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Drac! Van Helsing’s beats are controlling the giant octopus thingy! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s an evil DJ! We need… POSITIVE ENERGY! [Gets equipment out without looking at anything] Get ready for a DJ battle! You just carry all that stuff around with you? Once a bar mitzvah DJ, always a bar mitzvah DJ. We’re gonna use good music to defeat his evil music! What?! Trust me, Drac! I know the tunes but you’ve got the power! All right, okay, opening song needs to be off the shiz ACK! Ooh! Got it! Play this! (GIGGLES) (GOOD VIBRATIONS PLAYS) (JOHNNY WHOOPING) -wait a minute- (ALL CHEERING) What is that noise?! [That voice crack tho] Whoa! I like this one! This feel good! (CHUCKLES) Those fools! (PLAYS EVIL MUSIC) REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (SCREAMING) -oh heck no- -wat de hek be happening- -tank u fren i wus gunna die- Whoa!!! His music is too powerful! We’re gonna need something even more positive! Now Drac! (DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY PLAYS) [Doesn’t worry and is happy] Really?! It has a nice message! [Johnny’s booty shake tho] [Disapproval] I’ve had enough of this nonsense! (EVIL MUSIC PLAYS) (RUMBLING) (GROWLS) Johnny, we need the most brain-dominating, toe-tappinating song in the history of all the universe! Come on, come on, come on, come on, where is it? Where is it!? I don’t know! There’s too many choices! No, wait! This………it! -Mmm… tastes like chicken.- (MUSIC PLAYS FAINTLY) What the? [The Kraken’s face at 3:25 tho] [Pause it at 3:29] [Swing your booty] [AAAIIIEEEE] Boy, that stinks! It’s working!!! [That Thanos chin tho] Hey! Johnny’s corny music is defeating evil music! I kinda like it! Ehhhh, Macarena! REEEEEEEEEE (PLAYS EVIL MUSIC) -I’m sorry, man, but this song definitely defeats trap music- [Commits suicide] No! (CHEERING) [Tinkles just makes me cringe at the way he sways from side to side.] yee

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  1. Mina Goldenhammer says:

    HT1 ending : Johnny thinks he's a pro rapper
    HT2 ending: Johnny proves he's from MOTHER RUSSIA
    HT3 ending: Johnny twerks (1:09) and does macarena with the monsters
    What's next
    HT4: Johnny does caramelldansen with his family and the Drac Pack??? (stupid hypothesis)

  2. Kamira Gacha says:

    3:28 me at a party

  3. Emari Wyms says:

    3:27–3:33 the way hes looking like WTF!!!๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  4. depressed thoughts says:

    When you step on a lego set

  5. ConnorTheRandomKid 2004 says:

    The Captions is pretty funny

  6. Luke Richey says:

    Transylvania characters dance like worms on steroids

  7. ๅฑฑๆœฌ่‘ต says:


  8. dragneel yuki says:

    oh! i like this one this feels so good!
    i'm like smileing like an idoit

  9. sagedascoutใƒ„ says:

    i am commit neck rope after this

  10. Dragon gamerxd says:

    I learn something

    How to dance the new macarena

  11. Elli- Van says:

    UK my"uu

  12. David says:

    Music must defeat music from jackie chan adventures

  13. Diego Lozada says:

    No megusta

  14. Lizzie Managadze says:

    I like the evil music

  15. Pรฉ de pano deformado says:

    0:49 music?

  16. Kimi Ornelas says:

    Me gusto la canciรณn de makarena

  17. Oliwier Lorax says:

    Lubie y

  18. Adi Florea says:


  19. Stanislaw Klajn says:


  20. Agustรญn Roldรกn perez says:


  21. xeno gamer says:

    Ive never seen a animated version of cancer

  22. jeet kar says:

    I like the evil music

  23. King401 Cobra says:

    Why did they have the original song not doubled suff (Oreo) by shotgun

  24. SASHA GANI says:

    am i the only one who liked and jammed to the "Evil" music ??????

  25. All Aboard For Kids says:


  26. hukubis says:

    I was kinda expecting Trololo at the finish.

  27. All Aboard For Kids says:


  28. Isaiah Orozco says:


  29. Nathaniel Lane says:


  30. Melon L says:

    The Macarena I love itโ€™s from go noodle

  31. Meme King says:


  32. รŸaron says:

    Whoever wrote these captions gets my vote in the next election.

  33. Xavier Alcantara says:

    This lookes like a cuphead boss

  34. Jylmarie Rodriguez says:


  35. Jylmarie Rodriguez says:

    2019 Anyone

  36. Jylmarie Rodriguez says:


  37. Jylmarie Rodriguez says:


  38. Jylmarie Rodriguez says:


  39. Wilhelm Molde says:

    ("subtitle") Pause at 3:29

  40. 2j1n says:

    3:45 always makes me laugh.

