How to make a bar chart

Making a bar chart chart blocks is now
even easier with the new chart building wizard Once you’ve logged into ChartBlocks
you’ll see your list charts click the add chart button to launch the
wizard. The first step in the wizard is to choose what kind of chart you want
to make you can always change this later so for
now we’re going to choose the bar chart option Next you’ll be asked where you want to
get your data from Here I’m going to choose the new dataset
option so that I can enter my own data To point you in the right direction you
will see that the spreadsheet is pre-populated with some example data If you want to you can clear the data
and start typing in your own To keep things simple I’m going to
choose one of the example datasets ChartBlocks will try to detect whether
your first row of data contains headings or not If it doesn’t work you can enable and
disable this option yourself by taking the first row or headings box you might also have noticed that ChartBlocks will try to detect which columns contain your data If you want to change this, for example
to add an additional series of data simply click on the column headings to
select Indy select each call ChartBlocks allows you to create
completely customized charts but to get you started we’ve provided a number of
templates I’m going to pick this blue one here We’re now at the end of the wizard if you’re happy with your chart you can
save and share it straight away if you want to customize it some more just click the Save and customize button
and you’ll be taken straight to the chart editor. The chart editing tool allows
you to change every aspect of your chart. I’m going to
change the background color quickly to show you how simple it is by clicking the canvas button I can go
in and change the color of the background set a gradient or make the background
disappear completely When you’re happy with your chart use the
sharing tools to make it public and embed it on your website.

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