37 Replies to “Hotel reservation – Check in & out | English lesson”

  1. Sanchez Martin says:

    this was very useful lesson thank you for uploading i've learned much from it. i'd like to see similar videos.

  2. FUN BB says:

    liked 🙂

  3. Learning Zone Languages says:

    Add caption to the video here ⤵

  4. santosh gade says:

    good one great job

  5. Matt Sayers says:

    The front desk clerk is NOT supposed to say your room number out loud

  6. moussa elomrani says:

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  7. Ekaterina P says:

    why didn't the reception clerk speak about the breakfast and other hotel services while taking a phone reservation? Why didn't she check room availabilities first? And why didn't she ask for guest's e-mail adress to send the confirmation to? and what about payement conditions?

  8. Matt McCloud says:

    Wow! I watched this video and I'm in a hotel room number 304

  9. Dijonne Stricklen says:

    Great video this was very heloful for me so when i go on my interveiw i will know how to help ppl.

  10. Jayson e Javyson says:

    I liked it.

  11. shibeshi negese says:

    like it

  12. Silver Way1 says:


  13. Luis Pachon says:

    Wua nose como llegue pero buen vídeo

  14. Lin Mai says:

    its easy for learn. this is short conversation, but they are enough to undersand. hope will more clip like this.

  15. Rita Barcelos says:


  16. Anoop Dhillon says:

    Very nice helpful for class room of tourism

  17. Andres Izquierdo says:

    Say I want to stay the 20th, should my check on be on the 19th?

  18. Leidy Carolina says:

    4 persons is also correct? Or the correct one will be 4 people?

  19. Fiah K. says:

    luggage can't be plural

  20. Sunitha Naidu says:

    tq for more information about reservation

  21. chewinternet says:

    Do we have to submit out keycard whenever we leave the room??

  22. Afannou Kossi says:

    Thanks super

  23. Dee Zelle says:


  24. Jose Francisco Sanchez says:

    i am learning how to become a desk clerk with this video even thought needed more to say about the other services..

  25. Safa Marwa says:


  26. John Davies says:

    Yes i liked it,would like to see more,thank-you

  27. Angry toast says:

    Why shes talking to her self

  28. ik ram says:

    Can we say persons instead of people

  29. atrudokht says:

    And at the end they got surprised because they are twins afterall!

  30. KarL E says:

    Thanks for this 👍

  31. Mani chef99 says:

    It's verry use full this vedio because iam tha hotel management student my future department in front office tq for this vedio

  32. Mohann Scarlett says:

    I have a question, if my mother puts the room under her credit card would they allow me to stay by myself ? Im 17

  33. JK says:

    She just didn't ask for her e-mail.

  34. sanfrestin golda Wattimury says:

    thankyou very much😇

  35. Jerry Ao says:

    I'm kinda confused because it's my first time learning this and I'm flying to Minnesota by myself for the first time. Am I suppose to book a reservation when I'm there or do I have to book it before I get there?

  36. Karina Shultz says:

    Thanks a lot

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