HOTEL SCAM : Mini Bar Prices in Las Vegas

Try to guess how much this nice, big bottle of Fiji water is? Ready? It’s $18 But maybe it’s water all the way from Fiji. Ok, Let’s try another one How about this nice refreshing can of coke
found anywhere in the world. Ready? It’s $8 Oh, Are you hungry? How about this cute small box of jumbo cashews. It’ll be $17 Yes, you heard it right. Jumbo cashews, not jumbo prawns No, I’m not from the future, but I am here to save your wallet These are the prices right now at MGM owned
hotels in Las Vegas! It’s from that one area in your hotel room
you don’t get near. The Golden Idol from Indiana Jones And for some of us, We made the mistake of NOT bringing our own
water and waking up in the middle of the night feeling dry. We all know it’s a ripoff, but did you know
it was THIS bad? I mean, here How about this Milk Chocolate Peanut Candy. The picture clearly looks like they just put
M&Ms in there. So 4oz of it should be around $2. What? They renamed M&M’s peanut to Milk Chocolate
Peanut Candy and they’re asking for $13. 4oz of Gummi Bears for $12
Amazon has a 5lb bag for the same price To put it into perspective, if this was a
4oz gummi bear, this is what a 5lb gummi bear would look like. Orange Juice for $9
That must be one of those freshly squeezed ones I don’t drink, but for anyone that knows
their alcohol Jack Daniel’s Whiskey 50ml retails for $3,
selling for $13 Grey Goose Vodka 375ml retails for $17, selling
for $50 I did a quick estimate
If you take everything from the minibar, you will pay $763
If you picked everything up at CVS, you would’ve saved over $500+ Everything is on a sensor. MGM apparently gives you 60 seconds to put
it back, but I just wouldn’t touch it. They don’t even make the prices easy to
see. At Bellagio, you have to start your TV and
find the mini bar pricing through the menu Our TV didn’t even work half the time To add insult to injury, they charge you for
storing anything in their fridge That’s right.. That little space you see, you better not
put anything in there because that’s going to be… $50. Please just stay away from the minibars at
MGM properties. Ok, here are some big juicy watermelon tips
for you to solve this problem By the way, I’m all about saving money so
please subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this. The first day when you get there, enjoy your
day, gamble, eat, watch a show but before you head back to your hotel, make a CVS or
Walgreens stop. They are located everywhere around the strip
and they are insanely crowded. It’s like a black friday sale going on in
there everyday which it kind of is compared to our hotel minibar. Buy a few bottles of water and some food. Even if you don’t plan to eat in your room. Trust me, it’ll come in handy. If you don’t want to walk to a convenience
store, there are people trying to sell water on the strip for a dollar. You won’t miss them, they’re usually on
or under the bridge yelling “ice cold water” over and over and over. If you don’t want to leave your hotel, just
sit at a slot machine and a waitress will come around asking if you want anything. You can ask for water and they’ll give you
this tiny hotel branded water. If you’re at a nicer hotel, you can request
Fiji water. You should tip the waitress $1 for bringing
the water to you. Ok, the last solution I don’t like but it’s
better than your minibar, is to go to the hotel’s gift shop. They have water for half the price of your
minibar which is still a big rip off. About keeping your food cool without being
charged $50 you can request a mini-fridge for a daily
fee. But I would either buy a styrofoam cooler
or just fill up your sink with the free ice. That’s it! Plan ahead and stay away from that minibar! By the way, is minibar one word or two words? Ocean’s 11 and MGM says it’s two words But the dictionary shows it as one. Anyways Thank you for watching! If you would like more money saving tips,
please remember to hit the Subscribe button or watch my other videos Thank you 🙂

37 Replies to “HOTEL SCAM : Mini Bar Prices in Las Vegas”

  1. Random Memes Weekly says:

    Just bring a homemade minibar XD

  2. WelcomeToJackass says:

    How do they know if i use the Minibar for my own stuff?

  3. Kamil Kuzmicki says:

    Westgate gave us free water in the rooms LOL

  4. Christian Rivas says:

    Don't buy water from those people on the street. They use empties and refill them with tap water.

  5. NatalieVegas1965 says:

    Once my husband and I stayed at a hotel in Reno years ago. The mini bar was filled with drinks and delicious snacks and we thought it was complimentary as there was no sign anywhere. We indulged there and crammed our suitcase with the rest. All of it. When we got home we received a bill in the mail for close to $500. We argued we saw no sign. We did end up having to pay.

  6. Tn Girl54 says:

    Love it! Thanks!

  7. Daniel Young says:


  8. Charlie Ashby says:

    Ice in the sink is a good one! Never thought of that.

