I Went to the Craziest Bar in Japan | Kagaya Bar

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel So, as you know, a couple of weeks ago, it was my birthday And… normally I don’t really do anything too exciting for my birthday I just spend it at home I like just… chilling and relaxing really I’m not much of a party person But… because I’m back in Japan this year I figured I would gather all my friends together For something a little… different And… exciting lol And as I was thinking of places to go I remembered a day about 4 years ago when I was scrolling through videos on YouTube And I came across this gem on my friends channel DICK DICK DICK DICK DICK DICK Ahhhhgahhhhh yes! Ahh Gahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! Naturally I vowed to visit Kagaya Bar for my next birthday party And that didn’t happen But now it’s 4 years later and… we made it happen this year lol And I’m so glad we did because… It was the most ridiculous night of my entire life Thank you so much to all my friends that came out to celebrate my birthday And those of you that cancelled when you saw the place we were going to And it was a bit too much for you I do not blame you whatsoever lol When you watch back this video You’re probably gonna feel like you made the right choice We’re outside of Kagaya Bar right now and I don’t really know how I feel about it I’m slightly terrified Seeing Chris’ video and it was… A little traumatizing Oh f*ck This is ridiculous hahaha So when you walk into the bar It just looks like your typical Japanese izakaya It’s not too big There’s a little old Japanese lady in the back, cooking Really nothing out of the ordinary But things start to get weird… Realllllly quickly Now start now Yes yes okay! hahaha hahaha At this point I should probably warn you guys that you shouldn’t continue watching this video If you are easily offended or if you have young children around But, otherwise, please enjoy! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Oh oh oh oh (the f*ck) Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN!! AAAHHHHH!!!!! *monkey noises* Ho ho ho ho It’s… Fun? So the owner of this bar goes by the name Mark Kagaya And the story is that his family has been in the alcohol business for almost a century now And when he inherited this bar from his parents in the 80’s He decided he wanted to do something… “Original” with it lol You’ll soon see what I mean by “original” Okay power on PEW Five Four Three Here it comes You ready for this? Nope lol Go to Chris Chris AHHH Are you okay? Are you okay Chris? Are you okay? Are you okay Chris? Are you okay? So depending on what drink you order you get a different performance So if you get beer You get performance that’s based around England? If you get a whiskey, it’s something from China DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEX SEX!!!!! SEX!! Who got the whiskey? That’s me coke and whiskey He he ha It’s just like England It’s just what I expected England to be like The whole night was full of just ridiculous surprises that you wouldn’t expect It’s kind of like going to Disneyland (I have no idea what he’s saying) AHH AHH AHH~~~~~~~~ psht I’m slightly aroused But… Mostly terrified There’s absolutely nothing about food written on the menu It’s just… a collection of strange stories that don’t make any sense And each one has a different price under them But the worst part is… Is that they refuse to serve you unless you sing your order Bang meeeeeeeeeeeee~ You know what I’m talking abooouuuut~ HAHAHA Don’t know what to expect really Guess we’ll see And apparently you need to sing like you really want it Or else they won’t give you anything But luckily, singing talent wasn’t a factor lol And Norm and I’s horrible singing… Was rewarded with some really nice Japanese dishes We had no idea what to expect but they came out with about 6 or 7 Home-cooked style Japanese dishes that I really enjoyed If you only have time for one round of drinks and one performance I highly recommend ordering America It’s probably the most intense out of the bunch DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! YEAH! AHHHHH DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! Soft-ry touching Dick Soft-ry touching Dick Soft-ry touching Dick DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! DICK! How much have I had to drink? How much of this is real? Thank you! Thank you Thank you very much! Thank you How about you Elon? How are things holding up? He’s enjoying himself, clearly We were lucky in there were a bunch of other customers in the bar while we were there So we got the chance to see lots of other performances that we didn’t order ourselves I didn’t get to see all the countries but out of the ones we did see my second recommendation would probably be France Because you get a souvenir to take home with you Oohhh! Oh thank you Thank you It’s actually pretty good It’s actually pretty nice smh Muah! Watching the reactions of the other customers in the store throughout the night was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole experience At one point this group of 6 salarymen came in And they sat down in the corner And as soon as they were… “Delivered” their menu They all looked like utterly horrified and they like… Talked a bit to the little old lady in the back I’m assuming they were apologizing This isn’t what they expected AHHHHHHHHHahhhEGGGGGHHHH EHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s so hilarious that people find this place Like just by walking down the street and they come in Expecting a regular izakaya This right here pretty much summarizes the evening He loves Dick He does love Dick If you come back you definitely need to invite me again It’s so good Darling I love you Much better than the French classes we got in elementary I think I learned something tonight French Andy Did you have a nice night tonight? Oh Perfect night For Peter For Peter Oh for you Honestly this was the best birthday party ever What more could I ask for lol This was probably one of my most memorable experiences in Japan If you are up for a little bit of crazy fun I highly recommend Kagaya Bar The only problem is it’s quite popular They’ve had lot of coverage online and on TV So lots of people know about it And the tables are almost always full So if you do wanna go Do make a reservation in advance I was able to find a way to do it online so I’ll link the website that I used to make a reservation down below in the description box If you guys can read a little bit of Japanese you should be able to figure that out And you could even do it from overseas if you want, if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo and… You wanna make this part of your itinerary lol I honestly highly recommend it It was so much fun What you see in my video is pretty much what you get If you end up getting some of the performances that we didn’t get to see that night Please tell me what was involved in them in the comments I would love to hear more I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you weren’t horribly offended lol Thank you so much for watching And I will see you again very soon Byeeee!~

