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Inside model Léa Bonneau’s parisian apartment | Vogue Paris

I’m Léa Bonneau, I’m 24 years old, I’m Parisian but I’ve always lived in Brittany. I came back to Paris seven years ago to study; I went to the EFAP. I’m going to study
at a one-man show school in October, so maybe you’ll see me on stage soon. I always have incense in my house,
a sage leaf, I love it. I would say it helps me in my life
and it has helped me through the hardest times. My first really striking fashion memory was the day I received an Instagram message
from the label Rouje Paris, who was contacting me for a casting. I couldn’t believe
I was going to meet Jeanne Damas and that I would potentially
finally work with her. And it eventually worked. I would say that I’m rather chic and quirky,
rather simple in my choice of clothes. I like comfortable clothes. I follow what my heart wants. There isn’t any particular brand
that really suits me, but it’s true that I really like
to look for vintage stuff. I try to avoid fast fashion and only buy vintage clothes
or when they’re offered to me. I try to reduce my consumption
as much as possible, but I rely on accessories:
flashy earrings, a hat… My fashion icon will forever be Monica Bellucci. I love her style, I love her class. I actually met her in Cannes not too long ago and she’s timeless, she doesn’t change.

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