Health Food Start-Up Interview at new Diced Restaurant

Hi everyone, this is Michelle from Lumina Massage and I’m here with Otto from Diced and this is kind of like a new healthy eating fast casual is that right? like fast casual restaurant in the kendall area so they’re really really close to miami dade college right across the street from Miami Dade College so they’re going to get all the hungry students but um I really liked it because they’re brand new to kind of this location here but this isn’t their first location so Otto don’t why don’t you tell us a little bit about the first location and like yeah how about the first location. Otto: We opened on July 2015 we’ve been open as a brand now about a year-and-a-half implication that we’re open here since November 8, 2016 Michelle : so, it’s been a year and a half? Otto: yes, it’s been a year and a half Michelle : wow that’s really impressive Otto: We’ve been fortunate to have a second location already after a year and a half. Michelle: So, the first location is? Otto: It’s on Coral Way and 67th Avenue in West Miami Michelle: OK, so it’s in West Miami…this is facebook live so you have to be open to (laugh) different things so the first location is in Coral Way in west Miami and then this is just a year and a half later and this is your second location so that’s really fast growth. Congrats for that. Otto : yeah so I’ve been blessed thank you very much Michelle: So, what’s the concept? Because I want to show you guys really quick on this is the menu. I’m gonna to show you right there and I really like this “food you can trust” Why is that the model? Otto: when we my partner and I wanted to get into the restaurant business we had several different concepts and our main idea behind everything was it was we wanted something you could eat every day. You know and what we’re (Michelle: not fast food) not fast food but at the same time in a fast-casual right environment We were bringing something, we always wanted to know we have dabbled in that the industry several times but it was ” OK, do we do burgers,sushi, Mexican you know you look all the trends you see what’s hot right now right but when you put all those things together your like, will you eat a burger every week or every day? Would you eat sushi every day? Will you eat tacos everyday? maybe some people will but technically you might eat it twice a month or something like that right but we wanted something you can eat every day every single day and that’s kind of like where this was all created. It’s something you eat every day but at the same time into several different combinations. You can come , you can come for lunch or come for dinner two different things at the same restaurant and feel good about what you’re eating we have customers here that coming sometimes you know seven straight days and we see them those seven straight days I see them more than one of my family. Michelle: yes, isn’t that the case with work? I really like that and you’re absolutely right because I i know for me I mean even even being in the alternative healthcare field it’s really hard as a professional. I have to practice what I preach so I try to eat as healthy as possible but it’s just the options are very very limited but now Miami is kind of starting to get into it when it comes to like health and wellness. Otto: the whole country, the world we have kids in high school and middle school and that’s what we’re teaching them in school now you know to eat clean to eat well etc etc it’s already being programmed if you want to call it that bring the kids yeah it’s really about education and starting young. Michelle: so now that you mention the schools does Diced have any any outreach to the community here they have any plans to do that? We do a lot of things with the community and mostly right now the most recent thing we did the toy drive for the mayor we catered the whole event for them Carlos Jimenez, here in Miami so we did his official toy drive. We received a plaque we’re actually getting it framed as we speak now. Michelle: Nice, congratulations! So, that the most recent thing we did the toy drive we have this saturday actually coming up we’re doing an event for kids with special needs it’s a gym / therapy center for kids with special needs we’re going to sponsor their opening, so create awareness about the event and show them about Diced too because all types of people eat our food so it’s definitely a good concept. So, always doing things like that you know it’s not always special needs or a toy drive but we do other things. We do other things, we do openings of gyms . We’ve done the FIU brew event so, we’re always involved with several different things to expand the complete outreach. Michelle: ok guys so for those of you that don’t know what FIU FIU is,if you’re not living in miami, it’s the florida international university so that’s just for you guys that are watching this may be internationally or maybe in another space. Otto: yes, they had a brewing event a bunch of the top brands were there I think Finka was there No, I’m sure Finka was there SportsGrill and the Wynwood Breweries were out there, so we were invited to that so it was a definitely a pleasure to be out there with some of the guys have been around for years. Michelle: that’s awesome. Let’s talk about what people love which is to eat. it Tell me in your mind you know what are your most popular items like one of people coming in for. Otto:our menu is not per say very unique but at the same time there’s no specific item because we do both wraps and salads and it’s basically a combination several things you work your way down the menu and building it as you like. Michelle : so how did somebody order when they come in? Otto: well basically decide which protein you want what you doing a protein we offer that veggie option so if you’re vegan or vegetarian you don’t want to have is no chicken or steak and tuna you can just the rice,beans and the quinoa build your bowl as that but if we had a most popular dish combination is usually the brown rice chicken bowl and the topping that you like. to do the most clean thing that people like to go to enter together approaching you have on you have any other type of proteins we do our steaks and then you have to another to this can swing from candidates i will try to get the best possible okay and you need to put into the rap duo over something and you can mix and match you know some people do it you’re going to take some people do that veggie options and they have to do the turnaround is basically you have ended the combination of how to build in different proteins as you want to know what they say or do we want to fish and we can do all walks of life and your and your being and we offer our stuff that we do which is one thing that we notice but we also offer it with 99 very male health tangles you know you’ll get no animal products that’s nice so it is they do have vegan friendly products for those of you out there that are establishing kind of a vegan dietary lifestyle and you can definitely get that here at night so awesome well this is exciting thank you so much guys I’m going to also post some pictures up on the facebook page i’m just going to take a little tour and the restaurant is really beautiful it’s just got this great kind of you know trying to feel but the lighting is great it’s really homey you know when you come in and this is really important so if you guys are in the kendall area please make sure to pass by and support dice are they hopefully this room’s ok memories ok so if miami miami radio so you know that you’re living a massage or big supporter of small business especially here in Miami especially if they’re doing their job for the communities who keep a nice and healthy communities who i’m sure that with students the college students right across the street they’re kind performing that next generation to be nice and helping and you know we’re just really excited and we’re happy to promote them so i don’t think so much for your time and all right guys so be on the lookout and again this is dice and other for saying that address oh there’s six usatsi both our actions our first location with maddie is 2042 swifty 7,000 musically 15 and our second location a new one is in kendall and it’s one of 480 so sorry want to wait for you get southwest 14 and 17 just so the landmark remember it’s right across the street from my anything literally right across the street from miami-dade college though up we’ve come and support this of you know local business that is trying to do except for the community to offer healthy options again this is michelle from limited massage thank you so much guys and we look forward to having you guys be super successful really use you

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