  9. Lloyd Bonafide says:

    WOW what a great "tip"…………..

    "To keep your drinks cold fill up the sink with free ice?"

    I learned this "tip" right around 1965 at the Holiday Inn in Springfield, MO.

  10. Koko Lee says:


  11. cameraman655 says:

    I am likely the only person in the US that has never understood the mystique or fascination with Vegas. No wonder it's called 'Lost Wages'.

  12. techlilinu says:

    Thank you for your information. I appreciate it. ☺

  13. Cat Shepherd says:

    M&Ms World has their candy in bulk, $8 for 1 cup. Yeah, $1/ounce 🙁

  14. Scarlett skyriderize says:

    Wonderful advice!

  15. Nagato Uzumaki says:

    Kewl beans bro

  16. Anonymous says:

    Had to do the ice-in-the-sink trick at the Aria, those fucking cunts.

  17. Joseph Byrne says:

    3:35, "Fill up your sink with the free ice." That is winning at life.

  18. deepshotone says:

    I live and work in Vegas and I just found this out today (12-18-2018) when I check out of Mandalay Bay. Every year my girlfriend and I do "stay-cation" because this the slowest week of the year here in Vegas and rooms are cheap. We had 4 bottles of water that we wanted to store in the fridge. So I found some space, and put them in and didn't think it would be a big deal since I did not remove any of their products. When we check out the lady says that the items in the mini-fridge were tampered with and accused me of drinking a couple products. I said to her all I did was store a couple bottles of water in the fridge. She says we charge $50 to use the fridge. I started laughing my ass off. lol I whipped out my MGM employee I-D and demanded to speak with a manager. There was no way in hell I was going to pay $50 to store a bottle of water. Needles to say they waived the fee. Ive always known not to consume the products in the minibar/fridge but I had no idea that you couldn't store your own products. The lesson learned is to never touch the mini fridge……

  19. Terrence Linder says:

    Or you can get a cheap disposable cooler at CVS and fill it with ice to put your own snacks and beverages in.

  20. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    Feeling dry? You can't just get a drink from the sink?

  21. Georgi Vanev says:

    You can take all of these stuff when you're leaving and they wont catch you, because you will be far away already 😀

  22. Kirk says:

    Most chain hotels I stay at have done away with things like minibars and sometimes even room service. I haven't seen a minibar in years. Instead, they have little convenience stores next to the lobby where a cold beer costs about $6. Plus they give you a microwave, a mini-fridge, and a coffee maker with some (bad) coffee and tea. I noticed the Vegas resorts don't provide these little things. Why?

  23. hugomazoco says:

    Dude, the million-dollar tip would be how to avoid paying those rip-off resort fees!!!

  24. DarKKnightt07 says:

    50 bucks for storing items in their fridge? what a fucking scumbag pile of shit.

  25. ak p says:

    Vegas just isn't much fun anymore, the way many of the casinos gouge u with their high prices, resort fees, parking fees now, food prices, niteclub prices and the slot machines hardly pay out much anymore, just makes u feel like u were ripped off. Im looking at other places in the world to travel and u can always just gamble online if thats your thing.
    If u are inside the casino already, and try to book a room from your phone, they will charge 1,000 dollars for the night! Cause they could see your location and then think people are desperate. I didn't book one in advance. That same room cost 30 dollars the next few day, this happend to me at one of the Caesars properties recently.

  26. oliveavelo says:

    I drink tap water.

  27. Snotlout Is A God says:

    You should NOT buy the bottled water that's sold on the street. The people who sell them are not authorized to do so and the water that's in them is usually tap water in used plastic bottles. You're better off going to CVS or Walgreens and getting some bottled water that's much safer.

  28. Sharon Horsfall says:

    what was that movie with the guy on the phone called?

  29. Snotlout Is A God says:

    By NO means should you get the water sold on the street, because the vendors are not licensed, and most of the time the water in those bottles don't come from reliable sources. You're better off getting them at CVS or Walgreens (or even the vending machines in the hotel).

  30. papafordtrucCPO says:

    Can’t you just unplug the mini bar and get something for free?

  31. trent outlaw says:

    we were 14 days ago in the luxor, never again in our lives will we go back to an MGM hotel,  they are pirates.

  32. AttachedSilver says:

    Buy a 12 pack coke. Switch the room temperature coke with ice cold ones from the fridge.

  33. Zero Dawn says:

    Ask before you book. Sometimes the minibar is on the house.

  34. Charlie Ashby says:

    Come back! Dying for another vid from ya!

  35. Tinopinoh says:

    These prizes make me sick

  36. John Jasper says:


    and all problems are instantly solved.

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