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How to Order Food at a Restaurant in Mexico | Innovative Spanish

imagine you want to order food at a
restaurant in Mexico what do you do oil and soy Alex Alex here anyone can learn
how to order food at a restaurant in this lesson you learn how Ben marks
Sasha and Karen by ordering food at a restaurant in Mexico let’s watch bienvenidos
pasen por aqui por favor Oh si gracias yo quiero una borghese tienen el menú
si esta la última pagina elytra era una yo quiero probar el paso Lee Jordan our
enchiladas yo también y de tomar un vaso de eliminar para cada quien es a
guida LS Tragos warden disculpe nostril acquaint rapport favor Claro que si en
un momento say la traigo aqui tiene gracias acceptance a cheetah’s de
crédito nos and your disculpe Sol efectivo no I problema aquí tienen you now the lesson focus here’s how to order food at a restaurant
in Mexico in Mexico there are many different types of culinary ventures
from tiny food stalls to big fancy restaurants you can also find many other
kinds of cuisine in big cities especially Mexico City however if you
are travelling in a rural area fast food Mexican food and homemade food are your
only options also customs vary depending on the restaurant some restaurants
already include the tip in the bill while others will ask you to leave it on
the table where you pay at the table or the register also varies a good way to
learn what to do at a Mexican restaurant is to watch the people in front of you
and see what they do if you are first in line and are looking for a table you can
ask a waiter or waitress why the automatic white get a mishap can
I take any table usually if there are tables available you don’t have to wait
for one an insider tip is to look for a reservation booked at the front of the
restaurant if there is one most likely they will ask for your name and how many
are in your party usually the menu will already be on your table when you sit
down if it isn’t you can ask why though a terminal can I see the menu if you are
traveling with children and would like to see a kid’s menu you can ask boy
though better a menu even Thea can I see the kids menu Mexican food is generally
pretty heavy and even Mexican children aren’t crazy about it on the kids menu
there are usually things like hamburgers hot dogs and omelets
if Mexican food is hard on your stomach don’t worry you can also order off this
menu if you are ready to order and want to get the waiters attention
it is good to try and make eye contact or wave your hand like you are saying
hello if you can’t make eye contact you can use the words Macedo or meseta
waiter or waitress respectively to call them over if they are close to you it is
also a good idea to use the word the square pam excuse me in the formal
register it is common for customers to order a drink first so when the waiter
or waitress comes to your table they may ask les Oh fer des koala bear
can I offer you something to drink once you
have decided what you want to eat simply say the words yo quiero followed by what
you would like to order after you and your friend finish your meal and would
like to go you can say no style AB went up or if I walk bring us the check
please so the waiter or waitress knows you are
ready to pay after you pay you may be wondering how to tip in Mexico leaving a
tip on the table in the center is still the most common how much you give as a
para pina tip varies on the type of restaurant and service however 10 to 15%
is usually the standard like this quick lesson watch the full
version in Spanish pod to understand the whole dialogue while
you’re there learn all about Mexican culture with our audio lessons and
cultural word lists sign up for your free lifetime account at Spanish pod see you next time

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