Hvordan sette inn en Youtube video i Powerpoint

Have you ever wondered how to add a Youtube video into a Powerpoint presentation? Then you should watch this tip. Hello and welcome to a new Fridaytip. In this tip you shall see how you can add a Youtube video into your Powerpoint presentation. There are many good reasons to use a video in a Powerpoint presentation. A video will always raise attention to those who look at and will give your presentation an extra punch. But it can be difficult to download the video By running the video embedded from Youtube you don’t need to download it and you can run it directly from your PowerPoint. when you present. When you add the whole video into your presentation it can be very difficult to send it on email, because the presentation becomes too large to send. This will not be a problem when you embed the video from Youtube. Just remember when you need a decent internet connection when to conduct the presentation. In this video, I will use Powerpoint 2016 Which is part of Office 2016 package If you have Office 365 and for example, running Office 2013 remember that you can upgrade for FREE to Office 2016. First I open the presentation and select the slide where I want to add Youtube video. Here’s the slide … Now I go to the menu and select INSERT And here you see that you have a video option on the right side. Here you can add a video located on your computer but you can also insert a video from the Internet. Here you have many different options You can for example add a video that is on your OneDrive And if you choose this, it will search through your OneDrive online and find a video there. You can also embed a video from Facebook. But today we will add a video, located on Youtube. There are two ways to do this. One. You know in advance the Youtube video you want to embed. Here I have for example a video that I have prepared. And then I can take the entire address into your browser, and copy it onto Youtube field here. press search and it will find the right video and I can add it directly. But another neat thing. is that you can search Youtube for a video on a topic that you want to present, directly from PowerPoint. Here I can search for AGS Fridaytip. And here comes the video that I want to use when I choose enter below I can adjust a little on size, and the placement of the video. If I right-click and select style I can choose from several stylish frames and configurations with for example a shadow effects that may give the presentation an extra stylis look.. I can also choose the video to start with a click. And when I want to present it I only need to click on the PLAY button here. for the video to start. It was all we had for today. If you want to see more Powerpoint tips, I’ve included links so you can watch more smart Powerpoint tips. If you liked this tip? Remember to like us on Facebook, or subscribe to our Youtube channel. See you in another video.

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