100 Replies to “How to Make a Bed Like a Hotel – How to House – HGTV”

  1. Janae Laurino says:

    Sooo.. which layers do you sleep between.. the top sheet and quilt? or the quilt and the duvet? please help

  2. John Doe says:

    [email protected] those "hospital corners"

  3. John Doe says:

    Fuck the spray bottle. I will piss on the bed.

  4. Ra Sid says:

    I don't get it!! What's the difference between the Fitted Sheet and the Top Sheet? Is one supposed to be thicker than other? Can I simply skip one of them?

  5. William A Kolbe BCE says:

    Are the pillow case openings always put inside so you don't see the pillow from either side of the bed??

  6. William A Kolbe BCE says:

    Want to change the world? Make your bed everyday!


  7. JulieAnkha N. says:

    Any more than 6 pillows is just a waste. U spend too much time moving them from point A to B.

  8. Erin MacPherson says:

    Dear host/producer. We are (i would assume) mostly adults or at lease all mostly over the age of 5 years old. We don't need to be spoken to like she's babysitting us and reading us a bed time story. Everyone can turn down the saccharine about 20% and just talk to us like functioning adults.

  9. Abiko Fahrizalow says:

    I didn't know there are so many layers to put on a bed OMG

  10. mario fibli says:

    You get damp sheets on the bed and you are bound to get mould or scabies! What an idiotic and dangerous suggestion!

  11. John Kellett says:

    Wow how much is this girl getting paid for this lovely tutorial. I've been making my bed this way for years and hell not a penny coming my way……Isn't this country great…..

  12. neri neri says:

    what an annoying presenter

  13. JulieAnkha N. says:

    Ive never seen the euros in front of the sleeping/queen pillows.

  14. Banana Jooz says:

    my duvet is 2 times too small

  15. theresa amandy says:

    Hi ivy! Baa baa sheep of mother goose club!

    Waving from philippines!

  16. Jessica Thorne says:

    Actually the flat sheet goes sideways so that you can tuck it.

  17. 5roseangle says:

    a little too much over acting going on for a video on making a bed.

  18. sharlenes drugstore says:

    This is giving me Trivago vibes for some reason…

  19. Wxnter says:

    I'm literally trying to make it 10x harder for me to get out of bed for school in the morning 😂

  20. Dannah Kranz says:

    Can you do styling a daybed??

  21. Sayeola Maeve says:

    Her eyes are such a pretty shade of brown.

  22. rgirvine says:

    Ofcourse you iron a bottom sheet… Would you stay in a hotel who did not iron their sheels

  23. JulieAnkha N. says:

    I used to think 6 pillows was too much. I bought extra pillows and they work great for watching tv. Next thing you know I now have 8!

  24. DK Creative says:

    This chicks excited about making a bed. Its really freaking me out.

  25. b u b l e h n o o d l e z says:

    bruh we're all just gonna throw most of the pillows on the floor when we go to sleep so what's the point of adding 10 different pillows

  26. Charlii C says:

    That is not a hospital corner

  27. Sam M says:

    I feel better knowing that a lot of people don’t know how to make a bed

  28. R G says:

    I got lost at duvet, comforter and blanket. Which goes where, do we use all of them… Lol

  29. Oscar Morales says:

    Ok, there is so much unnecessary stuff on that bed. I work as a room service attendant for a hotel and one of my jobs is to load and unload carts of laundry off trucks that go to a warehouse where they professionally wash the sheets. At the hotel I work at, we only use a fitted sheet, bottom sheet, modern white comforter (which rarely gets washed), top sheet, decorative throw blanket (which also rarely gets washed) and 4 pillow covers (2 that are labeled firm and 2 that are labeled soft) that's it. Also, she did such a half assed job with those hospital corners.

  30. Tammy Hughes says:

    You dont want a bed like hotels ive worked front desk for…

  31. Hello. Princess says:

    Who the frick has time to do this every morning

  32. Kifujin Kitade - Cover songs says:

    i have too much respect for that bed to sleep in

  33. My Green Nest says:

    Is that the girl who plays the sheep on mother goose club?

