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Homemade Sizzling Beef like at the Chinese Restaurant – Morgane Recipes

This dish is a real firework! It explodes in flavors, noises and colors! Soak the mushrooms for 1 hour The marinade will make the beef very tender and tasty Cut the beef into thin slices Put them in a bowl Then add:
¼ tsp of salt ¼ tsp of ground pepper 2 tbsp of potato starch 1 tsp of rice cooking wine Beat 1 egg Add only a half Mix all together Let it stand while preparing other ingredients Cut the peppers into chunks Cut the spring onion into sections Cut the onion into chunks Crush the garlic clove Peel it
Chop it Peel the ginger Grate it Keep ½ tsp Remove the mushrooms feet Cut them into chunks Now prepare the sauce
Mix: 1 tsp of dark soy sauce And 1 tbsp of black bean paste Dilute ½ tsp of cornstarch with 1 tbsp of water Now we can start the cooking Fry the marinated beef in hot oil, for 30 seconds Stir Remove it and drain it Detach the pieces of beef Put the sizzling plate on the fire and let
it heat up during the final cooking Put 1 tbsp of oil in a pan heated over high heat When the oil is hot, put:
The chopped garlic The grated ginger Stir for 10 seconds Put the onion
Stir for 10 seconds Add :
The pepper The mushrooms The Beef The sauce 10cl of water Cook for for 2 minutes and stir from time to time Add the diluted starch Mix for 10 seconds Put the spring onion, mix and then cut off the fire Place the sizzling hot plate on its board Poor the sauteed beef on the plate Enjoy when it’s hot! Bon appétit!
Thank you for watching and sharing my recipe. Rendez-vous in my next homemade dish video.

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