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Inside a Massive $20 Million NYC Townhouse | NYC Luxury Apartment Tour

that has a pool in the basement of a 20
million dollar townhouse can be horrible scene and I and lion surnames and we’re
going to take you on a tour of this seven storey townhouse let’s do it so I met up with my friend Ryan who is a
real estate agent most people know me from a show called million dollar
listing New York well that’s an understatement he’s one
of he is the best in New York I would say see that’s why we’re friends today
you’re showing me an apartment kinda I mean I I know where you live
and so I wanted you to just see something else that’s like your place
and I’m actually about to put on the market for sale that’s right down here
on the block yeah I mean because you live in a county floor so you have a New
York it’s super inexpensive for most people yeah I mean my place it’s it’s
around 2,500 a month oh I would like for rent yeah for rent
yeah I don’t know that’s awesome good yeah that’s great I have a Mehta Brecher
a long time I’m just kidding how did you hit him well Ryan he mainly works in
sales so renting is very foreign okay so this is the spot right here so we’ll go
inside and I’ll show you around and craters like your floors I know there’s
the whole house it’s a townhouse I’m selling the whole thing there’s seven
floors it’s like 80 300 square feet it’s just like yours let’s go right how much
is this place ah is we’re gonna put it on the market for 20 million by now most
of you have seen the tour of my tiny 300 square foot studio apartment and just a
few buildings over on the exact same block as mine
is our 20 million dollar townhouse that we’re about to get a tour oh you wipe
our shoes the floors cost a million dollars the
house is 26 feet wide 25 feet wide in New York City is a legal mansion they
put the kitchen on the first floor and this is ground-up new construction so
developer bought this lot and then completely redo this most townhouses
they put the kitchen downstairs and that’s called an English basement here
the kitchen is on the first floor which is very kind of like Brooklyn and you
can see the back of the house goes straight up and every floor then for the
most part has cool outdoor space right most townhouse is a red brick beautiful
Ivy which is really cool but I like that this house is brand-new and then you get
to look at everyone else beautiful items just check this out this
is how you know you have a big house look at all of those stairs wide record
site there is an elevator in the house well I made you go up seven flights of
stairs and then this is the living and dining floor well actually we’re they’re
really cool and what’s nice about it big new construction is that you have really
high ceilings so most townhouses have like 9 or 10
foot ceilings and here you have just over 11 so you’ve gotten follow your
prices of real estate that had that extra ceiling height are then higher
arbitrarily so if this were lower ceilings it wouldn’t be 20 but because
you have really high ceilings push it up just a little bit 29 so we’ve
got mirrors along the back wall and we do that in a lot of houses because it
elongate the space even though it’s a mere and you’re looking at yourself when
you walk in the view doubles as you’re walking through and so it just feels
extra wide and so that’s a little staging trick well you know Ryan I
actually do that myself in my apartment I recently got a mirror what’s up all
right yeah we have we have six but I actually love the dining room the most I
think on terms of like this floor it’s just super modern really really pretty
you have a huge dinner party here you’re gonna get over the street which you know
now the treaty garden bloom yeah but when this isn’t bloom and it’s hard to
believe but this is that very like green yeah you have a green view no one’s
looking into you even though you’re on 18th and 8th Avenue well the thing is I
travel all the time so I don’t really need a massive a seven-story you rights
mansion until you can afford it and then it’s like it kind of needs separate
floors then I’m never going to use so this is the master bedroom suite give
your own little balcony right off the bedroom
you have a nice mantle fireplace I like these like really furry fluffy chairs
actually not that bad and then they like sink in slowly right what is down here
what is what is this hallway in the stool floor the whole floor of this
house on this floor the whole third floor is the master suite so it’s not
just that that’s the bedroom the whole floor is for the master what we’re
walking right now into the dressing room closet area so you get a nice big window
closet but in the bathroom is bananas like this
is how you know this house is expensive but these are hideaway hinges here when
you go back to your apartment look at the hinges on your doors they will be
different – this is an acrobatic most master bathrooms have tiny little
bathtubs just as it can call it a buying a bitch – back right so one two three –
six four five five fix your back is super important in New York City you’re
like women – this is a big topic of existence you can actually tell you know
what else would be weird if like we were actually here you were taking it real
bad now you’re talking yeah on your own nose how much would this bathroom run us
how much is this cost somewhere between three and three hundred and fifty
thousand dollars this is three foot by three foot dolomite slab title so this
is very very expensive floor tiling and then this is a victoria and albert deep
soaking tub with headrest even just the cost to run the plumbing underneath the
floor to run it up here so that you can use it right off to the corner is really
really really expensive if you’re spending twenty million dollars on a
townhouse you want the house to feel like it cost perfect so we keep going up
oh we shall stick elevator yeah we should there’s an elevator so then this
is the first kids floor you have four other bedrooms on top of the master
suite and every kid’s room has their own ensuite floor-to-ceiling marble and tile
bathroom and dressing room kids need this yeah it’s very important than the
air I’ll get ready and then on the other side
identical bedroom identical bathroom as chemical dressing room just the flip and
then we have the same thing upstairs a little bit different most people don’t
even own a single floor and or this townhouse there’s a floor that
just kind of empty you know this could be a bonus bonus room bonus for extra
here’s another empty room same thing on the other side but check out this look
at these views of Chelsea and blue sky New York you get to the very top of the
I was gonna say apartment but the townhouse this is the master office on
the sixth floor Mike business the sixth floor I don’t even I can walk down
honestly there’s so many floors in this place you lose count but I’m sitting in
at the desk in the office and then you walk out you have this patio space you
have the beautiful blue skies today in New York City it’s like the first nice
day in the spring and then one more floor up at the very top of the
townhouse is the roof deck you got your own cool roof deck here which is pretty
nice for a townhouse and then you’ve got huge views this looks all the way down
towards the Hudson River to the water Hudson Yards coming all the way up
that’s the big view back there that’s maritime and dream hotel over there so
you can see people partying at night I did yell yeah let’s do it
I mean yeah you’re not a beta but it is a little time welcome to your own
private pool you know there’s empty space in the basement why not put a pool
down there and a wine cellar I mean it makes sense the laundry room is down
here Brian just went upstairs to take a phone call really quick before he gets
back I have just a tiny tiny favorite ask Brian recently started his YouTube
channel and now I have a YouTube channel I’ve never had a youtube channel I have
like four followers I just went like this I have like two followers I know
how to do real estate right you know how to vlog do you play am I supposed to
like hold this camera like this am i blogging right now why does the vlog bit
my vlog aids can be linked right here go subscribe to him show him some love show
him what the YouTube community is all about Brian’s been an inspiration of
mind and since moving to New York my dad actually told me to go work for Ryan
when I first moved here to be a real estate agent it’s funny how the world
works let’s go show him some love and if you want to see more luxury apartment
tour collabs on my channel with Ryan comment more Ryan down below and with
that I will see you in the next video so until then as always remember to smile
more worry less in the 20-dollar townhouse

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