I Transformed My Apartment to Outdoors

Max: Whaaa-hahaha-at?
What is this? Kelsey: Oh my god! Bulger: It’s more like “why”? Hey best pal-y, I’m Ali and I’m about to make a park inside my apartment. Why? *flustered stammering* Because I want to! And also because of lots of other great reasons. Like the fact that I live in a tiny apartment And in no way could have a yard in LA right now. I feel like I should be the person that just has an outrageous indoor yard room. Oh no! Can we talk about the fact that my tape measure broke and I didn’t get a new one I just smashed the plastic out the outside and keep using it. Yeah, and why in my kitchen? Well… This is the only place that I probably don’t have to film stuff. Hm? How’s that look? And also there’s this weird phenomenon where my friends come over to hang out, we pregame So we just like come in here and get drinks, and then never leave! We just like hang out in my kitchen and it’s the least inviting room in my apartment! So I’m not gonna fight that I’ll just make it more inviting. Oh perfect! It’s raining in LA all week So it’s not like I could go to a real park. Home-improvement store. Although I probably need the opposite of home improvement. Where’s the place where I can make my house like weirder and more confusing? And the first thing I see… How easy.
And this. Except it’s not easy because ask an associate means I have to talk to humans. Great. Oh dear. The fencing is like Aggressively large, you know for like a real yard. Probably going to have to find another option. Oooh! Look AstroTurf is free. As long as you’re fine with having a very Unpractical amount. Ooh, it comes in blue! This would clearly ruin the outdoor theme but, I feel like I might use this for something in the future must think. Okay I found an associate. He’s not gonna be in it. I would love to get your cheapest green grass-looking-stuff. This is exciting. It’s like a grass roller coaster. Luxury. He said there’s an even cheaper stuff. That’s like One-third the price, if not less and he’s going to check to see how long it would take to order it in. I am NOT lucky. I gotta go to another Home Depot. Ooh, measuring tapes. Should I get a new one? Nah. Oh no! And what is it with home improvement stores that there’s a separate entrance and exit? So no parking spot is a good parking spot. I’d document my excitement. Heck yeah! I thought they didn’t have it. It was a bit of a scare. Worth it. 30 bucks versus $140.
They’re growing my future yard. It’s gonna be flimsy because I’m kidding the crappiest kind. Can I help help? I hope someday I don’t have to be outrageous on a budget But until then, I just have to put in a little extra effort. I should probably get some plants for my park too, but all of these look real. That’s not good. Nothing that I do is real. Picked up some blades to mow my lawn- I mean cut my grass.
And of course, I need some lawn chairs. So with this artwork I’m aiming to bend reality, and challenge convention, and make people question where they are when they’re in my living space. But mostly I’m doing it cuz it’ll look cool, stupid. Look there’s a lawn in my car. That actually might be a really cool mod. Which makes me think about something else. Would my sweet egg-shaped ride look better with more blue and a lot more texture? Make sure you subscribe and ring the bell for notifications for upcoming videos. Alright, here’s the fake s*** that I need. It almost costs as much as my lawn. Might have to order online. Oooh. Do I need a mower for upkeep? Let’s see how much the outdoor section has to offer. I’m guessing not a lot because one, it’s winter, and two LA doesn’t have outdoors, does it? Does my yard need a tiny little grill to sit next to my stove… indoors? A couple of these would be really cool but there’s solar powered so they’d never turn on. I just remember that I have like white Christmas lights at home. So I’ll use that! No luck. As expected, This is a job for my clicking finger.
Deliver it right to my house. I’ll deal with you in a bit. Just uh, finding a park online. I’ll show you the stuff I’m getting as it arrives, but I did want to point out I was looking for a stool that I could use for maybe a table because they’re small and uh, it offered me this instead. Which I’m not mad about because I- I definitely need that for my lawn. Okay, I should start by making this place not such a heinous mess. The twisted tea that I keep outside the fridge because I like it hot. Ali: Okay, I have an actual good feeling about this.
Max: I love it. I love it!
Ali: So good! WINNER! Cases of expired Soylent from when I had only this for ten days. It’s not bad.
