INSIDE a $75,000 per Night NYC Hotel Room

this is what it’s like to stay in a
$75,000 per night hotel room in New York City so on this channel we’ve gotten to
do some pretty incredible things but I think today’s video is going to top them
all I’m currently in the upper east side walking it to the mark hotel where for
the next 24 hours we are staying in one of the most expensive hotel rooms in
America we’re gonna document every single aspect of this experience this is
inside a $75,000 per night New York City luxury hotel hi we are here for the
penthouse please thank you we just checked in and I was just informed that
that there is a complimentary shoeshine before you even enter the penthouse up
these stairs I mean I guess going into a $75,000 per night hotel room you’re
gonna want to have clean shoes I’ve actually never in my life had my shoe
shined let’s go check it out the shoes are the
shiniest they’ve ever been they’re clean enough now to enter the
penthouse welcome to the penthouse at the mark oh my gosh I don’t even know where to begin so I
think the best way to start off this video is to give you a comprehensive
tour of this penthouse I mean it’s not even a hotel room it is truly it’s a
castle in the sky to put this into perspective $75,000 a night that’s more
than most people make in an entire year so shall we begin let’s go I have never
seen a hotel room this huge these are 26 foot high ceilings in a hotel room just
to break down how large this place actually is it is over 12,000 square
feet with over five bedrooms eight bathrooms it has four wood-burning
fireplaces also included in this crazy package is a Juilliard a trained pianist
who will come here on call to the penthouse along with a dedicated team
that includes a personal driver butler nanny and massage therapist and even
airport transportation to and from the Marc hotel via private helicopter I
don’t know much about fashion but Hannah was saying that this is the mecca of the
Met Gala Ball this is where all the celebrities go before the event people
walk out this is like where they get their photos taken we are standing in
that space where some of the most famous celebrities on earth get ready before
going to the big red carpet event I mean this livingroom space is so big like
what would the two of us even do in here if this room alone was the entire hotel
room I’d be like wow this is I’m not really sure where you go first we’re
just exploring it as we go it’s actually insane though because it’s multiple
rooms and I’m guessing this would be the library study room I like this room it’s
nice and cozy another fireplace here is the dining room Oh what seating for 12
12 of your closest friends staying in your hotel room I also love this you
have a view of Midtown and billionaires row all the new high-rises coming up
very regal in New York you know we’re in the Upper East Side
I like that so now we have another hallway going
down this quarter and oh my gosh kitchen okay
come on come here Chris come here yeah s’mores what this is a full s’mores and
coffee spread yeah we’re staying here we can try it literally the best more than
our house most hotel rooms you have like a mini
kitchen this is a legit chef’s kitchen all right we’ll come back to the s’mores
we’ll be back in a second s’mores okay so I was told there are multiple
wings to this penthouse down here like I said there’s five bedrooms but the
master suite is down this hallway yeah yeah let’s go look the very center of
the penthouse you have a skylight tons of light coming in I wish there were
signs in here I feel like this place is truly big enough where you need a sign
that says Oh master bedroom this way kitchen this way so down this corner
here this this is the master suite of this place oh this is like a sitting
area like study so you could be sitting here on this couch looking through your
fireplace to the beta1 this insane master bathroom is this actually a new
TV comment below if you’ve ever seen a mere TV look at this tub I think it
fills up from the ceiling yeah hold on hold on is this it this is the lap of
luxury we made it in this video we have other activities planned this isn’t just
like a tour this is we are staying here for the whole day you could go get some
lunch but I was told that the lunch is actually gonna come to us so this is lunch this is not my phone
look at this she’s proved from today I just get it white awful Wow white
truffles that base is over a pound the smell from those truffles and last but
certainly not least we have the dessert and with that lunch is served
ketchup coming right up yeah two people at a 12-person table the chef said he
would take care of us we didn’t even pick on the menu he said you know what
I’m gonna make you my best lunch and we come out to this feast so over here we
have a Meyer lemon linguine Boston salad pasta with red sauce green juice and
wine then over at my end at the table we have the white truffle pizza shrimp
salad and I have for my main course the sea bass it’s all fresh the dough it’s
just I’m just gonna eat you have to try this I’m taking one for my second night
we were saying how we couldn’t justify spending this much money but I don’t
have this money but if I did I can now justify spending this much money should
we finish all this yes are we obligated to finish all this we can’t let this go
to waste we have to say this so when we first got
here and we did that tour with you it didn’t feel like home but that makes
sense and after that meal and having our bellies full and the fireplace is lit it
is so cozy in here and I have to say it finally strangely enough this feels like
home there’s an activity and there’s one more part of this penthouse that we
haven’t toured yet see how there’s this staircase that goes up this penthouse
Hotel is a duplex this is actually the second floor where you have a Sun
solarium the most extravagant part of this whole experience is right at these
doors the penthouse at the Mark Hotel comes complete with the only private
rooftop a skating rink in the entire city we’re in New York City can you ice skate
on a rooftop I’m almost positive that this is the only place in the city that
you can do this now this isn’t real nice it is a plastic
type of I’ve actually never been on a rink like this but it’s an ice-skating
rink on top of the roof while we were ice-skating they can appear in lit the
bonfire and they brought marshmallows coffee and more s’mores this is unreal
I mean we keep saying it’s unreal but only for the person staying in yeah so
if you’re staying in the hotel you can’t just come up here and casually go
skating you have to be staying in the penthouse to use this rink we just got
back in from money skating and Hannah was saying you know we should do a bit
more of a workout so I just called down to the front desk and asked about the
gym we haven’t seen it yet and they said that someone would be right up and I
don’t really know what that means someone will be right up I’m Dan Flores
I’m the trainer for the day all right so let me get this did you guys want to
work out in the pen also would you like to work out in the gym there are guests
actually prefer to train in the penthouse listen we’ll bring the work
out to you customized yes perfect it’s a little later in the evening and
included with this penthouse package as if this video has not been over-the-top
enough included but this penthouse stay is a
private after-hours shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman so we’re gonna head out
now jump in a pedicab this hotel offers these things called heady cabs that are
gonna take us right down Fifth Avenue through Central Park to the store so unfortunately nothing was in our budget
so we are leaving empty-handed back to the hotel back to the hotel the one thing that we forgot to do when
we arrived here what’s the first thing you do when you get to a hotel jump on
the beach okay check that off the list it is beyond cozy now we’ve dim the
lights the fireplace is lit up we’ve turned on a nice Christmas movie this
place is so large I don’t even know where Hannah went actually said she was
going into the kitchen to grab something to drink and she’s been going for like
ten minutes there she is speak of the devil
what do you have there some champagne parties about to get started it has been
such a packed day I am still trying to process everything that has happened
it’s just very grateful for this experience and grateful to be able to
share this experience with you watching I never really got the chance to
properly say this this year has been hands-down the best year of our lives
and I do want to say a massive thank you to you watching this for this child
hitting a million subscribers that is unreal a big cheers to you watching this
because without you watching this none of this would be possible very thankful
for you supporting this channel who is excited for 2020 gonna be a hell of a
decade I want to thank you again for watching this video and subscribing to
the channel it means the world to me and with that we’ll see you in the new year
and the next decade you

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