100 Replies to “i tested food HACKS people use in HOTEL ROOMS”

  1. Chloe H says:

    He puts WAYYY too much oil in everything…

  2. ankido kacho says:

    In the background right,is a kitchen!😂

  3. Niya Brown says:

    3:34 got me dead😂😂😂

  4. samer barakat says:

    The ved is very very nice

  5. Joseph Moore says:

    Cheese toasty

  6. Cookies N' Cream says:

    Me:*realizes that where he was was above my state the day he made this*

  7. lps talkback says:

    Who Else saw the oven in the background??

  8. Nish Debs says:

    If the hotel rooms could afford a coffee machine I feel like they can afford a microwave…

  9. Connor Vanbiljon says:

    I find you very interesting
    So the hate comments better back off

  10. Аna Gogovska says:

    Hmmm at 11:10 he commented the color of the cheese…

    Wasn't he colorblind?

  11. Kayla Laster says:

    Don’t most hotel rooms have microwaves?

  12. Nese Time says:

    The most antigenic things in the world.

  13. Vilma Anana says:


  14. Super Kyle says:


  15. Noah Husemann says:

    Give me thos pancake

  16. Noah Husemann says:

    7:17 i whuld love to see That hair dryer

  17. Nicole Kuhl says:

    😂 when he tried to spread the marshmallows on the graham crackers I died.

  18. Darren Pijogge says:

    Not how you make smores

  19. Liliani Krause says:

    Try the marshmallow with a toaster

  20. Saada Mohamed says:

    13:39 omg i almost died😂😂😂😂

  21. Morro koko says:

    Nodels in coffe mashine

  22. dolo18emi says:

    2:50 well, you are doing something weird😂

  23. Francesca Louise Samar says:

    You should use the hair straightener to make pancakes

  24. Kawaii Kiwi says:

    Saw you in my recommended now I’m hooked

  25. Dorien Reed says:

    Please, please, please stop saying ‘like’, I love watching your videos but it’s so distracting and very bad english

  26. Ricardo Noblecilla says:


  27. Animal Jam Tuber says:

    Ok these are cool and all… but doesn’t the hotel provide breakfast?

  28. manal love says:

    I like his presentations,and how he talks makes you wouldn't even want to fast forward cz you will miss alot coz he rarely use punctuation marks

  29. XKamalX _DEAD says:

    U look like a girl

  30. Lady Pink says:

    Why would i take this kind of stuff to an hotel

  31. Dragon _Girl says:

    Why is everyone hating on Raffy? Honestly people you need to get yourself a life. If you don’t like him then why the hell are you watching his videos? Raphael is a wonderful, sweet, caring and adorable little cinnamon roll and he doesn’t deserve this BS from you people. So good day and please go talk about your problems with someone who actually cares.

  32. Alazea Sandoval says:

    I love how he calls a grilled cheese a cheese toastie❤️❤️

  33. Harris Jase says:

    Can you do a video like the ones where they fix holes with noodles and egg shells

  34. The Oiler says:

    What about room service?

  35. ๏ kamichux says:

    hack: *doesnt work*

    raphael: maybe if i spray it with oil will work

  36. Rebecca Talley says:

    So funny! 🤣

  37. Jee Arim says:


  38. Arianna says:

    It takes a wile for things to cook in a coffee maker

  39. Ariella Naena says:

    You are great huuny, I love you so much.😘😘😘💓💓

  40. Mini Tech says:

    You don't make dam popcorn in a dam frying pan :/

  41. Eljay Sawal says:

    Kasalalwan ing balu mu koy! Haha

  42. Cayke Phayce says:

    What about the 🍿 in the ☕️pot

  43. Jessica Blanton says:

    cleaning lady walks in


  44. Ksenija _0501 says:

    Okay, but the broccoli sounded still very "hard" and crispy so it was still raw – that's unhealthy, it can cause bloating. 😅

  45. Remzi Lutolli says:

    12:20 Schnitzel is actually a German Word

  46. Lanicha Berg says:

    If there is no kitchen why is there a oven in the background 😐

  47. Saber says:

    In what world do hotels bot have kitchens, and in what world do hotels not serve real food?

  48. Brady Feenan says:

    Police walk in room

    Sir your arrested for the possession of heroine

    I’m just making pancakes sir

  49. Queen V says:

    hahahaha died laughing, hes temper …. i would be so same 🤣🤣👌🏼💕

  50. Tariya Devault says:

    There was a oven in the back But no kitchen 🤔🤔🤔🤔?????

