Hotelkamercheck visits Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort on Curaçao.

We visit and assess independently and unannounced, hotels in the Netherlands … and we sometimes cross the border! Hey viewers, nice that you watch again! Hotel room check is over the border. This time I am on the road with my daughter and we are on Curacao. We are now en route to Jan Thiel and we will visit the Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort. Don’t forget to like us, we’ll see you soon! We are currently at the Livingstone Resort This is our terrace, we just ate a sandwich here. Now let’s take a look inside. Hello! (oeps!) come on in …
In our beautiful room. This is a double standard room This is our second room. We first had a different room… It smelled really musty and you could also see the mold on the bathroom ceiling. We didn’t like that but we could easily get another room. Moreover, that room was right next to a busy noisy road, which is less here. Okay, I’m going to give you a tour! A desk.. Coffee and tea facilities There are two coffee cups and no tea bags Fridge. The things in it are our own A closet with a safe a magazine with information about Curaçao Clothes hangers Large mirror It is a large bed with two separate mattresses (What kind of noise is that?) Good working airconditioner and of course a television The bathroom It is really a very nice bathroom wow there is even an echo in here! A walk-in shower, rain shower and hand shower Shampoo in a dispenser. Plastic cups (not so environmentally friendly) Towels It does look luxurious and neat Did you already show the terrace? …Yes! Well, we’re just going to explore the resort, see what there is to do. See you later! A large heated swimming pool The restaurant where breakfast is also served. Children’s pool …. Shower Where is our apartment ?? The resort is located along a fairly busy road This is our street. Conclusion: Good evening from the Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort on Curaçao! Our holiday is over and we think that is a shame.. ..because in the Netherlands it is cold and here on Curacao it is hot! Anyway, we had a great time here.. and we also liked the Livingstone Resort. The beach is nearby .. ..walk down the road, turn to the right, cross the street and you are there Nearby is also a supermarket, named ‘van der Tweel’. You can buy anything there..that’s handy. ..a bit expensive The same building also houses the fitness… .. which we haven’t used (we are not always sporty!)… ..but you can use that gym as a guest of Livingstone Furthermore … the sleepingcomfort We slept well, the beds are good The airconditioning is doing well ..that is nice because otherwise it is way too hot in the room It’s also quiet here, we haven’t been bothered by noise. No problems with mosquitoes
(also very important!) The breakfast We are going to use it tomorrow so you see ….. now! Nice breakfast though! Only the pancakes are a bit rubbery For the rest it is fine, lots of choice. Cheers on Mother’s Day! On the way here we went to a park .. .. there you could see the oldest tree in curaçao. We also filmed that, just look! In the town of ‘Barber’, you will find ‘Hofi Pastor’ … … that is a wild orchard where you can see the oldest tree in curaçao’s a kapoktree of around 800 years old! The bathroom It is a luxurious bathroom Wonderful shower The bathroom is nice and spacious. That is the entire apartment anyway. It is also all cleaned well. The terrace with chairs is also nice You can go here at the resort by car, there are plenty of parkingspaces in front off the appartments. The resort consists of different types of houses and apartments. I also filmed that, just look! It all looks nice and the park is also kept clean and tidy. Also nice planting. There is no laundry rack in the apartment. We asked about it and then one was brought. So good service. We have just checked in our airline tickets. We did that at the reception, there is a computer and printer that you can use for that. There is also a nice large heated swimming pool. With nice sunbeds. At the pool it also looks neat and clean. There is also a children’s pool. When you check in you will receive tickets that you can use to get beachtowels at the reception (for free). You also get a ticket for beach access. We also made a day trip to’ Klein Curacao’. That is very nice to do. You will spend a whole day with it. You go to the island by boat. Along the way you get breakfast, drinks and barbecue. We are not yet completely sure if the money is true. It costs around twohundred Antillean guilders per person so that is quite expensive. Take a look for yourself We got up very early this morning because we are going to make a day trip to Klein Curaçao. About an hour and a half sailing You can visit this old lighthouse and go inside Curacao from the boat It all looked nice, that’s true. The wifi. In the room the wifi is just fine, it works with a password If you are at the pool or in the lobby, the wifi is poor and hit and miss. The sockets. You can simply use your Dutch plug, you do not need an adapter. You can also easily drink the water from the tap here. That is actually all over Curacao. The coffeemachine..There are two cups, they are not refilled, there are also no tea bags. But you can buy all of this at the ‘van der Tweel’ supermarket. You can also buy the coffee cups at the reception. (There is also a small shop there) So I think we are very satisfied with the Livingstone Resort! Very satisfied! We think Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort is an absolute must if you are staying in Curaçao! If you want to watch our other two videos of our stay in Curaçao … … then you can click above. Then you can view our other two stays. Thank you for looking and see you next time! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us through the Netherlands and … across the border! Check our website: Bye!

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  1. Mathijs van Esch says:

    Waar hebben jullie de trip naar klein Curaçao geboekt?

  2. HotelKamerCheck says:

    Bij Bounty adventures..

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