  34. Tracy Raven says:

    Dedicated my life 😂😂😂😂

  35. rosiebaby says:

    Thank you

  36. home corner by Rahi says:

    u r so beautiful😙

  37. Tony S says:

    Everybody sleeps differently as 1 size does not fit all when it comes to sleep. I always used down and feather but found them too HOT….. I started using the natural Australian Sheepskin Wool Duvet Comforter from a niche boutique brand Down Under Bedding and I'm not sweating all the time and sleeping better.
    Check it out 💤💤💤

  38. Thomas Lowdon says:

    The thread count of sheets is paramount to comfort feel…
    Anything from 400 up is ok
    700 luxury 1000 hard to find and pricey but the best. .
    You see 200 budget count its like sack cloth…and she says thread counts not important as the feel.
    The feel is the thread count DUH!!

  39. Jazzshampoo says:

    Awww its all me,me,me.

  40. Love 2dance says:

    If I have a double bed do I use a queen size comforter or a king size ??

  41. Kacey O Donoghue says:

    Theatrical voice is uhh it ruins video

  42. heightsofsagarmatha says:

    I'd like to know how to incorporate principles of Feng Shui to promote more flow in my apartment. It may sound woo-woo but many successful people use Feng Shui – for example, casinos in Las Vegas use artificial waterfalls to promote a feeling of "flow" – they wouldn't spend tens of thousands of dollars on fountains if they didn't think it would help promote money flow. I'd be interested to know more about Feng Shui and how to incorporate its principles in my apartment.

  43. Jet'aime I'm Fun เฌอแตม ไอ'ม ฟัน says:

    I don't have to make my bed Cruz my family don't have to, we don't have visitors

  44. Femina Ex Machina says:

    Thank you so much for demonstrating the hospital corners! I've always heard of them and read about them, but to see someone make them makes sense now!

  45. Kalpana Tiwari says:

    Mam please hindi

  46. Suraya Blood says:

    I just made my bed like you guys did so comfy I’m getting tired 😴

  47. Ольга Золотарёва says:

    The explanation starts on 1:39 . You’re welcome.

  48. Toni Thompson says:

    Baby's butt

  49. marv strickler says:

    This video is all about you girl, bed making is just an excuse.

  50. Cheryl Goer says:

    Love the pillows!

  51. Jossie Peach says:

    I’m a housekeeper at a hotel and let me tell you if we actually did the beds like that we’d never go home lol

  52. Jamie says:

    This seems like too much work

  53. saqib t20 says:

    Fuckin stupid dumb ass bitch man stupid? asswiper cow.

  54. Aimee Martinez says:


  55. shubham Thakur says:

    She is so beautiful.

  56. Mohammed Qasem says:

    I iron my sheets occasionally lol..

  57. Jeff G says:

    Incredibly useless video. I thought it would show how to put a flat sheet on a bed without wrinkles. Silly me.

  58. Chiefin Mina says:

    6 pillows later and those weren't the pillows for sleeping?!

  59. Gamer Voice says:

    Why don't companies make the duvet part of the comforter and make everything machine washable?
    Why is the pillow seperate from the case? I DON"T UNDERSTAND~!
    I'd wash my comforter pillows and fitted sheets every weekend if that was the case… but it's A HUGE HASTLE to put on a duvet… and i do the sushi method.
    Still such a pain in the buttttt.

  60. Emerald C says:

    OMG, I hope she won't do any more videos

  61. Fareed Al-Namrouti says:

    what a great host she made it looks fun 👍🏻

  62. SAMI TAJ says:

    You r so gorgeous 😘♥

  63. Laura Hills says:

    I am shopping for new bedding so I was attracted to this video. I don't agree with all of the suggestions for making a bed. That's OK. I'm much more concerned about the performance of your on-camera talent. I've worked my whole life in a field where a woman has to work extra hard to be heard and taken seriously. It's time for women in the media to stop playing the cutie-pie. I hope that HGTV can shift away from asking women for this kind of performance. It would have been much better to have a knowledgeable person in the hotel or bedding industry speak on camera. If not, on-camera talent that you hire for your videos can speak into the camera without being overly-exuberant, without rolling their eyes, without over-smiling, and without jumping into a bed. Could a man have been hired to act this way in a video? Yes. But women are still not being compensated the same as men, and are not enjoying the same opportunities. Videos where women continue to play the cutie-pie do not help.

  64. Anaya says:

    Me: stays in a hotel for a night
    Also me:

  65. Mansa Octa says:

    Im a maid in a hotel…. we dont have time for that many layers.. also you didnt put the duvet cover on so, you would sweat directly on the duvet, nice 👌 housewife fail sorry

  66. monzorella1 says:

    What is the point of so many pillows?

