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How to build a Fantasy Inn in Minecraft

Here’s this build’s layout.
It’s 24 by 22. Please use the yellow and light blue wools for reference. First, replace the emerald blocks with stripped spruce logs, and build pillars. They are 5 blocks high. Connect each pillar at the top like this, except the ones, in the top left corner. Let’s build walls with stripped oak logs. We will build a fireplace here later, so build the center part of the wall, with cobble stone blocks. Keep building the wall. We will make some windows. On the right side, just fill in the wall. Finally, build a wall for the front. Let’s add an extra pillar.
This is going to be the entrance for the reception desk. Add an extra pillar and wall on the other side. Connect those pillars. Build a small room, which will be a restroom. Now fill the floor with oak slabs, except the top right corner one. Use regular oak blocks for that section. Let’s work on the second floor.
First, extend the pillars and build the walls. This is the right side… …the backside… …the left side… …and the front. Extend those pillars one block high. Come to the left side and build another room. Build another room on the front part as well. Now fill the ceiling with oak slabs. Place glass panes for the windows. For the right window, use spruce trapdoors for extra decoration. Let’s work on exterior a little bit.
First, build the entrance with cobble stone blocks. Make the backside of the fireplace. Place some plants for decoration. Also, place anvils as extra decoration for the entrance. Let’s build a stable for horses. Replace the ground with stone blocks and hay blocks. Then, build a fence with oak fences and make the roof out of oak slabs. Place cauldrons, and fill them with water. Hang lanterns. If you have a mob head, you can use an armor stand as a receptionist. Now it’s time to decorate the innterior!
First, build a shelf and waiting area for visitors. Make another shelf here. If you put signs with some quests, it’s a quest board! I think this little detail adds extra fantasy-adventure vibe to the build. Place a door for the reception and the bathroom, and place a fence gate as well. Replace the floor with polished andesite and place brown carpet in the middle. Let’s make the reception area. Use an item frame with quill and book as a guest book for check-in, and a button and bell to call the receptionist. Build a shelf with decorative items. Oh and place a torch here. Let’s build a bathroom. Make the toilet out of hopper and spruce trapdoor, button, white banner and item frame as toilet paper, then flower pot as a trash can, and make a shelf above them. Build a sink out of stone stairs, With a sea pickle as a cup, and lever as a tap. Build decorative shelves here.
This is going to be the entrance for the porch. Build some chairs and tables. Now let’s build a fireplace.
First, replace the floor with green wool and polished andesite. Build the fireplace out of cobblestone blocks, and decorate around it with barrel blocks and bookshelves. Place polished andesite slabs in front of the fireplace. Place spruce slabs as a low table. Now, let’s make couches with brown bed, dark oak signs, and trapdoors. and hang some items as a decoration. Build stairs to the second floor. Place fences as a railing. Put some torches. Place a door, carpet and a room number outside, for each room. Cover the wall from behind with spruce trapdoors, then place flower pots. Now let’s decorate the corridor. First, make some shelves, put flower pots and place a decorative plant. Make some chairs and tables. Do the same here as well. Now let’s work on the interior for each room. First, place a bed and nightstand, then make a shelf with bookshelves above it. Decorate it with lanterns and a flower pot. Make a desk and chair. Room no. 1 is done. Now let’s decorate room no. 2. First, place two beds and nightstands Also, put flower pots as a decoration. Hang some decorative items on the wall. Put tripwire hooks as hangers, then make a table and chairs. Now room no. 2 is done. Let’s work on the last room. First, place two beds and nightstands,
then place bookshelves above it. Also, put barrels as storage and a flower pot as decoration. Put tripwire hooks and make chair and a small desk, with a shelf above. Now it’s done! Let me know what you think about this Innterior in the comments. Did you like this longer style of video? As always, thank you for watching this video. Hit the like button if you liked it, And subscribe if you want to see more Minecraft tutorials in the future. This has been YoheyTheAndroid. Hope to see you again soon. Bye Bye!

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