How A 180-Year-Old NYC Restaurant Created Eggs Benedict | Legendary Eats

Taryn Varricchio: Down
in Manhattan’s bustling Financial District
stands one of the city’s most iconic culinary landmarks. This is Delmonico’s, and it’s been standing here since 1837. The steak house is not only one of the longest-running
restaurants in New York, it’s one of the locations that possibly invented eggs Benedict. Alex Trebek: This fancy egg dish is said to have been created at
Delmonico’s in the 1800s; even then, hollandaise sauce was used. Contestant: What is eggs Benedict? Alex: Yes. Narrator: But its fame
goes far beyond one dish. Customer: If you Wikipedia “fine dining,” this is what should show up. Taryn: We’re just a few
blocks away from Delmonico’s, where the restaurant is still operating in its original location from the 1800s. Talk to the people who work in this area or the tons of tourists who seek it out, and they’ll tell you this place is a true New York landmark. So, let’s go ahead inside
to learn a little bit more about this historic steak house and how the original eggs
Benedict recipe came to be. Before Delmonico’s became
Delmonico’s Steak House, it was a small shop run by two brothers who sold pastries, coffee, and chocolate. With enough success, the
Delmonico brothers bought a plot of land in Lower Manhattan in 1837 and opened what is now considered the first fine-dining
restaurant in the country. Delmonico’s is older than
some of New York City’s most notable landmarks,
including the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. And, obviously, Delmonico’s is really old. 180 years old. Billy Oliva: 180 years. Taryn: So, how does that history and it being here still today, how does that play into
being an icon of New York? Billy: It’s pretty cool, 180 years. I don’t know how many
restaurants, you know, can say they’re even,
you know, close to that. Absolutely, it is a history destination. Every day there’s usually
one or two tour groups outside of the front door, and they’re explaining the
history of Delmonico’s. John: I’ve been coming to
Delmonico’s probably 20 years. Whenever I’m downtown, if
I have a choice of where I’m eating, what better place can I go to? Taryn: The restaurant was revolutionary, and among the first in the US to introduce gloved waiters,
white-clothed tables, and an à la carte menu. Oscar: Obviously, the name
is such a historical name that people expect something fabulous. And when they do come here, I don’t think anyone is ever sold short. Taryn: Today, executive chef
Billy Oliva leads the kitchen in preserving Delmonico’s
original recipes. Billy: OK, so we’re going
to plate our eggs Benedict, so, very easy, our brioche. Taryn: And how was this
original recipe created? Like, how did this come together? Billy: So, the Delmonico brothers had a lot of regular customers. And they were notorious for naming dishes after their customers. So, Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand
Benedict used to come all the time, and they told the Delmonicos that they were bored of the menu. The Delmonico brothers said, OK, we’re gonna make you something new. And it was eggs Benedict
that they created, was for Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand Benedict. Taryn: And did they like it? I presume they loved it. Billy: ‘Cause it’s around
180-some-odd years still, so. Taryn: I know I’ve had it a few times. Not here, but other
places. It’s that popular. Billy: It’s good hangover food. Taryn: Yeah, oh, yeah. There are a couple of stories of how eggs Benedict came to be. Some say businessman Lemuel
Benedict created the dish while looking for a cure to his hangover at the Waldorf Astoria hotel’s
breakfast buffet in 1894. But Delmonico’s says it
started with the LeGrands in the 1860s, immortalized
in a cookbook in 1894. The restaurant makes more than 100 orders of the original eggs Benedict a week, a plate that’s been
popularized by countless American diners and
restaurants around the world. The Delmonico’s recipe
calls for two poached eggs, toasted brioche, and
charred Black Forest ham. Oliva whisks together
melted butter, vinegar, and Worcestershire
sauce to make the dish’s signature hollandaise sauce. Taryn: Is that caviar? Billy: A little caviar is gonna go on top. Taryn: Truffle and caviar, casually. Egg yolk! [gasps] Oh, my gosh! Did that happen with yours?
Billy: Yeah, it did. Taryn: You didn’t even
react, you’re used to it. You’ve eaten this so many times. That truffle hits you in the face. This stands out, by
far, against every other eggs Benedict I’ve had. Obviously, it has elements
that other eggs Benedict don’t, but this is also the original
with a little bit of… Billy: With a little bit of… flair.
Taryn: Flair, yeah. Delmonico’s flair. Delmonico’s is the birthplace to a couple other American classics, like the Baked Alaska, named to celebrate the US’s purchase of the 49th state, and the legendary Delmonico’s steak. Billy: Yeah, we probably
sell 150 to 200 a day. Taryn: Of Delmonico’s steak? Billy: Yeah.
Taryn: Oh, man! Billy: Like, it’s double what
we sell of everything else. Taryn: The restaurant’s reputation has earned it visits from
some of the biggest names in politics, TV, and film. – Look, we’re going to
Delmonico’s for supper, won’t you join us? – Delmonico’s, obviously
one of the greatest restaurants in the world. – Delmonico’s. – Delmonico’s. – Delmonico’s. Oscar: You never know
who you could find here. You could have the
governor here on one day, and then you could have
Scorsese here on another day. So it’s a place where you never know who’s gonna be sitting next to you. Taryn: What kind of
celebrities have sitten, potentially, where we are sitting? Billy: Wow! Well, I know definitely
we’ve had Whoopi Goldberg. Matter of fact, last
night Sean Penn was here. A lot of history has passed through here. Even people, Tesla is
another one. You know, some people come in, and they’ll
ask, where did Tesla sit? Abe Lincoln was here. Taryn: The list goes on. Billy: Yeah, there’s so many people. Taryn: To this day,
Delmonico’s is considered an old-world New York destination, guaranteeing a historic
tour of fine cuisine to the hundreds of locals and tourists who walk through its doors. John: It’s the type of
place that you go to and you feel the history. There are so many steak houses, and while lot of them are good, they’re all very the same. This place is different. It has character that a lot
of the other ones don’t have.

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