GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

Finally open for business. Premium grade, utterly unique luxury. A wonderful place to relax and entertain. This is Mr. Chang, our owner. Tommy boy! Eh, Mr. Chang. I’m gonna lay my cards on the table. You’re going to sell us your casino. They want to buy this place… But first they mean to destroy it. Do I look like I make appointments, bro? I am the appointment! Champagne anyone?

100 Replies to “GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort”

  1. JT Maughan says:

    I brought it when it came out first i was happy



  3. Christian lepp says:

    Thx you ro

  4. Amir Zambrano lugo says:

    Cuando sale gta VI

  5. poison gas says:

    I don't care what anyone says rockstar are criminals 40 pounds for a car in gta online it's just one car it's discussting they need to drop the price abit

  6. P996LAZER MiNiGUN says:


  7. FlipSter says:

    What is the name of song in the background?

  8. Dansect says:

    Was kinda disappointed with this ngl

  9. jospros 205 says:

    Pls make gta4 to ps4

  10. TheMegapornstar says:


  11. Eddy Wally says:

    Can't wait to rob this place

  12. Lifestyle Castro says:

    HYPE HYPE HYPE Lester will tell us how to rob the casino soon !! HYPE

  13. Jordan Cisneros says:

    Who's here after the teaser trailer for the diamond heist

  14. BrysonMcFly says:

    Anyone hear after hearing about the casino heist update 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Party855 says:

    Who else is here during the Casino Heist stuff?

  16. John Doe says:

    If you think about it, the casino heist could be Rockstar's way to compensate for players who couldn't access its features due to their countries' restrictions.

  17. Shafiq Chowdhury says:

    What a grapics

  18. The Joker says:

    Anyone else ready for that casino hiest

  19. The Strange Man says:

    Well… And here we are again… Ready to rob the casino

  20. Mikitoon - Пранки и Влоги says:

    время отдавать мои просранные деньги обратно

  21. Red Mel says:

    Welp…we're robbing the place now…

  22. Yoda says:

    Who's here after the casino heist just got announced

  23. Manuel Amaya says:

    I knew it going to be more cause there actually some scene that wasn't on game on this trailer.

  24. Equilix says:

    Very Vice City

  25. Primal gaming says:

    So who's ready to rob the casino?

  26. Mr. Divergent says:

    Now we're going to rob it.

  27. Ryritz says:

    0:39 is where it really got hyped

  28. Cayden Carroll says:

    I guess we gotta rob the Casino now… after it just opened

  29. fat fat says:

    Wait if you have a penthouse and rob the place how will we be allowed back in?

  30. 0tski says:

    Wait Casino Heist

  31. HetBanaanPortaal says:

    directed by micheal bay

  32. Devourrツ says:

    Anyone here after the casino heist reveal

  33. Simple Jayy says:

    July 24. 4 months ago time flys man

  34. jhoni meta says:

    Waiting for the cassino Heist?

  35. •2Pac• says:


  36. Mr. Mayhem says:

    December 12 Casino Heist

  37. Oppulent Hertz says:

    Who came here for Diamond Casino Heist

  38. Paul Dash says:

    0:49 mmm patas

  39. R BEAVE says:


  40. Ricky G says:

    Ahh yes, I visited this ad to see how it is now to 12/12/19 where I rob it

  41. ErA Camy says:

    Who's ready for the casino heist

  42. finger 0 says:

    Guys i got a prediction The song in the heist trailer will be kenny longgins I'm Free…

    Just listen to the song you will know why…

  43. User says:

    Please add nitrous in GTA v single player like GTA SA had

  44. Cameron Downes says:

    I want that woman’s hair

  45. Manoj Kumar says:

    Gta 5 andorid phone ka lya banao pl.

  46. Eedsku says:

    Can't wait For Casino Heist 🔥

  47. Wood Elf says:

    please remove the actual trailer thats in the actual game

  48. El Rincon Majme says:

    Finally open for…

    (4 months later)

    For steal 1 million of your mom credit car.

  49. TEE • says:

    release the trailer for the heist already!!!!

  50. Trap Walker says:

    This is considered one of the best trailers in my opinion.

