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Haunted Colorado | Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs

right behind me is this historic hotel
Colorado it’s recently been redone but back in the day like in World War two it
was she is this a naval hospital and Morgan let’s go take a look in 1893 the hotel Colorado opened its
doors to the elite in Glenwood Springs Colorado it boasted curing mineral
spring pools the same pools that were used by the native ute Native Americans
for years in 1905 the hotel acted as the little
white house of the United States when President Teddy Roosevelt came to the
west for his famous bear hunt after President Roosevelt returned
empty-handed from his hunt the housekeeping staff stitched together a
small bear out of scraps of cloth they gave it to him to lift his spirits but
he was not amused and gave the bear to his daughter and his daughter named the
bear teddy a reporter found this an amusing story
and coined the phrase teddy bear an enterprising toymaker started making
teddy bears and a legendary toy was born many guests and staff have reported
strange occurrences throughout the year people have often reported seeing the
elevator moving from floor to floor with no passengers the unexplained smell of
cigar smoke and the smell of perfume and the spirit of a young girl in Victorian
clothing has been seen playing with the ball throughout the hotel in addition a
man has been reported walking in the hallway of the fourth floor and
disappearing but in 1942 the hotel became a Naval Hospital during World War
two where the navy remodeled the hotel and they included a morgue in the
basement the basement right there and they used to keep bodies down there
he used to visit morgue when this was a hospital the screams of a woman are
often heard throughout the hotel she is believed to be the chambermaid who was
involved in a love triangle and was murdered by one of her lover’s the room
in which the woman was believed to have been murdered was a guest room this room
is thought to be 454 due to the paranormal activity 4:54 is now a
storage room with a padlock on the door at the end of the hallway on the fifth
floor is room 551 just across the room is a locked door this unmarked door is a
door to the Attic there have been reports of high EMF energy in this area
guests and psychics have reported a male spirit that has inhabited this area and
there have been reports of strange occurrences in room 551 like here by myself and so that’ll be
creepier than the other floors on the sixth floor are two bell towers where
you will find the Molly Brown suite room six six one spirit activity has been
reported in this room as well as the other bell tower suite room six six two
but the Molly Brown suite is the most active really creepy up here on the
third floor activity seems to be the highest with guests and staff reporting
unexplained knocks on the doors apparitions strange smells sounds lights
turning on and off in the middle of the night and TVs changing channels there in
this really narrow hallway and then you there was a sixth floor that is the
sixth so that’s the sixth floor right there yeah it was really creepy balcony
there and the balcony there and yeah goes across there and they’re probably
Suites there’s just something unsettling up
there so I just came down from the fifth floor and it was really creepy up there
there was like this turret tight bro and the hallways were smaller it just was
really really creepy I’m gonna have to come back here and do a better
investigation but yeah I could really feel something up there so he’s walking the hallways boy look
we’re here converse with me I have to take the quarter here in the knee half
metre make it light up please pretty please
I got candy just a jerk when you call me a dork you want off hey I think we agree
listen her TV is listen martini a dork Tommy do you think mr. martini is a dork walking home please watch motor talk
dude come on we don’t bite not miss martini night nobody likes you it’ll lit
up again when you said that nobody likes him maybe he likes me mostly talking to
my microphone that would be good tell me you don’t like me come on you only move
a little bit in case you don’t like me it’s got cooties we know I think you
forget me see ghosts are afraid it they liked you though it’s probably moving
over towards you let me get him save your tears you can have my seat now I’m done with
it Hey look J and grant are already here make sure to check out the links in the
description they help support this channel and thank you so much for coming
by you have no idea how much we appreciate it

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