Lego craziness with the eh Bee family Do Not cannonball into the legos there is no way she will cannonball don’t cannnonball into the.. we are here~~ what is up what with the happiness we can go to legoland! today we are going to legoland we all are really excited brings tears to my eyes forward to the room i’m looking forward to the park we’re gonna build a huge house right okay just need to the bunk beds nobles like scavenger online and the resort too let’s get mama gets kicked out of legal and this year’s yeah I’m not leaving this time you have to respect the rules follow them so you don’t get kicked out what i’m going to do things in the elevator yeah you know what… Apple fries!!! what but first I want to take a nap ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole look how cute this place is! this is a cute dragon that’s made out of lego woods brings back memories family yeah does just here were look we’re on the wall guys! what’s up Aubrey Anderson? Shout out to Aubrey! Shoutout to food mania reviews waiting for the elevator oh yes thank you like elevator music calm and relax see it’s just very ready for sorry I know you only can hang around just stay here for you some people just like to hang on having the rest of the hydrogen which he doesn’t want everything with your the former’s thanks to the risings this little slower whoa oh my goodness little over and I whoa thank you thank you so much we told you see there oh I don’t have my goodness wow that’s some very credible Lego piece of other edible little dudes fun whoa i get the cameras oh no we’re taking off the trolley guys want to go crazy fruit guys I always loved how they like make stuff for example I cafes are like those things and then they like play it like a golf then they put all things about things get your lego table 50 is a shuriken shuffle that’s that that’s one of the moves that moves the sugar trouble and learning lego ninjago adverse right now we’re super competitive so we’re going to be going to go to share capital and that there’s like a fireball that one so there’s a whole bunch of different moves we’re going to show you that ride while we’re here for the whole experience only Jack experience one of the main attractions in and juggle world is the 40 adventure and that’s where we doing the chapman in the shade so i think i’m more excited the monkeys right now from lego daddy only at the lego place ok i play with you pretty much asked for anything with those eyes guys who were all the magic that ladder last year old was she doing burpees she’s doing it on purpose well I have never seen her be is so crazy that she’s gonna be she’s doing burpees and pushups 50 pushups sorry monkey burpees lot better about that have a Barbie split that oh mama bees excited oh what a view what of view but oh my goodness oh alright we’re doing it it’s happening every room has like a treasure chest and the monkeys have to do a scavenger hunt to open the treasure chest to see what’s inside do we didn’t you already open and open till one dead and I my goodness little spot swag swag 00 today all broke up with my boyfriend he’s got to hit at risk Josh how’s the bathroom you can never forget that you are at legoland no makeup date organic spider monkey come tighter sorry guys forgot that you jumped like crazy where’s the parents room when I love this place the kids are over there the kids are over here and the parents get down you guys remember this from last year if you saw the be already if you haven’t well you know you have to see it as I got carried out of legoland you got carried out of legoland sweater ok I’m ready for my cupcake now on I don’t know should we just um look at it how does that taste what’s it like finding delicious what’s it like anything 21 the dude all used his head how they do out Gary that’s amazing you just ate the lego due time to eat the lego guy sorry i had to eat you oh my good you just ate the whole lego guy wow that’s amazing don’t like going to get it oh haha just to be clear these are fondant lego doing in case anyone tries to eat a leg over you shouldn’t we don’t want anybody watching the video for squid or not on the plastic on the package was like a couple board on stages copying everything she says yeah I’m not copying everything she says cool she’s cool right yeah right what’s a really cool thing making is that the face you make we make like those things like that do you want to do on boxing i would Casey open at ya always a double late it was a it was a good idea first ok so now you know how it feels when you leave your Legos all over the floor and I have I wanna get like 11 is it relaxing it’s not relaxing at all you can kind of cover-up oh my goodness this is actually quite pleased to quite contrary how does it feel now they do like like that set spies yeah like these that it’s like exfoliating your heartbeat always get it was gonna say like you butt you know you can kind of all you get kicked out of you can involve that’s 110 or Fox know you’re not gonna cannibal and tell her tell your sister about the Cannonball your life and you do not cannonball into the legos there’s no way she’s gonna kind of don’t cannibalism oh just cannonball wake up just don’t hurt yourself that you’re gonna get kicked out thanks for watching everybody please like subscribe and leave a comment down below if you haven’t subscribed yet please click on the icon on the left and the little things will pop up and we’re going to subscribe if you already have subscribed please forget everything that I have just said it’s my radio voice but


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