Hurricane Box – Asi Me Quedo (Motel cover) [LIVE AT…]

Yeah.. ehm.. i don’t know.. Which of you understand Spanish? One, two, three, four, five, six.. Okay, the next song is in Spanish Surprise! Like in the good old days, right, Markus? Yeah man Very good, Seyda! This ball is so.. Oh shit, what is written over there? Dance ban Pack the camera away No Dima, you have to join in anyway Or just put it down there and join in Hey what’s up Hello Yeah, what do you think about Hurricane Box? I have never heard their stuff, frankly speaking But I am very excited I have already heard some songs of them And I liked it very much And I am very excited about tonight’s show as well We absolutely will cheer for Hurricane Box But it’s pity that they don’t play my favourite song of them tonight Which one is it? Tokio Tokio Tokio Hotel

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  1. Juan Gonzalez Estrada says:

    Muchas felicidades! Lo hacen increíble, el español que utiliza es realmente excelente, le dieron una versión diferente y se escucha muy bien… Que chingon escuchar como la música mexicana como la de MOTEL trasciende y cruza fronteras! Muchas gracias! y otra vez FELICIDADES!

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