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The most violent riot in California history Oh That’s real nice You don’t want it No I really do Hit the ground now I need to subscribe to Swhimbo Hello how can I help? Now verify your memberships and we’re off to the races The Artemis is a secret hospital for criminals I thought you were done with all this I got out, but you know how it goes. No never out not again I thought this place was a myth We’ve been here for 22 years this hospital was built on two things trust and rules You see that badge That means I’m a health care professional You’re an arms dealer right? Don’t push my buttons Don’t you do that I’m a professional, but this woman. She’s the business if you knew what she could do to you with just that cup of coffee? You’re lucky this place is rose The Artemis isn’t safe for us because it is It’s a portable vault worth about 18 million. Wolf Kings probably gonna want those back Okay, this is a real problem It’s here That’s against the rules rules Without the rule breakers, honey. Where would you be? You don’t like play it you’re my brother. I love you 3d printing complete. I got the next best thing I gotta go guess my ballroom days are over baby Time There’s a war zone up here, am I gonna make it out of here. We can do it together. This is what I do Visiting hours are never Busy night at the Artemis You know you might want to buy some scented candles or something cuz it smells like somebody died in here They did

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  1. liu travis says:

    ““`Is that Jenny Slate? Hell no you are not gonna make it out of there, comedians die in action movies that's the rule.

  2. Joparo Jopstar says:

    its look like Continental and Payday gang!

  3. xmy254 says:

    Does Sofia Boutella play the same person in every movie? smh

  4. Robert Razee says:

    Love Charlie Day!!!

  5. MoFi says:

    Very original…

  6. DeeJ Deckard says:

    I dont think I can handle watching Charlie die, but I feel like it's guaranteed with the character he plays. Mabye Dayman will show up….

  7. Uncle Nuts says:

    So much cringe. I'll pass

  8. Raymond Liang says:

    they could easily retcon this later on if it does good and put it into a john wick universe, something like hotel artemis being an offshoot of the continental

  9. Milk Beard says:

    This looks cool

  10. Hollow Knowledger says:

    Seems payday to me 😂😂

  11. Mr. Mysterio says:

    It's the young T'chaka

  12. Jesus parra says:

    Yoooooo I just relised
    "Artimes" is the god of hunt and these are criminals 😶

  13. Aaron Falk says:

    Father John Misty finally playing someone other than a hobo

  14. Ramiro Belmares says:

    So basically Sakaarians didn't overthrow The Grandmaster then he went to live with Darryl in LA and now he's a wealthy criminal who wants to rule Earth

  15. Incog Broadcaster says:

    I want this to be good. It looks so good.

  16. Danielle Vaughn says:

    Jeff Goldblum just gets sexier as he ages. 😍

  17. METALOZON says:

    I know Jodie is over 50 years old, but they really made her look like an old hag.

  18. Aaron Jackson says:

    It kind of reminds me of four rooms

  19. The WahMaster says:


  20. Erik Adams says:

    This looks pretty cool

  21. ウィーブーSub 2 Die - says:

    wheres John Wick

  22. Nicholas Pesce says:


  23. Reef says:

    Charlie Kelly!

  24. Dennis Gannon says:

    Dave Bautista can do almost anything now and it will be a hit.

  25. Generic Name says:

    Interesting premise. Hopefully they can execute this well.

  26. sfax009 says:

    Sofia! Love this girl!

  27. JumperWC says:

    Everything Hollywood makes is gold. Cant wait to see this!!!

  28. Alex Pollock says:

    It would be cool if this was in the near future of the John Wick universe

  29. Partially Functional Maniacs says:

    Am I the only one who thought this had something to do with Artemis fowl?

  30. Ercan Dereköy says:

    In first 20 seconds I said "Man John Wick is getting his own cinematic universe".. That would be cool..

  31. Mr. RunningMan says:

    I love the polygon skull mask. Reminds me of Virtua Fighter.

  32. afrocoleman says:


  33. Nakaya Davis says:

    Sterling K. Brown

  34. B3ansGuy says:

    Hahaha this looks awful but the cast looks so great I can't not watch this

  35. Pete Puebla says:

    Is this the same hotel from John Wick?

  36. A D says:

    I heard Dayman makes a cameo in this movie.

  37. SuperOneInOne says:

    Hotel in John Wick universe ? Nice …

  38. KamenRiderBlackSun says:

    Batista always gets choke in the movies ??

  39. Dave Llanto says:

    Batista?? Count me in.. gonna wstch this.. dont kill him in this movie

  40. CHEUNGTAIWEI says:

    I wanna ask if Jodie Foster made her face this old just for this movie, or she really looks like this now. I thought she looked a lot younger when I watched Oscar 2018.

  41. vambo13257 says:

    Seems like Jodie Foster is impersonating Michael J. Fox

  42. Jesebel35 says:

    When Jodi Foster runs😂😂 I can't..😂😂

  43. Jay Rule says:

    Horrible movie with despicable plot that makes no sense. What a waste of Jodie Foster's talent. Highly do not recommend grade of 55%.

  44. Mac Wessler says:

    Here for Father John Misty

  45. Paulish 86 says:


  46. phqutub says:

    So panic building instead of room

  47. Boy Wonder says:

    Looks cool.

  48. Eko .k says:

    Dr. Lecter really got to Clarice.