  51. SNLM FAMILY says:

    look at his mouth at 9:26 :me at a restaurant when I think my food came but it was the food for the other table

  52. Mikylla Angela says:


  53. Clelia Illuminati says:

    C a n o l a o i l

  54. Hope Rose says:

    Split the marshmallow in half and stick it to the chocolate on the gram cracker. Yes I have done this before. 😂

  55. kennedi says:

    the way he says popcorn 😂😂💕

  56. Liennar Naikh says:


  57. Nhi Tran says:

    Please contact 111-111-1111 to stop marshmallow cruelty and abuse today. STOP marshmallow cruelty and abuse TODAY.

  58. AR Dishy Productions says:

    6:21 I can’t even breathe I’m dying of laughter

  59. Whitney Lang says:

    Is he slow? I can't tell if he's serious or mentally challenged…

  60. milleaer milleaer says:

    Theres literally an oven and a microwave in the back round on the right

  61. Chester Cheetah says:

    The coffee machine thing pankake your supposed to let it be in the actual coffee machine with no tin foil

  62. Julia Svensson 8 Tågaborgsskolan says:

    Facking tönt

  63. Memes Idkdisppl says:

    If you want to get salmonella eat RAW pancakes ;w; ppl r so dumb now a days JEEZ ;-;

  64. Jojo Johnson says:

    Oof that’s a lot a

    Marshmallow for one more also it would be helpful to just do the marshmallow then put it on chocolate

  65. Taekook Shipper says:

    Okay I get it he does somethings which annoy some people here but that's no reason to leave hate comments. I mean just put yourself in his show. Of course you wouldn't like getting hate. Nobody does and I am not saying this because I am his fan or anything. I just found his channel today and enjoyed his videos. He tries his best not his fault if he can't do something right. It doesn't make him stupid or dumb.

  66. Jennifer Flowers says:

    LOLing so hard right now at the s'mores part! 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Bri & lily says:

    You made the smore wrong…

  68. CatScratch Fever says:

    Thank goodness most hotels have a microwave in the rooms.

  69. CatScratch Fever says:

    Hey people. Whether he has a kitchen or not wasn't the point of the video. He wasn't doing this because he was hungry. He did this to show hotel cooking hacks that other people said could be done. I'm sure he either used the kitchen to cook real food or went to a restaurant if there's not dining service at the hotel.

  70. Caitlin Ford says:

    benny and june

  71. Emily Lynn says:

    Honestly when you started smearing shit with your hands and going through a mid life crisis at 6:39 thats when i started enjoying the video and just relating on an unbelievable level. We’re in our 20s and we stress over marshmellows not melting from a hot ass hair dryer

  72. Ruvim Orlovz says:

    Why is this guy using conspiracy theories music in the background

  73. Nur Erny Istiqamah Abdullah says:

    This is very funny video 😂😂😂😂

  74. Home 504 says:

    Which bougie AF hotel gives you coffee machine and hair dryer…..??

  75. Megan Kristine says:

    1. Cook the pancake the same way then just put another layer of foil paper on top of it then flip it!!!! DUUUUUHHHH

  76. Zoe Soteriou says:

    6:29 Raphael murdering marshmallow (cant find a marshmallow emoji so ill go with the rice one instaed) 🍚

  77. Santiago Cuevas says:

    Put your hand so the marshmellows don't move genius

  78. J G says:

    You are supposed to cover the bread from the sandwich with the foil as well to avoid germs from the iron lol…

  79. Breon's World says:

    Or if you like s’mores with no roasted and melted chocolate or marshmallows
    Do that have fun paying for the hairdryer

  80. Breon's World says:

    I think all of this is why there’s fires and why people get electrocuted

  81. Breon's World says:

    How bout how long does it take for popcorn kernels to pop

  82. Breon's World says:

    Instead of this you can just go to the restaurant down the road

  83. Everyting Gacha says:

    Raph:”If you don’t know what s’mores are-“

  84. Hassan Khan says:

    6:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. nandini nagpal says:

    'I don't know any other type of chocolate.' Well…. there is white chocolate, dark chocolate, almond chocolate, dry fruits in chocolate and about a million more. Your welcome.

  86. Leenah Turjoman says:

    In the pancake thing your not supposed to put the foil

  87. Merve Sürmeli says:

    thanks for that video, always wanted to try these but never got to. Also, ignore haters. You're perfect the way you are.

  88. Alexa Tomasovic says:

    'We have serious issues but were not crazy" I felt that in my soul.

  89. amanda b says:

    why not put the popcorn kernels in the empty coffee pot over the heat

  90. putangina mo says:

    too much chitchat

  91. Sync Bw says:

    I like how I see an oven in the background, interesting.

  92. mybaby winterbears says:


  93. itai24 says:

    Put the curnels in the empty coffee pot and put the hair iron in it

  94. Zara Chaudhry says:

    He trying to talk to marchmellows now ure soft yay i got my hands all messy and my hair dryer is dead i aleats have my messy shit to eat

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