100 Replies to “GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4”

  1. Ayy lmao says:

    Can't wait to use my parents credit card to buy some more overpriced stuff in GTA Online

  2. NekoMatan says:

    I cant wait this new mode

  3. Alec Wesker says:

    Jaja me sorprendería qué saliera en ps3 y xbox 360 xD

  4. Nico says:

    Es una cominacion del rapidos y furysos 7 :v

  5. ER06 Cynstef says:

    Pas trop tôt 😍

  6. PCH Tommy says:

    I dont even need a shark card i just gonna rob some banks and things in gta online

  7. eh? says:

    It’s either they’re dropping gta 6 in like 6 years or they’re throwing all game modes in to get ready for gta6

  8. Jason the Major league gamer/review spot says:

    Just released the gta 6 trailer

  9. Marshal Luiz says:

    Plot twist: This update costs $200mil and it’s a bait to lure all the cheaters and modded accounts so Rockstar can money wipe them

  10. James Cassidy says:

    Can we have story expansion please?

  11. Frederick P. says:

    I will gamble everything I have in the game…on red

  12. GoldenzFTW says:

    Didn't Trevor kill Mr Chang?

  13. dragon tragedy says:

    Advanced handling flags on the new cars.

  14. Sub Zero says:

    I already very rich and get everything in GTA5 Online with money glitch…….. Sometimes This days i comeback to GTA5 Online just to do Contact Missions or being Griever LOL, so now this is Cool because there's new a things again in GTA5!

  15. Samir Pathan says:

    Why PS4 is very expensive in India . Indian people can't afford it.please thing on it and make it resnable price.

  16. Dylan Primus Ghaul says:

    Every modder probably gonna break the casino bank with there modded billions lol

  17. Paul 190 says:

    When is new casino opending on gta 5

  18. Jordon says:

    0:46 is that Cyril Figgis from Archer?

  19. MyLeS tHe BoT says:

    I hope that next gta or next update is 80s theme

  20. שולמית רות אליהו says:


  21. Wahas Shah says:

    What is the music called

  22. Selwyn 179 says:

    So you finna tell me i can win a car from lucky wheel. I bet that’s like a 1 in a million chance

  23. The official OG says:

    3 days remaining

  24. xXCinar43Xx Psn says:


  25. sefter454 says:

    It puts into perspective when the next GTA comes out it'll be supported for ages, well the online part. Single player, dead on arival.

  26. Koncha 04 says:

    I'm broke I have cash:0$

  27. just a friendly area 51 alien says:

    To all the people saying thst rockstar just want money and etc, remember all the stuff they give us (free dlc, weekly events sometime where you get money everyday you login and twitch prime rewards). They gave us twitch prime rewards that gave us 1,25 mil, free penthouse and 15% extra cash on sharkcards. Remember all those weeks where they gave us money each time we logged into gta? And we got it next week so we would get 1,25 mil?, free dlc so we dont have to pay 200$ on a dlc and all the updates they give us? I know they want us to buy sharkcards but we're not forced to, just stop being lazy af

  28. FaZe Zoltan says:

    That blonde woman sounds like Charlotte Richards from Lucifer

  29. Night Wing 17 says:

    This game is old asf

  30. robson says:

    -im not like ps4 puse

  31. Bartłomiej says:

    I hope I will be able to buy sth with 3.3 mil

  32. gta editor says:

    so do they have bunnygirls at the casino?

  33. The Dream Synopsis says:

    PlAyStAtIoN fOuR

  34. santi flaco says:

    Una pregunta donde sera

  35. santi flaco says:


  36. Kylo Ren says:


  37. Rebarok says:

    i just want buy this big casino on the main road

  38. Bedirhan Çatı says:


  39. Assassingamer143 says:

    I got this song stuck in my head

  40. EVGiT 2.0 says:

    Today at 15:00 i will publish REAL vid of update at my channel.

  41. Pink Alien says:

    Quit fooling around with GTA V mods and give us GTA VI already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. vvdt711uk702ksa ال رشيد says:

    الله يلعنش شركه حسابيي رحح بسبتش ياكلبه على سوني٣ ليش تغيروننن كلمت السرررر ليششششش وشذا انا وش مسويلكم يكفي اني انا مشترك في تطبيقكممم ولا سويتو شي ويكفي بعد انيي انا شريت من الأستوررر حقكم الله يلعنكم جعلشش تخسرين خسراه معاد ترجعين

  43. vvdt711uk702ksa ال رشيد says:


  44. Antonio The Great says:

    Could some one help me with bodgan

  45. Whynn says:


  46. علي السديس says:

    هذا قراند ٦

  47. Q&J Productions says:

    Song fits perfect

  48. Felix Urbruch says:

    Like all the poor people in gta i can't put a like because i have 110 millons xd

  49. M3 is GreAt Sammy0. says:

    I just got minecraft for ps4 and now this. Dammit

  50. Oliver says:

    I just love the trailer music lol

  51. Kevin Yusuf says:

    So when will we get GTA VI?


