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Inside Hong Kong’s MICRO APARTMENT 🇭🇰

this is so high-tech home when we booked the place i was talking
with the owner and she says she accidentally overlooked she said so stay
I can give you a place to stay at one of my friends places for two nights or one
night and then you can come to my flat Google, we love you people wake up so early here like right
now it’s 8 a.m. in the morning you already see that the restaurant is
already set up people line up for street this is where our apartment is nearby
Tai Wai station which is the subway station that we get off then you kind of
walk straight there so I actually never really measure
things like this before but there is organization that they actually measure
how long it would take for people with average salary to pay off the apartment
if they want to own the apartment by themselves and for Hong Kong people it
would take them roughly 20 years to 40 years in order to own their own
apartment that’s 20 years if both parents are working if both parents are working like you and me working together but in New York City is like how much? it’s
only six to seven year per one person that’s really crazy to think about it behind me you
guys are good right now that’s like 40 years old apartments and it would take
it would cost about 1 million u.s. dollar to buy to buy the room there from what I’ve read in research actually
80% of the island in Hong Kong is undeveloped like straight woods and
ports the government will allow them to actually develop that land so that’s why
Hong Kong has like the most expensive real estate when they say it’s
approaching Hong Kong I look down from the window and it’s like how about it’s
like super City a five-year I talk to me do me this is notebook I expect from
Hong Kong I thought it’s gonna be like sky scrappers and City but it’s really
dense so I finally got the answer now you have to go to the locals but
actually he had told me Thai you’re gonna be pretty amazed by this he had
told me the reason that only 20% of the land is being developed and allowed to
be developed it’s mainly because it’s flat land so the rest of the island is
actually so hilly that they can’t afford to build up in the mountains unless
you’re a land developer because it’s so expensive to get utilities and sewage an
electric and everything up into the mountains that there’s actually only 20%
of the island that is flat so that’s why that 20% is so expensive like you
walking up a little bit well they said they said that the government is
actually this all used to be water at one point in time well the government is
actually pushing and filling in the harbor in order to make more flat land
to build more so interesting good morning guys started there with a
coffee quit but mr. Shea before any before you drink coffee it I have to
update our Hong Kong Instagram story that is from yesterday the subject for
almost covering all kind of color from different countries we utilize all the
space we have cabinets here three shelves cabinets down below
opening the closet football site this is supposed to be the closet what they use
reuse this place to actually store our suitcase cabinets here then you have cabinet under the bed convenient way to save space and then
the floor lifts up into a two-person table for working so they really do a good job justifying
and like taking full advantage of the space that they offer in such a small
area so if you want to see like these things live just check out our Instagram
and we’ll link it below and you can follow sir so you’re really amazing that they have
everything like most houses in Asia don’t even have microwaves washing
machine they have stove giant fridge most places in Hong Kong itself don’t
have fridges chunks of fish over here mainly because every single meal the
locals have to come down and buy what they need for the meal because the
apartments are so small that they don’t have room for a refrigerator to buy a
huge fish and keep it for a couple of days and freeze it you know finish it or
throw it out because they can’t actually store this stuff because they don’t have
a room for a refrigerator but here they do it’s actually amazing I mean I think
it was 271 dollars for five days or six days to Ching we get the shower toilet
is players also come with a whole bunch of gym
the shower gel of the body shower cream whatever – prayer – a pest
they provide everything in the bathrooms q-tips here and watch the god yes this thing will change the color of my
top you can bleach it again I don’t know
when I get to your house and creature welcome to my crew this is a typical subdivided unit real
estate market is very profitable they can pick a lot of money on come from
government Sephora used to be for stall rate only that means four grand for
owner used this face for keeping their yes their goods there but because the
housing properties so attractive the landlord cornered the entire flower into
a living space and divided into many units and when you know many many times
in order to make more money now we go to the supply unit to let you have a few so
please follow me and why do you have a key to this car
sisters are all it’s yours of a company well explain to you why we have this
office so please come this is not a very nice place when I have a first
impression so come here I want you to take this opportunity to really
appreciate how to live here so this is a typical subdivide a unit under Macedon
flora total these are typical size so if your camp your families making minimum
wage only seven thousand five hundred you
cannot afford to live here seven thousand thousand three five thousand
you get two thousand five hundred for food for everything so we cannot support
unless you are top o income family all parents work together and you have
enough money to live here consider you have children as well so this is a place
that you can see or under your eye this is a place supposed to be the
bathroom a toilet this is a play for kitchen you pay two thousand hundred
dollar man so this is for the look lower income poor people put me with the man
beneath in class though the lowest income have to live
it’s really hard to breath in there as well guys
the filling is really low it’s just not much air circulation exactly and it’s
really crazy that the reason this is all happening is because Hong Kong
government wants to maintain a high tax structure and maintain a low tax
structure while maintaining major shareholders of all the lands so they
want to own like seventy percent of the land is owned by the government and
that’s how they can make most of their money yearly is because they sell off
certain amounts of the land and they can maintain almost full ownership of the
majority of it so it’s if they said that they the Hong Kong government is
refusing to do surveys on the Hong Kong government is refusing to do surveys on
finding out how many shared living areas there are how many subdivided living
areas there are because they know if they get the result of it they’re gonna
have to do something about it and they don’t want to have to do something about
it so it’s like a really scary number EAL capitalism right now to actually rent an apartment
the average the rental fee is 1.5 times the average salary of a person here so
that’s why they subdivide it yeah generally they subdivide the apartment
and actually the landlords have done this prior to anybody normally like if
you’re in New York City and you need a roommate you know you go out you get a
roommate and you can rent the place well no here the apartment owners have
actually done it beforehand and created a monopoly and they’ve subdivided the
500 square foot apartment into five different living areas at a hundred
square meters 100 square feet per section and people are renting that out
crazy that the owners have done this prior because they know that people
can’t afford it to live in the city so they’ve basically done it for them but
now they’re making more money by doing it that way that is the longest crossroad ever how
long it is enough like one two three for password sticking up together and is
there any

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