,

    Picasso Museum,

    Pinault Musem soon,


    Fancy concerts places


    La Seine Musicial,
    Garnier Opera


    Parks :

    Parc Monceau


    Parc des buttes chaumon

    Jardin du Luxembourg

    Champs de Mars

    Parc Monsouris

    Bois de Vincennes (it's big and there is a Zoo in it)

    Bois de Boulognes


    A few bars with nice views and design :

    – Bars in the same area, near the district 10/19 :
    Comptoir Generale

    Le perchoir 75011

    Rosa Bonhneur

    Pavillon puebla

    Generator rooftop (open till 10pm)

    Kube bar

    – Bars in the same area, near the district 1 :

    Presciption cocktail club

    Kong Bar

    Ballroom beef club

    Le perchoir Marais
    (a little far from those others bars, it's in the D4)

    – Bars in the same area, near the district 11 :


    – Bars in the same area, near the district 13 :

    Garage club in the same building as Wanderlust

    Debonair rooftop

    Petit Bain

    Cafe Barge


    Ground control

    La felicita

    – Bars in the same area, near the district 3 :
    Bhudda Bar

    Bhudda bar hotel – they have a nice bar : le Qautre

    Bars in the same area, near the district 8 :
    Manko Paris (peruvian bar)

    Monsieur bleu

    Les grands verres

    Verde by Yeels

    Café de l'Homme

    Others :

    Aquarium club
    Matignon club
    Montparnasse top tower
    Grande Arche
    Windo bar


  99. Mr Nobody says:

    u can taste the pollution in delhi

  100. saalih19 says:

    Is this Monocle Magazine or Bloomberg 🤷🏾‍♂️

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