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  1. Sharmander says:

    Thanks to all my friends for making this an awesome night❤️ – special thanks to Norm for the Elon Musk cutout😂
    You can watch his journey through Tokyo here → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCGUfTX9_90

  2. Kirstie Lush says:

    What a weird and wonderful place lol

  3. Letícia Vazquez says:

    This was hilarious, love the vid! hahahaha

  4. S W says:

    And he can draw…most artists have a touch of crazy…he however is full blown nuts

  5. Tom Edwards says:

    1:45 oh no. It's that music that played during ripley the toucan's last video alive, the one where ripley is eating turkey

  6. bcgrote says:

    What a whacky, frenetic, fun time!

  7. Zen Boy says:

    Did'nt know you were friends with Elon. His commitment to putting on the show was quite something.

  8. Vern Milliken says:

    Wow 😮 🤯 W…O…W

  9. cloud specs says:


  10. Austin 'N' Suff says:

    That was stressful.

  11. frawldog says:

    Your channel is bomb

  12. Isadora Félix says:

    i would never go to a place like this tho
    too much for me (I'm veryyy boring)

  13. Fallingsakura265 says:

    5:35 you’re welcome

  14. kyoru says:

    What in the world😂

  15. zoloenel says:

    My thought process on the french performance went from, oh thats a very nice drawing to oh wait never mind hes humping it!

  16. YAT-TUS Prod says:

    I started cry laughing when he’s jumping up and down screaming “s*ck my d**” in French 🤣🤣🤣

  17. kahiau t. says:

    I’m frightened but entertained.

  18. tinathoughts says:

    this looks like my worst nightmare. lololol. Happy birthday Sharla!

  19. Lam Do says:

    That’s funny

  20. Lune says:

    When the man is jumping, He actually saying suck my dic in french

  21. Twice Once says:

    Imagine suddenly ordering a drink here as an introvert while having no idea this will happen

  22. baywest says:

    OMFG i fucking burst out laughing when he introduced his "second brother." …..holy shit i havent laughed that hard in a long ass time.

