Hampton Inn & Suites “On The House” Breakfast Buffet Review – Anaheim

Hey everyone this is Julia with Honest Hotel
Reviews and today I’m at the Hampton Inn & Suites giving you an Honest Review of the
Hampton “on the house” breakfast buffet. This video is not sponsored but if you find
it helpful we’d love your support, Give us a like, leave a comment, or subscribe. Every morning from 6 until 10 am the Hampton
Inn & Suites offers their signature Hot Breakfast Buffet. Although they call it complimentary, or ‘on
the house’ we have noticed there is an extra charge for every additional guest in the room
which we assume covers this. That said, it is nice to have a quick and
easy breakfast available to help you start your day Here are some the highlights of this buffet:
the DIY waffle station, the oatmeal station, the yogurts and cereals, and their coffees
and teas. Other items, like their eggs, bacon and potatoes
looked and tasted like they were pre-cooked then reheated. Their fruit salad was also a little underwhelming,
so we opted for a piece of fresh fruit instead. The dining area is HUGE and even has outdoor
seating which is a great plus. Another nice touch was colouring page & crayons
for the kids Our feelings on this hot and cold breakfast
buffet are exactly that…hot and cold. Because the hotel charges an extra fee for
every additional person in the room, we would expect a higher quality breakfast offering. But we did find it convenient and there is
certainly something for everyone plus the staff here are amazing We recommend this hotel to couples and business
professionals who are looking for a more budget friendly yet adult minded stay at a Disneyland
Good Neighbour Hotel. For more information on the Hampton Inn & Suites,
check out our other honest review videos, such as our Resort Tour, room tour and the
tour of the pool & fitness centre. If you liked our review but are considering
other hotels in the area, we add new hotel reviews every week. head over to our youtube channel or check
us out at honesthotelreviews.com for our hotel recommendations and travel tips. I’m Julia and this has been another honest
hotel review.

2 Replies to “Hampton Inn & Suites “On The House” Breakfast Buffet Review – Anaheim”

  1. Mark Way Up says:

    love the music Julia!!! we choose hotels based on their breakfast buffets….especially at disneyland…sure saves money – we don't have to eat again until after lunchtime….great review Julia – thanks!

  2. Disney Vacation Family says:

    ha ha… "Buy Snacks You Will"… love it… this place looked great… loved the breakfast spread…

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