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Hollywood City Inn Motel LA Review

OVR Travel Hi everyone During September 2018 I stayed at the
Hollywood City Inn motel in Los Angeles, CA Here’s what I think you should know about it… This is a complex with 2 buildings,
each has 2 floors I was told the rooms are identical in both buildings But there’s one main difference between them I guess you can notice what it is… I stayed in this one Let me show you around That’s the reception The check-in took a while, because I asked
for some clarifications regarding the room But the check-out went smoothly
with no complaints Breakfast is served in the same space I found this section too crowded during breakfast So I came early, grabbed food & drinks,
and set outside The breakfast was basic but satisfying,
and the staff renewed the inventory when needed The highlights were the bananas, and the large
variety of donuts (most of them were fresh) The outdoor swimming pool
is the main amenity this motel has to offer It was clean and inviting for swimming or even
just to sit next to it, and was maintained daily Another great spot is this balcony, but it prone
to mess and noise due to uncivilized visitors Other amenities available around the motel Let me show you the room I stayed in This is a double room with 2 double beds The design wasn’t brilliant,
but I found it relatively spacious and practical The room’s maintenance wasn’t stellar The beds and pillows were comfortable The room was cleaned daily, the staff was kind
and I felt convenient staying there during my visit The bath was the weak spot though… I received clean towels and free toiletries daily But contrary to the room it was small The faucet was leaking so I had to fight with it You see what I mean? I had to stand beneath the shower head
for the water stream to reach me Come on… again!? Let me give you an indication
about the motel’s location It is 3 minutes walk from the
north-western part of Sunset Blvd. 15 minutes drive from the Hollywood Sign 50 minutes drive from Venice beach And about 1-hour drive from Disneyland LA is a big city with many attractions, so it’s
recommended to travel across the city with a car Visitors of the motel will enjoy free parking,
but keep in mind it’s subject to availability Overall, I had a great time staying
at the Hollywood City Inn The environment is
vivid & relatively safe And though it’s not a fancy place,
it has it’s magic So if you’re looking for a budget accommodation
with a positive vibe while visiting LA The Hollywood City Inn
is a great alternative for you to consider Thank you for watching a video by
“Original Video Reviews”

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