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Holiday Inn Queenstown Lakefront Hotel virtual tour overview

now what I want to show you now is the
custom virtual tour for Holiday Inn Queenstown This is a beautiful looking
building right on the lakefront now without further ado let’s have a look.
This is a quick look at the custom virtual tour for Holiday Inn in
Queenstown this is a beautiful hotel. Located right on the lake, now we have
two ways of looking around this custom virtual tour,
we have thumbnail navigation down the bottom here and we have normal sidebar
menu navigation on the left hand side. Got a restaurant, great bar
here for your cocktails and drinks of your choice. Nice meeting room here
so you take your business conference to the Holiday Inn Queenstown. Jumping
into some of the rooms. Great views, let’s actually jump outside and have a look at
one of these views here, it really is a stunning view in Queenstown, right on
the lake. So they’ve got a number of different rooms, you can look at the
rooms again. King bed lake view. You might want two double beds, two single beds,
double standard bed, king bed standard two single beds. Number of options here
at the Holiday Inn in Queentown. That there was the custom virtual tour for
Holiday Inn in Queenstown

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