  41. Sunshine Robinson says:

    I like both of the song

  42. SAEED Aljabri says:

    The captions Tho

  43. All Aboard For Kids says:


  44. Lulu 23 says:

    Turn on captions for this video.. The person obviously had some fun

  45. Monster Scribble Tom says:

    Why they dancing so hard?

  46. Tina Alcain says:

    I think the one is the good ones

  47. All Aboard For Kids says:


  48. All Aboard For Kids says:

    0:00 SHREK!

  49. Winston Romero says:

    Cรณmo se llama la canciรณn que toca el dj antes de que aparezca vanhelsing??

  50. Ryan Doherty says:

    This final battle is just 1 big vibe check…

  51. MilesMario says:

    When a kraken gets stoned in a kids movie

  52. Spoopy boi says:

    the captions though

  53. aric diamond says:

    me: dont kill me
    killer: 4:06
    Killer after I died: 4:27
    Killer when he found out i was alive and calling the cops: 4:20
    me now: 3:45

  54. ari M says:

    I only came for the thumbnail. I wasnโ€™t disappointed

  55. Swedish Bee Panda says:

    Hotel transylvania 4 better be flamingo

  56. Ej boy Consul says:




  57. Daniel Anguiano says:

    0:44, 1:50, 3:11

  58. Ren Ranger 2 says:

    0:46 Dracs face ๐Ÿ˜•

  59. karena apus says:

    At 3:16 .. am i too dirty minded or does kraken look like a …. well…. you decide for yourselves

  60. Mike Rotch says:

    Moral of the Story: Van Helsing can drop a sick beat

  61. Alan Muรฑoz says:

    0:21 le meti el pito al ventilador

  62. Marco velasco says:

    Baila tu cuerpo alegrรญa macarena

  63. Andrรฉ Hulstrรธm says:

    This is so ridiculously dumb. I love it, but I also kinda hate it, but still love it…. please help.

  64. TheAllSeeingEye says:

    nothing says good song the something from the 90s

  65. GaMing_ChAir2390 says:

    3:27 when you killed a default in fortnite

  66. GaMing_ChAir2390 says:


    Actually Nobody

    Actually Nobody In The World

    Actually Nobody In The Universe

    Actually Nobody In Heaven

    Actually Nobody In The Clear Universe

    *Boi That Stinks*

  67. Kai Iwata says:

    True gamer I've had enough of this nonsense brings out music yOuR F***

  68. jobz benitez says:

    Most Cringiest movie EVER

  69. Emma Unknown says:

    that bass pls tell me the song name

  70. All Aboard For Kids says:


  71. All Aboard For Kids says:


  72. All Aboard For Kids says:


  73. All Aboard For Kids says:


  74. All Aboard For Kids says:


  75. Zimo CASTLE RAIDER says:

    I loved this movie but the evil musoc was epic and makarena we all knew this was comming

  76. Sans and papyrus the skeletons says:

    sans: does the song dance
    papyrus: does song dance while making spagetti

  77. The Strawberry Pimp says:

    Holy 90's flashback

  78. 26 Chale says:

    That do is funny

  79. 26 Chale says:

    I meant that dog is funny

  80. Kenzi Nararya Akbar says:


  81. ูุฑุงุณ firas says:

    3:23 ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  82. Zsolt Kiss says:

    A Macarena mindent visz๐Ÿ˜

  83. Adam Flynn says:

    I love that

  84. Miraged says:

    Who tf did the eng cc for this vid HAHAHAHA

  85. Kwint says:

    3:30 3:59 best scene

  86. Jack Goody says:

    The captions in be happy song says โ€˜dat booty shake thoโ€™

  87. miracle Boom says:


  88. Kelvin Alexandre Pereira Paz says:

    1.50 plis music

  89. jรฉrรดme lebourg says:

    Cop: " How high are you?"
    Kraken: "Hi, how are you?"

  90. All Aboard For Kids says:


  91. All Aboard For Kids says:


  92. Miuu U3U says:

    2:05 lol his booty shaker

  93. Arturo Ibarra says:

    Worst movie

  94. Maki says:

    I hate this movie so much.

  95. Rลnin Samurai says:

    A song about cheating,? Yeah, thatโ€™s real positive.

  96. Mychayla Lee says:

    LOL.The Closed Captions (CC) are to die for!๐Ÿ˜‚

  97. ููˆุฑุช ู†ุงูŠุชgemer946 ุญุณูŠู† ุงู„ุญู…ุฏ says:


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