Inside the Arts – “Resort 76”

[“Inside the Arts” Intro
instrumental music playing] This is “Inside the Arts” on
UWW-TV, I’m Leslie LaMuro. The Theater-Dance season begins
with Resort 76, October 7 – 13
in Hicklin Studio Theater, directed by Bruce Cohen.
“Resort 76,” based on “A Cat in
the Ghetto” by Rachmil Bryks, takes us to a forced labor
textile mill in the Lodz Ghetto
during World War II. Puncuated with moments of terror
and dark comedy, “Resort 76” is
a poignant snapshot and compelling commentary on what
could happen if we allow
ourselves to forget. Special pre-show talk by Bella Bryks-
Klein, daughter of author
Rachmil Bryks on October 10th. Tickets are avaialble by calling
262-472-2222, or purchase online at I’m Leslie LaMuro, and this
has been “Inside the Arts”
on UWW-TV. [“Inside the Arts” Outro
instrumental music playing]

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