Inside Rachele Regini’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

I’m Rachele Regini, I’m 23,
I just moved to Paris. I was living in London for six years. Now I’m here working with my mom,
who’s Maria Grazia Chiuri, she’s the creative director at Dior. We work together in terms of studying
how to incorporate her ideas about feminism, about women, into her collection
and into her own vision for the brand, changing the landscape
in terms of fashion, in terms of taste, but also in terms of how they want
to present themselves to the world. I love this place. It’s the first flat my mom ever had in Paris. It was kind of interesting seeing
how I could create my own space within her walls. Very much of what you see here looks very French, but it’s actually a mix
of travels and experiences and people she’s met in these past three years. I just like the taste because it’s super eclectic, and at the same time it has this kind of energy
that is still very French. My style is really simple,
but I’m basically just wearing Dior. But I like to think that I mix it
in a more interesting and contemporary way. I would wear like a crazy coat,
but with jeans and trainers. The pictures that are in the study room
are very close to me because they were taken
during the first shooting of the campaign that my mom did with Brigitte Lacombe. So, she’s shot those pictures of me and my mom and I would have never thought
that three years later, I would move here and work with her
and experience so much of a world, while at the same time
being able to be my own person. Books, for me, have always clarified
my own way of thinking. Back when I was at university, she would read my books and be like,
“oh this is interesting, I want to get the same”, and I would explain the ideas
in really simple terms so she’d be incorporating them
into whatever she was doing at the time. And at the same time, she really changed my perspectives
in terms of fashion. Fashion can actually help women
to feel better about themselves. It is themselves that they’re representing
rather than someone else’s idea of what a woman should look like.

29 Replies to “Inside Rachele Regini’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris”

  1. Leones Dewane says:

    Love her 💞🌹💞

  2. cynical cenobia says:

    1:15 Imagine being born with the kind of privilege that allows you to just casually say "My style is really simple, but I'm basically just wearing Dior." Please, Vogue, next time at least make an effort to give us insight into the work and lives of people who've actually made something of themselves and weren't literally born into 'stylish' wealth. It's a nice touch on her part to try and dissuade from the fact that she is obviously living off of the career of mother under the umbrella concept of feminism and female empowerment, but it's not working. Don't get me wrong, she seems very sweet and comes across as a generally nice lass, but let's be honest: there is nothing inspirational about yet another rich nepotism offspring. Of course, she's 'chic', her mother works for Dior. Next.

  3. none of your fuggin biz says:

    oh god i stopped watching when she said who her mom was. oh puhleese, this smacks of unadulterated nepotism. no thanks. ps: we're not THAT desperate to peer into the mundane lives of the restless rich and privileged.

  4. Mara Zampariolo says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL

  5. Willow Willow says:

    I wanted to watch her mom instead of the daughter who has mother working for Dior.

  6. Santoshi Reddy says:

    Why did vogue to a profile on her? What is she famous for? Is she just here because her mom is creative director of Dior

  7. butterfflyess says:

    My god are you falling asleep?

  8. Ines Tergiverse says:

    She looks so BORED of all the things she has… and I AM SO BORED WITH THIS PERSON.

  9. stfn88 says:

    I fell asleep in the middle of the video

  10. lainholic says:

    N E P O T I S M

  11. Paula A.F. says:

    "My sTyLe iS soOo siMplE I'm bAsicAlLY jUsT wEarINg diOr"… relatable

  12. Akua says:

    This video makes no sense: it's not her apartment, it's her mum's, and all her mum's things, and she only wears Dior, i.e. her mum's designs – so why have Vogue profiled her as if it's her style? She's done literally nothing of note to deserve this video. It shows how out of touch Vogue is – no one wants to see this.

  13. Caroline Kovalski says:

    Très bel appartement!

  14. Elie L. says:

    I want to see that as well as people who made something of themselves without family support. Her life is inspiring, she has traveled probably more than most people, she knows more about fashion than most people, this appartement is lovely etc. It’s just yet an other life style and so having a gleams of it, is interesting. Also most of the girls featured in vogue didn’t mention who their parents were but they also come from wealthy and known family.

  15. LEI ITIS says:

    God, I love that last line “Fashion can actually help women to feel better about themselves. It is themselves that they’re representing rather than someone else’s ideas.”

  16. J. Montrice says:

    Stop hating you petty women. This whole series is profiling interesting fashionable women and their apartments in Paris, thats what this video is. Why spend your life complaining there’s no point in it.

  17. J. Montrice says:

    This was Beautifully shot, I love all the books and plants that Jacket is sick, I love this series!! ❤️

  18. Baftagirl London says:

    Her mother’s apartment is great.. She has great personal style & I love her jewellery.. Are they Dior pieces? or vintage items? x

  19. TheMoonunit96 says:

    Not only are the subjects of these "apartment" videos repetitive, the videos themselves are just not good. Also – Maria Grazia Chuiri has ruined Dior. Selling a plain white t-shirt that says "we should all be feminists" for $450 is disgusting.

  20. Aurélie says:

    apartment is so stunning 💗💗

  21. Melissaaaa says:

    Too boring, always the same girls, this is ridiculous, Vogue. Enough of the same old bland bourgeoises. Where are the beautiful revolutionary, crazy, punchy girls? The ones who make you feel alive when you see them? Not on your channel… Sorry if you don’t know any, you have to make an effort to meet people out of your cast…….
    Nobody cares about the girls you force feed us anymore, we love life, life is diverse

  22. Sarmela Dharmarajah says:

    I prefer the British Vogue vids over Vogue Paris. The people in those vids have more personality. Don't get me wrong, these girls seem nice but I turn off the vids halfway. Oh yea, the word I am looking for…boring

  23. toshigem1 says:

    The jealousy in the comments are so funny. Literally anyone who comes from money is immediately criticized. This video, her, it doesn't bother me one bit. Why do people express such disdain or contempt to people who live on the higher side of things? Struggling should not be a requirement to have a good life. I mean sometimes people are just lucky or whatever. Deal with it, jeez.

  24. Madd Scientist says:

    crazy visuals & explicative verse

  25. Svet Kahn says:

    I love when she talks about her "work" haha! Vogue Paris, come on. Do better. I love this series but this one is a let down.

  26. Sara Boshut says:

    i would like the video better without that distracting and annoying music!

  27. Tania Sugimura says:

    Sorry Vogue she is not interesting as much as the other women.

  28. Kat G. says:

    I'll watch this when I can't fall asleep…

  29. Donna Yang says:

    She looks like Rosalia, the spanish singer. Real beauty.

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