-You are doing well!
-3 points only! Score! Let’s go! Let’s go! The 4th quarter is in very competitive situation Even though it hasn’t been long since it has started. (Man to man check) It’s a man-to-man defense, it changed! It’s not a man to man Julien, don’t stick too much! (Getting more intense) ATP’s inbound pass, goes up right away! (Don’t give a rebound!) Didn’t enter Rebound of ATP (After the rebound is taken away) (Even 2 points lost) Jang Se-ho is very strong. 5 points behind again. The remaining time is now 7 minutes. and 5pts behind (ATP catches the mood of offense) Heo Daehyuk Shooting Didn’t enter (A Swift attack!) (Let’s make a quick break) Moon SooIn’s Rebound Jiseok layup! Score! (Sooin & Jiseok’s swift attack makes 2 points!) (Nice, SooSeok Combination!) Seo Ji-seok and Moon Soo-in! Jiseok! He’s running like a 20! Jiseok is also successful in scoring more than 10 pts today. Today, Lee Sang-yoon and Seo Ji-seok are both scoring more than 10 pts! I’m going crazy, Taesun Ah, so nervous, Taesun. 60 : 57! (Sooin stops the breakthrough with a foul!) – Are you okay?
-Yes, I’m fine. He tripped up while the breakthrough Open it! Just open it! Seo gyeongwon Iryang Iryang shoots stepping on the line. Did not enter Rebound, Moon Sooin! And Insoo Moon Soo-in! Moon Sooin, you have to solve it! Mun Sooin shoots! Got a foul (Sooin gets a free throw through the fast-paced breakthrough) Oh, why did I fail to score! Now, Heo Dae-hyuk is also sent off with 5 fouls, right? The tallest player on that team is out with fouls Oh, I shouldn’t stop him … It’s an ATP player’s exit showing how intense the game is. (Free throw again, and even I am nervous…) (Get ready for the Zone Press!) Change quickly! Change quickly! (A great chance to score up 5 points for this attack) If he succeeds in both free throws here They can succeed in following up to 1 point Let’s go! Moon Sooin! Louder! Louder! Let’s go Sooin!!! The 1st free throw went in! And the 2nd ball also went in! 1 pt behind! 60 : 59! (Zone press!) Jiseok! Hurry! It’s a press, press! Come up! It’s a full court press Don’t go and stay, you have to block the space. You need to block the way Good defense (Intercept!) Seo Jiseok to Moon Sooin! (Attack again!) Handsome Tigers is facing the chance of a reversal! Insoo Passes to Sooin Sooin shoots! Reversal! Reversal! Succeed in reverse! (Zone Press Successes!) It was an awesome play of Moon Sooin! Three fake movements and then shoots at 4th moving! What a perfec play of Moon Sooin! Great skill! 61 : 60! Succeed in reverse!

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