Hotel Review #009 – Hampton Inn Pensacola Beach

Welcome back to 504 Road Trips! This review is of the Hampton Inn Pensacola
Beach, in Pensacola, Florida. We start with the entryway. We have standard safety features on the door
like a covered peephole–which is installed a little crooked so it doesn’t really…when
the cover’s down, it doesn’t really cover up the peephole. There’s a safety latch, deadbolt lock… And right inside the door, we have a small
open closet area. A place to hang stuff up, and some extra linens. Hangers that can actually be removed from
the rod. We have a microwave, refrigerator, coffee
maker and coffee…cups and condiments. Now, the refrigerator didn’t actually work
very well. It was turned to the coldest setting, and
it wasn’t cold. The microwave has 46 seconds left on the timer. And now that it’s cleared, the time isn’t
even set. It’s a nice sized refrigerator though.
It’s too bad it didn’t work. Air conditioner is the window, but they actually
have a thermostat that can be set to whatever temperature you want. Some nice artwork on the wall. On this side of the bed, we have a nightstand
with a drawer…nothing in it. And I notice there’s no place to plug anything
in. There’s a little table here with another drawer
in it. A couple of good sized mirrors in the room. We have a television and then a dresser under
the television. It has three drawers. I notice the room isn’t very well lit, even
with all the lights on. It’s dark outside and the curtains are closed,
so there’s no place for any natural light to come in. There’s a desk with another mirror. That’s the window. We’ll show you that in a few minutes. There’s a couch in the room, and let’s see
if it’s a pullout… yes it is a pullout couch. But what’s that in the back? It looks like a previous guest stuffed some
sheets back behind the cushions and housekeeping didn’t catch that. And this is what it looks like in the daylight
outside the window. And we have a balcony, and a nice view of
the beach. Let’s take a walk out onto the balcony. It’s a private balcony. It has walls on either side, so you can’t
see onto the next balcony. There’s a pool down there. There’s also an additional heated pool somewhere
else that we haven’t seen. But it’s a nice place to sit and look out
at the beach. And they even provide a couple of chairs and
a little table. Now, we’re going to take a look at the bed.
It’s a nice king-size bed. It’s soft but firm, we slept well on it. And as we expect from a Hampton Inn, the linens
are clean. There’s no hair, no bugs. There were only four pillows, which is unusual
for a king-size bed. Usually you get six. But we can live with that. As I mentioned earlier, there’s no place to
really plug anything in. There’s one outlet behind this end table,
but there’s nothing…. Oh, what’s this? Somebody left us a pack of Kleenex behind
the end table, and housekeeping did not pick that up. On this side of the bed, there’s a clock radio
and a place where you can plug things in. And it looks like there’s nothing behind this
nightstand except for wires. Under the bed, there’s a solid box, so there’s
no way to really put stuff under the bed. This is the hotel directory, and it gives
you information about the hotel. Telephone numbers to call, numbers to local
restaurants, and even menus for the local restaurants. There’s a boardwalk right across the street
from the hotel that has all kinds of places to eat, bars, and that sort of thing. And somebody made a mess of these pages here. That’s another thing housekeeping should look
out for. And somebody was kind enough to add the phone
number for Dominoes [sic] Pizza. That might explain all the stains on the earlier
pages. This is the bathroom. We have lots of towels and washcloths, extra
toilet paper, a small garbage can. This is the vanity area. It’s got a nice mirror. This light fixture looks like something out
of the 70s. I expected it to buzz and make that clickety-click
sound when I turned it on. We have a hairdryer, some light switches…kind
of dirty. Now moving on to the shower, we have the curved
shower curtain rod, but somebody’s been hanging on it, it looks like. I don’t like to complain. It’s very clean. There’s some rust stains coming down from
below that handrail there. And this is an Original Shower Massage [TM]. And we’ll see how it works. And it looks like the water flows out of the
shower head pretty good. Let’s try changing the setting. And it just comes unscrewed from the gooseneck,
so there’s no changing the settings on the Shower Massage. So, overall, this is a nice hotel. It’s got nice big rooms. It’s clean…it’s very clean. There are some problems with housekeeping
obviously, but nothing disgusting. This is an old hotel. It’s on the beach. I’m sure it gets destroyed every spring when
the spring-breakers come out and get drunk and tear the place apart, so I guess you have
to expect certain things to be lacking. One other thing I have to add is make sure
that you lock the safety latch and the deadbolt on your hotel room door, because housekeeping
ignores the Do Not Disturb sign and they will come barging in on you. Especially if they don’t know you have late
checkout and they think it’s time for you to be gone. But other than that, if you want to go to
the beach, it’s a decent place. So thanks for watching, please subscribe,
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