  52. Michael Fireball says:

    hey PS can u make Minecraft VR

  53. DFNÓÒNë .Sh. says:

    فاك شت 🙂

  54. Detona's Gamers,com says:

    0:50 amazing view.

  55. LUIS GAMER says:

    Que. Pasa. Si. Juegan alas 3 Am.

  56. Red Cdot says:

    I'm in bad sport

  57. Jimmys says:

    What's this buy the casino for 10mi
    Get a profit of 1$

  58. Jimmys says:

    What about gta vi are you going to release the trailer or maybe have to wait another 6 years

  59. UchihaDestiny09 says:

    Welcome To The Diamond Casino & Resort And Happy Gambling 😀 ^_^

  60. Chris King says:

    I want to care but I just don’t

  61. Chanty ️️️️ says:

    Party All Time by Eddie Murphy A BOP

  62. Irvin Vaca Medina says:

    Okdmf fpowmfodmwpokekfmfmmdmd jajaja méxico lindo y querido no se inglés

  63. very1842 says:


  64. Ecko says:


  65. Mj_z006 A says:

    how Time plz

  66. Slervery Snake says:

    Still waiting

  67. ᴢᴏɴᴀʏᴀᴅ ʜᴀsᴀɴ ᴀʀᴛʜᴏ says:

    Anybody wants to play with me on gta online really needs some friends who will help in my heist and facilitate mission 😕

  68. ᴢᴏɴᴀʏᴀᴅ ʜᴀsᴀɴ ᴀʀᴛʜᴏ says:

    Anybody wants to play with me on gta online really needs some friends who will help in my heist and facilitate mission 😕

  69. NAKAMIN TV says:


  70. Rebarok says:

    i cant play anything in cassino thanks polish law ;<

  71. Sean Patrick says:

    Mines updating now

  72. Verennald Adissa says:

    Bang GTA 6 gak ada yang kaset iya

  73. anna bek says:

    Do we have Access to gambling on ps4?

  74. Gading Kurniawan says:

    Plisss GTA 6 at dubai [email protected]

  75. Ali Salami says:

    I need to update the game I am playing in V 1.00 and my internet is vary slow😭😭

  76. Rick Sanches says:

    Hey guys can anybody explain why I can't bet in casino

  77. Бункер Хэппа says:

    And of course, I am not going to unlock any of this content simply because I am too poor in GTA Online.

  78. The BandMang says:

    Em portugal não funciona o casino

  79. eleazar verde says:

    Pienso pagar el plus solo para eso jajaja desde las 11 de la noche estaré esperando a q saquen la actualización

  80. MrMykl71 says:

    this out now ??

  81. Karol Walczak says:

    Add this in Poland

  82. Lucas Villalba says:

    This is a joke.

  83. Kevin Kevdzija says:

    Wait a minute didn't Mr.Chang Jr get killed by Franklin?

  84. Undefi#PL says:

    RIP for Poland :c

  85. Mam pomysł says:

    Poland players can’t play this DLC. In poland this is blocked and not only poland like portugal

  86. Im Zombie says:

    R.I.P Poland [*]

  87. _Jackie_ Mendoza_ says:

    I will either get rich or poor. We'll see😊.

  88. MykoPlayz says:

    is this gonna be realeased in PS3 GTA V?

  89. Jerry Fan says:

    Is the casino only available for the online version or can I access it in free mode as well?

  90. mario 353 TV says:

    Ps3 ?
    😭I have ps3 . pls uptade for PS3

  91. Najib Verdouw says:

    Why not ps3 u are ignoring the people who can't afort a ps4

  92. Johann Santti says:

    All party in time – Eddie Murphy

  93. Relayzy1 says:

    Too late

  94. Bryan Ramos says:

    :me yes it finally came out :game this future is unavailable to u :me brakes PS4

  95. II_GTATRYHARD_II says:

    Greece is banned from this😭

  96. Funny Bones says:


  97. Funny Bones says:

    Ugh its age resorted

  98. Andres Garcia says:

    la música queda genial

  99. Black Lyfe says:

    I had a dream about gta 6 just now

  100. Everything Gayan says:

    This is update or what???

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