Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma l Resort in Maldives l Maldives Travel Guide- Part 2

I am Saurabh, in the 2nd part of Maldives-Luxury in a budget series I am going to show you Holiday Inn resort. Here, I will give you a quick resort tour. Beach villa tour. Overwater Villa tour. And finally, I will give a review of this resort. Apart from this, I will also talk about accommodation options in the Maldives,. In the last video, I have shown my journey to the Maldives from Mumbai. I have also talked about transport and Flight options. If you have missed the first part, I have given the link at the right corner of your screen. You can check out that video also. Let’s start the second part of Maldives luxury on a budget series quickly. In Maldives, we started our journey from the Jetty of Male airport. First, we reached Maafushi. Maafushi was our 1st stop, It’s a public island. We came here to change our boats, Till here, we came in shared speed boat Which started from Male airport and ended here. We will get our private speedboat from here, which will take us to Holiday Inn Resort. Finally, we have arrived at our destination Holiday Inn Resort, Kandooma. This is coconut shaped reception building of Holiday Inn. Here we got personalized and one of the best check-in service provided by any resort in my life till date. There was a dedicated table. A refreshing welcome drink was served. They also gave me a personalized leaf, with my name written on it. Sara, the reservation lady, had completed all the formalities beforehand. She also explained all the facilities of Resort as well as the map in details Completed all the check in formalities and handed over the keys to us. Check-In is done, the buggy is ready to take us to the room. let’s go to the room. Let’s talk about the accommodation options in Maldives like guest houses, Hotels & Resorts. Let me tell you that accommodation options in the Maldives are very pricey. Even if you opt for Guest Houses/ lodges or hotels on Public islands then don’t think that it’s going to be cheap. Because of remoteness, the prices here are very high. If I have to give you an example, the prices of lodges on public islands are more or less similar to the prices of 3 & 4-star hotels of Southeast Asia. There is a public island named Maafushi in South Male Atoll. Here the lodges & guest houses’ prices vary between 3,000-13,000 Rs. including taxes & breakfast. If we have to talk about other options to save cost on accommodation in Maldives. you should come here in the lean season at the starting of May, because after that it rains a lot here. you should come here in the May 1st half. At that time you will find the prices to be cheaper for hotels and resorts. We have talked about guest houses & lodges on public islands. Now, let’s talk about private resort islands. These are very pricey, If you go to any website, the resort’s or travel agent’s website. The prices mentioned are not the actual price. Because, there are roughly 25% additional taxes, which gets added in the final price. If we talk about the private resort islands in the lean or mid-lean season the prices start from 12,000 Rs. and can go up to 3,00,000 Rs or more. The prices for 3 & 4 star resorts, the prices normally are lower for luxury & ultra-luxury resorts the prices are very high. Ultra-luxury resorts are normally far from Male to reach there, you have to take either Sea-planes or a combination of domestic flight & speed boats. So that is an additional cost. The tax rate are quite high, as I told you earlier, close to 25%. It’s not good for us, but very profitable for the local government. Tourism is the biggest source of income for Maldives’ GDP. It contributes about 28% of the GDP and in forex, it contributes about 60%. now you can understand, the importance of tourism for this country. After coming to this island, I have realized one thing There are so many beautiful islands here. We also have these kinds of resources in our country. In Andman Nicobar islands & in Lakshadweep I really wish that our government develops those islands and we can use those islands and resources in tourism. and promote them well on the global platform. so that we can increase tourism’s contribution in our country’s GDP I will recommend selecting private resort islands, which are closer to Male Airport. In the range of 40-50 KMs So that you can keep your transport cost low. If you are going to use public ferries to reach public islands then keep this one thing surely in mind these ferries don’t operate on Fridays. So, if you are landing on Friday Then you will have to stay in Male or Hulhumale and you can take the ferry the next day. It’s a very cost-effective option to stay on public island’s hotel If we talk about the south Male atoll the total fare for the public ferry is roughly 2 USD. And the 2nd option of transfer to public islands is to take the speed boat, which is most convenient and cost-effective is shared speed boat Shared speed boats are very frequent to islands in South Male atoll. There are many operators who carry passengers to Maafushi, Gulhi & Guraidhoo. They charge 20-25 USD per adult & 10-15 USD for a child. This is Holiday Inn’s over-water Villa I didn’t stay in this villa but my brother stayed in this villa on his last trip to the Maldives I took this clip from him to show you the villa and its facilities. and what are the views from this villa. You get a private balcony where you open your sliding window In this balcony, there are 2 chairs where you can sit and enjoy blue oceanic waters. There is a sun-deck with 2 sun-loungers there is a stair that takes you directly to the ocean. This is Holiday Inn’s Kandooma Cafe where they serve breakfast, lunch & dinner buffets on a daily basis. If it is included in your package, then you would not have to pay anything extra for these. In my package, breakfast was included the spread was huge and the seating capacity of the restaurant was adequate. If we talk about Indian food in breakfast then I got different menu options both days on 1st day Uttapam, bhajiye, poha and sambhar there were some more options for Indian vegetarians. On 2nd day, the menu was changed and they had kept Gobhi Paratha and vegetable upama also. I would not say that there were lots of options but it was sufficient considering you are traveling out of India. If you are vegetarian but not totally dependant on Indian food then there was lot of options Pancake, waffles, crumbles French toast and many more things. There were many kinds of yoghurts, cut fruits muesli cereals. There were at least 5-6 types of juices to choose from. If you ask me about Holiday Inn then I will say one thing that, if you are looking for a good budget resort in the Maldives then this probably is the best option because the room rates are quite economical If you are coming in peak season then you will get rooms in 15,000-16,000 Rs in the non-peak season, you might get beach villas from 10,000-12,000 Rs. in addition this, Holiday Inn is one of the selected few resorts which gives you permission to arrange your own transfers. so after taking all these things account and the location, the beauty of the island, the beaches the biodiversity means the flora & fauna, fishes, corals All these things give this place an advantage. If you are looking for a budget resort in Maldives Then definitely go for it It’s time to say bye to Holiday Inn Resort our Maldives trip is half done today I am going to change the resort I am going from Holiday Inn to Adaraan Select Hudhuranfushi I am taking the same route for going back, which I took for coming here First, I will take a private speed boat to Maafushi from there, I will take a shared speedboat to Male airport. from Male Airport, I will get my pickup for my next resort, which is Adaraan In the next video, I will take you to 2 public islands one is Maafushi & the other one is Hulhumale. If you have liked my video, then forget to like, comment & Share. I am hoping that you have subscribed to my channel if not, then this is the right time because in the coming videos, I will be sharing many interesting information with you.

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