hi everyone welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna share with you how I pack for my resort vacation that is
coming up no.1 resort vacation must have essential because you never know when they are gonna attack you so i’m gonna paste one on my cloths wherever i go whenever i get bitten by a mosquito, it will take a long time for the swell to go down it will really swell into a big bump, so i’m extremely afraid and then i have to put steroids on it and i don’t really like doing that very much so, yeah! next step on my travel essentials list
is my essential oil collection I never travel anywhere without them so
importantly this helps me to sleep it is a blend that i created myself and I use this every
night. and for those muscle ache nights and days I have my deep relieve oil. tranquil blend
keeps me relaxed and breath again it’s for my breathing so this helps me a lot when the place is, like the air is not so pure and polluted and my throat start feeling
scratchy. this helps me a lot and of course my peppermint oil that I love I’ve used
a lot of that I use it in my bath use it to diffuse it really really picked me up
and wake me up like even on sleepy days just like inhale this and i’m ready
to go! lavender is an absolute essential I could use them for insect bites for
calming and relaxation and I’m going to bring my favorite oil which is Neroli
it’s mildly sedating and helps me sleep pretty well so these are my favorite travel oils
that I don’t leave home without other than that I also have some little oils which I put into tiny bottles let me show you which I put into my
makeup pouch so that whenever i need them, i can have like neroli, which is just roll on a little on myself and my favorite white angelica I really love to put
white angelica on myself because it really it’s an oil that promotes very
positive energy and I like to apply some of myself when I’m going to meet a lot
of people because I don’t want to absorb the bad energy from the outside and being it home with me. so this oil will help me repel all negative energies. for this trip I’ll
be bringing along my new video recorder to do my vlogging. this is a present from my
daughter Calista because she know that I’m vlogging and so she bought me this
it’s a really really good one very stable it’s like mini gimbal. and of course
without my cameras, I don’t travel. so taking along the Leica M cause it shoots the most dreamy pictures and this light pad is an LED light pad which are
good when you need light in the room which sometimes could be quite dark oh
my god I need to charge it and a wider angle camera
that is good for pool shots, view shots yeah basically my kind of shots my next must-have for me
personally is my breathing machine and my medication. I start to wheeze whenever the
air is very polluted or when I’m under stress and then I start you know feeling like i can’t breath
and this could really save my life. and for resort vacation
I usually don’t bring any of my designer handbags so i prefer to use very
natural material bag like this wooden bag from CULT GAIA shaped like a fan
I like how Japanese it looks. or a candy straw bag like this and I could like
throw in my swimming costumes and my sun block etc into this bag and just go
around the island and with handbags like this in the natural material like straw,
rattan, wood I don’t have to worry about getting them dirty I could put them on
the floor and I don’t really care so it is very very frust-free for me if I want
to have a relaxing holiday never never forgetting my sun protection every day
or wherever I go I swear by this Sun protector by Q Aesthetic. it is SPF 50 and
it’s very very lightweight on my skin it does not hinder with the perfection of
my makeup which comes after this step and last for many hours because it is an SPF 50. besides this i also take sunblock pills just for the full protection I remember one time in Maldives, I brought along the sun protection that is spray on cause i think it is really really convenient for me and i was just using it, it was like really and over-the-counter product it wasn’t good for my skin, my skin reacted really badly to it, i started hiving like big time at the resort i had to see the doctor twice and they couldn’t do anything to help me, i was swelling every way because it was blocking my
pores from breathing or like even perspiration from coming through my
pores that taught me a very big lesson and from then on I only use like very very good sun protection products, not over-the-counters so yes, i’m gonna be slaughtering my body, everywhere, with BeSpoke by Q Aesthetic the next resort travel essential must have are hats I love hats, they are one
of my obsession. I got this new hat from Jack Hermes it will truly truly be right at home with the dresses that I’m going to be
wearing for this vacation how cute is that I bought a new hat yesterday I am very
tempted to bring it on this trip but actually it’s for south africa but I
can’t resist I’m going to show you guys right now this is for my safari trip actually, i’m so so tempted to bring it along this weekend so cute you can never be too much of a fashionista do i look like i can plant rice? the most stylish rice
planter in the world i am going to be bringing along several straw hats which i’m gonna
show you right now you right now not you this time, you belong in a lavender field. you stay at
home. too small. yes you are coming with me cute, too dark, too pink. this goes with everything. and it has fallen into the Indian Ocean before and somebody has to fish it out for me. Thank god you are back to mama. poor little feather definitely don’t want to be without our
bathing suits on a resort vacation the wild one and a teeny-weeny yellow bikini never go into a resort without my
sunglasses because the sun is always the blazing in those places. I’m going to pick out a few to match my outfits that i’m going to be bringing this time I also never travel without my bird’s nest. I have one every morning with this packaging by Powell River it really
really is the most convenient way for me to consume my favorite Chinese tonic
just take one drink it and not fro not leaving without my favorite cleanser and lately
I’ve been using this cleansing brush to clean out my pores so this is really
good for those hard-to-reach areas and every time after I use it my skin
actually feels a lot firmer and tighter we’ve come to the end of my video I hope
you guys have enjoyed me sharing about my travel essentials for my resort
vacation I can’t wait to share with you my vacation vlog which will be coming up
next week. looking forward to the show everyone where i go, what i eat, and where i stay don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and
comment below and show me some love till next week, stay chill and good vibes only


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