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Henri Hotel Hamburg. The Trendiest Hipster Hotel in Town?

In this video you’re going to learn
about a hip, happening and slightly unusual hotel in Hamburg. Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips for Travellers. I’m going to show you around the Henri Hotel in
Hamburg. It’s a really unusual hotel, and it’s definitely for those of you who
like something a little bit unusual, something a little bit trendy, something
a little bit maybe even hipstery! It’s in a great location. It’s pretty central and
within easy walking distance of things like the City Hall, big shopping
areas, the Metro. Great location. Very quiet location. It’s housed in what is
a rather unattractive building in many ways. It looks like an old sort of office
block, and inside it really is a little bit unusual. You have the reception
area, which is a big lounge area and it has an “honesty bar” restaurant
where you basically choose food and write it onto a sheet of paper and hand
that in. It has a great breakfast, huge choice of breakfast. So let’s talk a
little bit about the rooms. I was up on the third floor, in room 305. And this here is the room. As you can see, again like it was downstairs,
it’s a little bit unusual. I actually had twin beds, but of course many of the
other rooms do have double beds. As you can see it’s done in a sort of a
retro trendy decor and feel to it. So lots of Browns. The beds, I must say,
are very comfortable indeed. As you can see it’s a fairly decent sized room. It’s
not a massive room. You’ve got a television across there with lots and
lots of channels. Also in the room there is a desk to work at. It’s a
perfectly adequate size desk, perfectly fine.
You’ve got tea and coffee making facilities and a refrigerator where you can store
drinks etc. It doesn’t have a built-in minibar as such. In terms of
storage, not huge amount of storage but certainly plenty if you here for a
couple of days. Now the bathroom is sort of within the room, so it’s not a
separate room in its own right. You’ve got a very nice basin,
you’ve got a separate toilet facility – which gives you much more
privacy, and then you’ve got a really good decent sized shower. Another good
thing: there’s lots of plug sockets around the room so for plugging things
like laptops. It’s really handy for that. So there you are, this is room 305 in the Henri hotel in Hamburg. It feels very different to traditional
hotels. So if you looking for something a little bit more unusual, but again with a
great location, the Henri hotel is definitely something to
consider. Hopefully you’ve found that tour of the Henri hotel in Hamburg
helpful. I’d love it if you liked the video if you do give it a “like”, and very
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