Oh I didn’t even look at it! Errgh. Maybe not. I’m not gonna look at it for ten days. Ewww hahaha. In case you were wondering, I did not continue past the ten days. Pull-up bar. Gonna need some monkey bars for my park after this. Empty protein containers. Why do I save these? Because I’m like “Oh, maybe I’ll use them for a video sometime”. My guitar that is completely covered in vegetable stickers. Cuz I kept it in here for every time I ate a vegetable – mean it’s covered now! So I started throwing the stickers out. Just sweeping up so there’ll be no dirt underneath my grass..? I think Ashton needs to live somewhere else, which is funny because he’s an outside thing. Now for the extra fun part… Growing the lawn! Okay… *Fake grass ASMR* It’s twelve feet in this direction. It’s already looking awesome! Now for the cutting part which is… Scary because if you blow it it’s ruined. Okay. Yeah, this stuff is flimsy enough I can definitely use scissors. Perfect! ♫ fake yard growing music ♫ And I’ve already given up on my measuring tape and I’m just winging. Okay, I got that part to lay down right. This is so satisfying! ♫ Fake yard growing music ♫ I cannot wait to go barefoot on this! ♫ Fake yard growing music continues ♫ Lawn care is a lot of work. I’m sweating. ♫♫♫♫ Jeez that’s like perfectly flat! I don’t know if I’m really good at this or just very lucky. So close. Just throw this back there… Perfectly. Oh my goodness! Let’s take a look, shall we? Look at it! My Kitchen is grass. My Kitchen is grass. It’s like 10 times better and I haven’t even added anything else yet! It’s so welcoming! I always just wanted to get out of here before, but now, now I want to hang out. Let’s let’s just have a sit! God bless the Internet. Because one day shipping. Legit, one of the things just showed up already today. Oooh. Myyy. Goodness. Perfect for my outdoor indoor. I can’t believe something like this one, exists, two is super cheap, and three shows up at my door as soon as I click on it! Let me just just find where I can connect this to a pipe… There we go! I should get my lights going. As soon as the “sun” sets, I’ll need these. ♫♫♫♫ Yep totally adding to the ambiance. This is the first time I think I’ve ever closed my cupboards. Ooh! And Lauren Powell gave me this for a couple of past videos. This is definitely fake outdoors! Planted! And there just a few more things on their way to my house. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the finishing touches. The rest of my park is here! I would like to unbox this and the most climactic way possible, but I don’t know What’s what so let’s just go for it. Where did I put my lawnmower? I mean grass scissors. Here we go. Mhmm! ♫ unpacking indoor outdoor music ♫ I just realized there are still two things that should arrive at the end of day today, and they happen to be my two Favorite additions, so, turns out I got lucky with a climax thing. I’m gonna get all this set up and then we can have the two best parts left. ♫ indoor out door set up music ♫ In case you were wondering, I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with these when I got them But I figured there’d be a way I could devise planting flowers on the floor. ♫ Indoor outdoor music ♫ I got my white picket fence ready. It has three little inserts, which I feel like need to be filled by some bushes. Fantastic landscaping on my part. These are Exact spheres. I got some space here for my table that I actually use So I’m putting it back in. Because we still have lawn left over. Basically the exact perfect size already, just got a little – trim going on here, and it should be perfect. Now to add some moss rock landscaping to the surface. Where’d they go? They’re hiding. These might look real, but no, they’re super fake. Don’t worry. ♫♫♫♫ Think there are some other horizontal surfaces that need grass in here. Like right along here.
Wait… Do I have an actual living plant? Get out of here! Sweet. And maybe some heavy rocks to hold it down. Eeh. This stuff is like so messy. Need a leaf blower in here. And obviously the thing I use most in here needs some love. Yay! Hope the microwaves don’t turn it brown. Made some adjustments in my garden. It’s way better now. So it goes three flowers a shrub, three flowers, shrub. Ah, so clean! These overhead lights are too sloppy for me So I think they’d be better as garden lights. ♫♫♫♫ And this awesome addition! It’s functional and fashionable. Obviously when we’re hanging out drinking we need a stump to put our drinks on! As expected, the last box is here. My scissors no longer work because there are grass clippings stuck in them. Who could have a yard without pink flamingos?! *flamingo thud* These are gonna have to somehow live… Somehow live… This guy can live… Final addition, an activity for my lawn! Okay, come on. I didn’t, you know, get the nicest stuff. Oh! It’s the opposite. It’s lefty tighty, righty loosey. Play it where it lies. Normal kitchen Activity, sure. OH!! Yeah, that was the first try. I’m really glad that I don’t have to do more takes of that. I made some more adjustments to the garden because I really wanted to see the tools more. Look, okay. Outrageous stupidity takes really fine-tuning. Let’s just check out the whole thing in a sweeping glamour shot, sall we? ♫♫♫♫ And now to go appreciate the great outdoors.
This is how nature intended. Honestly, it really is just relaxing being out in the wild. I really want to get down and appreciate the- Yep, the freshly mowed lawn smell. *indoor outdoor golf whistle* Well, thank you, Flamingo, I know it was a good shot. And it just started raining in LA again, well not in my yard! Max: Whaaa-hahaha-at? What is this?! Kelsey: Oh my god! Bulger: You did this all by yourself?
Ali: I did. Max: This makes perfect sense I mean, why wouldn’t you? Kelsey: It’s great. I’m already utilizing the wood stump. Bulger: You have a lot of free time.
Ali: Hey! Max: This is so ridiculous *laughs* Ali: This dude needs a nail. Kelsey: Let’s cut a hole in him, and drink out of him. Max: And the white picket fence, of course. Bulger: It’s more like “why”? Max: This is absolutely ridiculous. Bulger: You have to go pee pees?
Ali: No don’t say pee pees!
*Bulger laughing* Bulger: You gotta go pee pees?
Ali: No, stop it!
Bulger: Oh look at her face! Ali: Why are you encouraging this?! Isn’t it better than it was though?
Max: The color scheme is so perfect it’s creepy. Yeah, no this is making me nervous. She’s entirely too sniffy. You’re a big fan, huh? Tell them how much you love it. Okay. Yeah!! See now everybody here can just go on their hikes, and I can be content to stay an indoorsy person. Thanks so much for watching, and thank you Especially to my patreon pal-ys, who without them believing, and allowing me to do outrageous stuff, then this reality-bending park would not exist.

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