  49. mrlaydback11 says:

    Weird movie but it was pretty good.

  50. Ryan Scarola says:

    I really liked this movie. Did not deserve 58% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  51. Gabriel Land says:

    If Hollywood was smart, they'd produce more mid-budget standalone fare like this and stop putting all it's eggs in the 'expanded universe' high budget basket.

  52. Parsi Iran says:

    Artemis was a Iranian queen.

  53. Kenneth Zinke says:

    Did Dave Bautista portray Artemis Gordon in Hotel Artemis, but did he destroy Floyd "Money" Mayweather in real professional boxing or in fake professional wrestling?

  54. T. L G says:

    Love Jodie Foster it's getting so old poor thing I hate to see people get old

  55. RadsPuds says:

    I think they are the villains in the next john wick

  56. Tone E says:

    Is this based on china ? Lol

  57. Go Kill Yourself says:

    worse fcking movie ever. a few good moments but overall this movie was a sleeper. both me and my spouse walked out of that cinema disappointed. first time i ever felt this way about any movie i watched.

  58. Gerard Collins says:

    Interesting to see Jodi Foster in such a comedic role for a change.

  59. diamondgirl33 says:

    Looks GREAT……can't wait to see it.

  60. Thái Nguyễn says:

    Why didn't he come to wakanda

  61. John Gaudi says:

    a funny review here:

  62. lilmario0 says:

    Very John Wicky….

  63. Kùi Maina says:

    Jeff fuckn Goldblum.SOLD SOLD SOLD

  64. Stephen Branton says:

    Ah Sofia, why did you never call me back baby 🙁

  65. J Studios says:

    0:15 Father John misty

  66. glenda peterson says:

    aaand, now i know he while story

  67. VoixMortelle says:

    Oh god we get it, you've seen John Wick. Yes, sometimes things in a movie are similar to other things in other movies. Here's your cookie and your gold star sticker. Please shut up.

  68. spiritnphysical says:

    movie was totally different than portrayed in the trailer.

  69. Heru- deshet says:

    One crappy movie.

  70. Duck says:

    this trailer seems like it gives away the entire movie.

  71. Agusto Torres says:

    That killmongers father

  72. Smattless says:

    This movie reminds me of Gordon Ramsey.

  73. Richard WILSON says:

    I thought Jody-grandma had retired…

  74. Jeremy Ayaay says:

    jodie foster face is so old

  75. Jim Bo says:

    I see Hollywood has yet to tire of the worn out feminist narrative where skinny little girls totally destroy 300 lb. muscle men in hand-to-hand combat. I guess the idea of the female love interest isn't enough to keep the hoards of rabid feminists quiet, even though the idea of the female warrior is virtually non-existent in human history. There are exceptions, of course, but by and large it is extremely rare.

  76. Gerald Mendez says:

    these concept are from JOHN Wick. nice try!

  77. Speedgear says:

    you know, this movie could be bether if only Sofia Boutella wasnt wearing any panties

  78. SLiM- DoNNI- BMX says:

    This movie deserved much better reviews then it got.
    Loved it. will add the blu ray to my library when it arrives.

  79. Tiago Vaughn says:

    let's take john wick's idea and make a movie…

  80. Silent Lurker says:

    Great movie!

  81. kimbab gig says:

    jodie foster got so old.

  82. Milky Boy says:

    The worst in 2018.

  83. Potato says:

    Was it just me, or was Bautista trying to talk like a cholo?

  84. 최병옥 says:

    Looking forward to second pop corns.

  85. markus martin says:

    This movie is a trash.

  86. agenttheater5 says:

    And what does this have to do with the goddess of the hunt, virginity, childbirth, wilderness, protector of young girls and wild animals, often seen as being the goddess of the moon as well, twin sister to Apollo, daughter of Zeus and Leto?

  87. Due Decimal says:

    my review

    boring af, weak ass writing

  88. KB42 says:

    Too bad it bombed, I found this movie interesting though, wanna watch the sequel if it has one

  89. Moja Pila says:

    Best movie ever California dreamin

  90. Beverlyn Owusu says:

    Just finished watching this movie… One of the best, I must say!!!

  91. stapogej says:


  92. Tati Discher says:

    I only watched dis trailer bc i am a greek geek and it was entitled “Hotel Artemis” and she is mah fav goddess so….

  93. Hadley Epstein says:

    I can't tell if this movie was a good one or a bad one. I can only guess by the reviews that it is somewhere in between the two but I don't know.
    If you seen the movie and it was good, like this comment. If you seen it and it was bad, dislike this comment. Feel free to reply if you want.

  94. Soy Sex says:

    Hello Clarice

  95. Stefan Vir says:


  96. Ben Baxter says:

    I'll always have a room spare for Sofia 😉

  97. Vean Studio says:

    Is a pretty good movie, Jodie Foster still killing it as always

  98. ahenathon says:

    Hope for the Hotel Floridita soon.

  99. Geslina M says:

    I feel like I grew up with Jodie Foster…am I really that old? Bless her heart, she isn’t doing all that horrible plastic surgery a lot of aging actors go for.

  100. Tiffany Taite says:

    im reading the comments to see if the movie is worth the watch buuttt ..Everybody keep taking about some John wick.. IS THIS MOVIE GOOD OR NOT??! Damnit 😤

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