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Body and Mind Transformation You have probably heard of the quote “life
is like a roller coaster.” Think about how a roller coaster works, it
goes up and down. Life is similar to a roller coaster ride and
so are your relationships. You have your bright days, and you have your
dark days. You give your loyalty and trust to your partner, but sometimes you do not get back what you
give. He or she may betray your trust; they may cheat or choose to break up with
you, all these will be nothing but heart-wrenching,
resulting in extreme Emotional Pain. When this happens, you may find it difficult
to rise above the setback. You may feel alone and distraught, and this
is completely normal. Nevertheless, it is crucial to look at the
best ways to recover from emotional pain. More often than not we resort to unhealthy
ways to deal with this type of pain and overeating and rebound relationships are
on top of the list. So now we have two ‘temporary’ band-aids
which only make matters worse. The possibility of overeating, damaging our
physical health, and inviting someone into our lives who is
only there to take advantage of our pain. So what else should you do? Are there safer and healthier alternatives? When you think of weight loss, what are the
first feelings that pop into your head? For many, thoughts of hunger pains coupled
with strict dieting and hours of sweating it out on cardio machines
at the gym are common. However, what if when you think of losing
weight your mind instantly creates images of finally
being able to fit into those skinny jeans, or not being afraid to take your shirt off
at the beach? What if you focused on the things you would
gain instead of what you would have to give up? The power of perspective can be a useful tool
in realizing your weight loss goals. By taking your current situation and putting
a positive spin on it, you can access the motivation you need to
get started and shed the extra pounds. Though weight loss will not occur overnight,
changing your perspective can. Accepting the task of incorporating a more
optimistic outlook on life is the first step. Create a daily reminder for yourself, such as a note placed on the fridge with the
words “stay positive”, or an alert on your phone that pops up throughout
the day. Whenever a stressful situation occurs, use
this reminder to help you through it. Got a long commute to work that is sure to
induce road rage? Put on your favorite music and crank up the
volume. That forty-five-minute drive is now your chance
to have a mini jam session in your car. This new outlook, the ‘outlook’ I stress
over and over again in my books, will begin to translate to other aspects of
your life, such as your self-image. One of the most important things you can do
is learn to love yourself. What, about you, would you not trade for anything
in the world? Your eyes? Your hair? Your smile? Don’t just pick one thing, name
everything you love about yourself! Make your fabulous features your focus and
flaunt it! You are much more than your “externals”….
WEIGHT INCLUDED! By focusing on what you have and seeing every event or situation that occurs
in your life as an opportunity to gain instead of losing, you will begin to notice that those tasks
you thought were so challenging before, such as losing weight and moving on from a
failed relationship are not that unattainable after all. Dieting is an opportunity for you to eat all
of the fruits and vegetables you love. Exercising is an opportunity for you to go outside and
explore your neighborhood, feel confident at the gym or visit those hotspots
you’ve heard about. Changing your perspective can greatly increase
your emotional, mental, and physical health and will help your journey
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