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Holiday Inn Warsaw City Center – IHG Hotel Review by MartinTheVlogger

this is the hotel review about a Holiday
Inn Warsaw in Poland I’m Martin and I do stay around 120 150 nights a year in
hotels for many many years this is a brand new hotel it been open at the
beginning of 2018 or or late December 2017 it used to be a different Holiday
Inn more closer to the city center but now I know why they get rid of that
strategic position and why they have this brand new hotel here position wise
this hotel is situated in the business area so I do believe it will be more
like business oriented Hotel so that way is basically the city center and you are
able to get there by just walking in 15 minutes or 10 minutes most of you I
believe will come here probably by by plane but if you are coming here by car
be prepared about one thing the parking it’s under neath of the hotel of course
but you need to use the lift and these are the dimensions and just you know
make sure your card will fit and now let’s go inside it’s pretty cool here
we’re gonna have a break-y the breakfast positively surprised
usually holiday in doesn’t have that as much options to choose from depends on
the hotel of course but everything it’s in here the kitchen is open so you can
see how they prepare the food you see how clean it is nice area modern and
fresh and as you can see I went for very healthy breakfast and in general the
food that I was having yesterday I was having burger and the night before I was
having steak sandwich and some bites I’m not a food critic but the burger was a
little bit plain the steak sandwich was super smelly because of the cheese but price-wise it’s something that I would expect from the hotel like this in
Poland so eight nine ten Euro for burger sandwich it’s normal thing now I
will finish my breakfast and we’re gonna go to the room to see how it looked like I will stop in the gym it’s a little bit of disappointment but
in general you can go and practice for 30 minutes after hard work and get back
it’s it’s clean tidy but nothing special and I’ll show you now my room
I booked a standard room and I was getting upgrade to executive it’s not any big room but it’s spacious
the TV here at its Samsung and it’s very good quality of the TV is not any cheap
thing coffee so it’s for free minibar aria with the coffee thing
minibar it’s included in the price when you are upgraded the room in general is
not big but it fulfills your needs if you want to go over sleep plenty of you
know plug-ins for your chargers so that’s nice the interior it’s very
modern I don’t know if that wall will be still modern in a couple of years but
that’s that’s I’m not the interior designer they’re using the space as much
as possible so roll up doors and you have your you know Closet in here so
that’s nice and respect to the bathroom the the floor it’s heated so that’s a
good thing and shower it spacious it’s fresh and it’s clean it’s modern the
only thing I’m missing is that you don’t have any separate air vents or you know
that fan it’s a small room and if you are here with someone you know all these
kind of noises from the bathroom it should be probably or could be good if
you have a separate fan okay so what is the final outcome if we will have a look
on on the ihg app we will find a hotel will use current location in order to be fair
let’s put it from one month from now so you can see the price is roughly
around 470 600 or 800 for for the most kind of most luxurious room I had also
something like 130 euros per night it included breakfast it’s a very fresh
modern it fulfills my requirements and one big thing I have to say when I
came in and I was checking in I have noticed that the staff it’s really nice
and really polite at the bar when I was ordering food the food was coming just
like that again the staff was very polite for example have a look at this
small tiny thing but these kind of small things make the difference I mean what
how difficult is to write something like this I wrote them back I gave them of
course tips whoever is responsible for this great job as I said overall I will
give this also eight points out of ten but very good eight points just because
of the little bit of the food taste the smaller gym the smaller rooms in in
general but for the hotel that it’s just just designed and built for four
managers to come to oversleep and go for another meetings at the great hotel for
for decent value so thank you very much for watching and remember always have

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