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Innovation Takes Flight Here | Cognizant Connect | Cognizant Switzerland

Innovation is a lifeblood of the digital
economy. The really interesting thing is organizations need startups now more
than ever and that’s the reason why we launched Connect. It’s a way to accelerate
good ideas and synchronize innovation quickly and with precision. This is an
important initiative for Cognizant because we bring together not only
established their players in the market but we will expand and build an
ecosystem that includes startups, innovative, highly agile companies. So
what we do in Cognizant Connect is we marry the client problem together with
the startup solution through a rating mechanism and then we provide scalable,
risk controlled compliant delivery and that’s what makes Connect so unique. The Connect space in Zurich is for any client that sees that they have
challenges and wants to implement but maybe isn’t sure the best way of doing
it at the scale they need. To anybody who wants to solve their problems, test their
big ideas in an approach that works for them and ensures that they can offer to
their clients the solutions of tomorrow. From a client perspective it’s very
interesting because it puts us in contact with startups and with the
world in Switzerland so it I think is a good moment, is a good place where we can exchange ideas and solve the problems of our customers. We are a team
at Feedstock of less than 20 people and we are dealing with businesses of double-digit
thousands of people. So scaling into these businesses and having the
resources to integrate into the different areas is an important part of
Connect. Well the concept really involved bringing together different
players that can solve multiple problems that exist in large organizations rather
than having one one party that tries to build everything from scratch. You have specialists in one area and specialists in another area and they all
come together and basically create the solution that has the highest value to the
customer. I think when it comes to large organizations they need reliable
solutions; they need technology that works. So you have to be a landscape at
least and then I think it’s important that you can navigate the organizational
structures, that you manage the procurement processes of larger
corporations and the nitty gritty when it comes to execute them. A startup has agility and often have founders that are coming from a
position of experience of seeing a problem in an industry and now they want to fix
it. Cognizant knows the benefits of agility in thinking. Cognizant plays a great role in connecting the dots and also in at
least from my point of view in making the great transparency of all the
opportunities in this industry space. Combination of global delivery and very strong local connect: this is why we feel
that we are a good company to really make it happen. If this is successful..I really hope this is successful… it will really generate a great momentum that will benefit not only the companies (us clients) not only Cognizant but the entire country.

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