  23. ArlindTheGamer says:

    good your birthday was a sex party hahahaha

  24. ☼YouBetterWorkItYooooooo☼ says:

    The thumbnail looks perferted

  25. watsonsophie23 says:


  26. Haley Choi says:

    I… have no words

  27. Kenneth Uglebjerg says:

    Anybody else getting a mister Chow wibe from this guy? 😂😂😂

  28. prissyscott says:

    That looked so fun. 😂😂😂🎂😂🎉🎊

  29. Melannie Gonzalez says:

    Oh my god
    I would fucking die

  30. Vegan Ichiiego says:


  31. sol igelkott says:

    This place would trigger my anxiety SO bad hahaha

  32. Marty Hood says:

    Since I hate being the center of the attention especially when I do something I’m not comfortable about (and being hit by a dick-frog would be one of those 😅) I would have died in that place.
    I was cringing watching this video but it was kinda weirdly fun, but I would never go 😂

  33. Munin Raven says:

    6:14 I feel like I've personally met "Dick!" at this point. The complete absurd randomness makes me smile. It's like a Monty Python-esque sketch came to life. However, I get the feeling that when I wake up in the morning, I'm going to have "Dick, dick, dick… " looping in my head; in the very same way I sometimes have a random song (usually one I dislike) on my mind until I've actually started engaging in the day. Puzzled yet smiling at best!

  34. Neli LR says:

    I need to visit that bar he was great

  35. TwiGuy says:

    When I heard the French I was like "am I hearing correctly or does it just happen to sound like French ?"

  36. SJ SMITH says:

    What's this obsession with Elon Musk?

  37. SJ SMITH says:

    I'd have to pass on this place. 😔. I'm glad y'all had fun!

  38. Manuel Ortiz says:

    7:37 Hey not bad, 7:44 Dear Lord!!!

  39. Nuralif Othman says:

    good to know that after 4 years, the bar is still running. these sorts of niche things dont usually last long.

  40. Danisa Mishima says:

    What do his parents think of the change he made?

  41. Andrew Murray says:

    Sooo, this is just a old fart who wanted a way to be gross to chicks and get away with it by being “zany” haha.

  42. TheCptCoy says:

    This place would never be allowed to exist in America

  43. Jeni Marie says:


  44. Wolf. says:

    Imagine entering this in a Pink Guy costume and when he says "Dick!", you just reply: "no I nedda da pusi please"

  45. Tidder T says:

    LoL-ed so hard at the "Dick" part

  46. Old Indian Music Clips says:

    Too mad for me…

  47. julia johnson says:

    I wonder how acid was the son was when he came up this cool and innovative idea

  48. Sakuma Wiki says:

    That perfectly represents America. Just sayin

  49. D says:

    i love how this would only exist in japan but in the west, it would just be sexual harrasment LUL

  50. ReclaimerX22 says:

    My two favorite parts of this video:
    1) the lady in the back, just doing her thing with a completely stoic expression, and
    2) Sharla suddenly carrying a cut-out of Elon Musk into this bar with no context (as I haven't been a regular viewer of her channel until now).

    This made my whole day 😂😂😂

  51. Emily C says:

    I'm not really sure what's happening in this bar but I'm scared

  52. Extrema22 says:

    If Megwin were to open a bar I'm pretty sure it would be very similar to this

  53. めんどくさい says:

    9:25 For those of you who are wondering, that means "suck my d*" in French
    Nothing surprising

  54. Daftenrekt says:

    Why do i think that this bar is not meant for normies if you want to fully enjoy this experience lmao.

  55. Cynder757 says:

    Honestly, the idea of going there horrifies me but at the same time props to the dude for creating this weird yet unique experience

  56. Mr Magnowser says:

    A japense bar but what if the workers are really childish, this is great lol

  57. that shitty snare sound from st. anger says:

    well fuck this is a whole ordeal going on here.

  58. Toadally Awesome says:

    9:20 : is the french for suck my d

  59. hoshikoto15 says:

    My video started glitching at the countdown and it made it 10x scarier

  60. curseknight5 says:

    I wonder what drink I would receive for singing, "Sharla and Norm sitting in a tree…" One can only selfishly imagine.

  61. UnluckyMage says:

    Can anyone link me to the hunky dude wearing the suit at 9:09? xox

  62. hanamichi sakuragi says:

    Ok,esto es raro incluso para el estándar de cosas raras en Japón XD y eso ya es decir muchisimo jajaja

  63. Magical Lexicorn says:


  64. mdjcsmith says:

    5:36 has got to be made into a viral gif!

  65. d0pesick says:

    Dude's enthusiasm is great.

  66. Jeanette says:

    Around 6:00, I was just this the entire time: 😶

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