  67. Linda says:

    Now I know why hotel beds are more comfortable than my own. Those people sure layer the hell out of the bed but it's so worth it. I'm more comfortable in hotel beds than I am in my own.

  68. Michael Guthro says:

    wish she would help me mess up the bed

  69. FBI says:

    What’s the point of making a bed if you are just gonna sleep in it and ruin it again. ;-;

  70. Lisa Carrera says:

    That hospital corner is an affront to humanity!

  71. Plague Doc says:

    I hate women who decide to have extra pillows that are not evne used. Waste of money.

  72. ImUhRandii says:

    This bed got more layers than an ogre

  73. Ingrid Burling says:

    You don't need to use sheets, blankets, duvets AND duvet covers. This is ridiculous. Duvets are meant to be used INSTEAD of blankets and sheets. In Winter you can buy heavy duty duvets with a high tog value of up to 16 for warmth, or you can use several duvets in one cover together to create the tog value you want. For example a 10 and a 16 to create a staggering 26 tog for snowy Alaska or Canada. A lighter tog of 4 is for Summer months. I have never needed more than 16 tog even in temps of below zero outside.

  74. Samantha Lee says:

    Impractical and dumb way to make a bed.

  75. Meer's Poetry says:

    I'm in love with you 😍

  76. Jack Lawless says:

    1999: In 20 years we will have flying cars

    2019: How to make a bed

  77. alicia sy says:

    Hi, i bought an antique sofa, but it smells old. How can i get this smell out?

  78. Croydon Frontdesk says:


  79. Sylvia Lopez says:

    Video begins @1:39, no need for life story intro.

  80. Arun kumar says:

    Soo many pillows … Where to sleep..,😊

  81. Apurwa Ranathunga says:

    The bed seems cosy…though the task looks hard daily..anyhow good job n u r very pretty..n i lv ur makeup..it seems very natural..😊

  82. Yasmin Noori says:

    This is cute but I’m too lazy to make my bed

  83. yung ahyan says:

    Her fake smile during the whole video got me dead

  84. Ksvp87 says:

    This is the most annoying video I've seen

  85. Emily Espinoza says:

    Its actually mattress pad,fitted sheet, top sheet, comforter, duvet or quilt, and then a thin blanket. 😐 Im working at a hotel atm to know that all these steps are the best compaired to what other hotels do. People usually sleep on either the fitted sheet or top sheet. I reccomend sleeping on the fitted sheet because only some sheets are mandatory to change… so the comforter and duvet or quilt doesnt need to be changed at most hotels unless it smells, has a visible stain etc. The sheets however and top blanket are mandatory to change.

  86. krishna panthee says:


  87. Bertie Pimplebum says:

    After laying the fitted sheet. I iron it in place. Like the old warming bed pan. The sheet is crease free and pleasant to the touch. I might try it with the duvet cover. (UK)

  88. nikola zazzoslki says:

    Bitch. Shut yo ass up and get to the point.

  89. Gagan Deep Singh says:

    i love this girl

  90. Blue says:

    For me from sweden this is fucking crazy over here we have a cover over the madress called underlakan or just lakan duvet and duvet cover täcke and påslakan 1-3 pillows with pillow cases kuddar and örngott then most people have a so called överkast which covers everything and then some people have decorative pillows over that

  91. Juderka Moreta says:

    to much bla bla bla

  92. Reuben .P says:

    It might just be me but I think people in the UK just have a mattress cover a duvet a some pillows?

  93. Maria Rubio says:

    Too much!

  94. Ashalya says:

    How are you supposed to sleep in it? I always get confused. Is it under the thin one? Because that's what I do, pull like a crazy person on all those neatly tucked in sheets and try to crawl under it while being annoyed that the feet part is still super tight. I might be doing something wrong.

  95. Rach Kate says:

    Is she trying to say pillowCASE?

  96. Emma S. says:

    How do you fix an electric twin XL bed?? Hmmmmm🤔😏

  97. Mike Disher says:

    her bed is messy rotfl

  98. Pa Ca says:

    in latin america most people do our beds like this, at least in my experience!

  99. cullb says:

    I do all of the above, BUT,…. I also add a second flat sheet above the quilt for a super lux feel!!

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