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Inside Clara Cornet’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

My name is Clara, I’m 31 years old,
I’m from Paris, I studied in a business school
and then at the French Fashion Institute. I started working in fashion at a very young age
by doing a lot of internships before joining the buying team
at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Today I am Creative
and Merchandising Director of the new Galeries Lafayette store
on the Champs-Elysées. I would say that my style is quite varied. I’ve always been on the lookout
for emerging young designers. I’m thinking in particular
of designers like Jacquemus, like Arnaud and Sébastien of Coperni or Amélie Pichard and Simone Rocha. In addition to fashion,
I have another passion, not so secret, which is food. Having lived in the United States
and coming back to France so regularly, I was always looking for new tables
to find and discover. I came back from the United States
with a container full of my things, and I was lucky enough to find this apartment. I chose the tenth arrondissement
for the restaurants and food shops that are close by, especially Mamiche, which is my favorite bakery
and where I go every morning. I decorated the apartment
in a varied way, with objects I found at the flea market and on Selency, or in an art gallery, the Galerie Blanchetti
in the sixth arrondissement. I also received some very nice gifts, including this Ettore Sottsass lamp
from my friends. I also chose a pink bathroom
because it puts me in a good mood every morning. I would say that this apartment
is a reflection of my style, both very varied and very colorful.

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