  51. Yes Man says:

    And now we get to rob it

  52. Peter Niepel says:

    I can see that YouTube can count well, video was released on July 17th, 2019. Today is Dec 9th, 2019 and YouTube is trying to tell us that this video was released 4 months ago. Dear YouTube. 12 – 7 is 5. 5 months

  53. M G says:

    What if some of these clips are from the new heist that is going to come out soon

  54. Cavez says:

    Sorry not sorry but we finna rob you in 3 days

  55. Depressed Neega says:

    Low key best trailer they’ve made

  56. RatedRLoquender says:

    At which level can I access the casino?

  57. ncamisile ntombela says:

    Rockstar games on my xbox gta online doesn't want to work

  58. ninjagamer2000 says:

    We don’t blame you
    Revenge will be sweet
    Cheng family holdings

  59. EcoOmega says:

    Where is the diamond heist trailer???

  60. Luis Lopez says:


  61. Can Yavuz says:

    Remove the Opressor Mk. II

  62. Jeison Guerrero says:

    Rockstar mete un nuevo coche en benny's

  63. Avengers Memes BR says:

    One day until the Casino heist and rockstar hasn't still dropped the trailer.

  64. Madly HiHo says:

    Who's here after the casino heist trailer?

  65. ' says:

    Not a single soul:
    Tom Connors: cHaMPaGnE

  66. Craigs craig says:

    Who is here after the new heist was announced

  67. James riley says:

    One of the best updates in the game

  68. Khris D. says:

    Why isn't there a full trailer for the casino heist yet?

  69. Rotten Blue says:

    I cant earn money when i finished job.

  70. Thiago Araújo says:

    Now avaliable to be robbed

  71. Amarfisjxjxkfj, Brea says:

    Hello rokostar games gt5 online casino play now gt5 mode histori yes

  72. Ionut DU says:

    No air vehicles….

  73. Josep Fernández Sierra says:

    Im robing my own house


  74. Ángel yahir Tovar delgado says:

    El nombre de la canción por favor

  75. SkillShot Gaming says:

    Came here to say, the casino has run out of luck.

  76. Mr Predictably says:

    How the tides have changed we went from helping the casino to robbing it well thats something

  77. Wanderson Miranda says:

    My girl wants to party all the time !

  78. Михаил Малюков says:

    Ebanyi rot etogo Casino……

  79. Mann 0506 says:

    PlisManGTA V android mobile

  80. Estima _ says:

    watching GTA trailer before the update is out makes me SO exciting

  81. Blue Cat says:

    Im going to spent a lot of money with my friends

  82. Tardisco says:

    I already feel nostalgia with this trailer

  83. Gamer Ruffout says:

    Hi I'm from the future and this place is gonna get robbed soon.

  84. Giosi Ferraro says:

    World: Loot boxes in video games are bad and cause gambling addiction


  85. kingjohn gaming says:

    Make the next GTA in Jacksonville Florida

  86. DryBoneJones says:

    Nice, so we getting Vice City 2 any time soon? 😅

  87. Leonel Salazar says:

    I know this is late but dint i just c4 that Cheng guy In story mode

  88. gentlemen. says:

    Oh wow, now we’re robbing it.

  89. Monster Consumer says:

    Worst GTA Ever San Andreas is way better

  90. Heme Jimmy says:

    Then we robbed it..

  91. ɑdyɑH丯 YT says:

    When gta 5 come for Android

  92. Thanos says:

    They straight up used a song by Eddie Murphy for this trailer.

  93. fat boi says:

    I remember getting the trailer for this there was so much hype

  94. zerocool gonna hack u says:

    So its just another big expencice house???? No heist No missions or is it like night club missions and make money i have 7mil a saw i can buy as fully custom one for 6.9mil is it worth it

  95. Solo tenias que seguir el tren says:

    que casualidad que haya salido once dias despues de mi cumpleaños

  96. Susana Diaz Vera says:

    Gta 5 WoW diamonds

  97. Noggas says:

    song name?

  98. Da Man With Da Magic Plan says:

    Oh hey Eddie Murphy haven’t heard that song in a while.

  99. حۣۗہسۣۗہيۣۗہنۣۗہ آلَسۣۗہوۣريۣۗہ says:

    نريد gta5 للموبايل

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