Grand Opening Bürgenstock Hotel & Resort

November 11, 2019 1 Comment

We are here on the Bürgenberg, known as Bürgenstock. We are at the biggest opening in Switzerland, perhaps the largest in Europe. The whole resort has a strong history and has now been revived with four different hotels, 12 food and beverage outlets, including 10 restaurants, two bars, plus the catering department where we can cater for up to 1500 people. We need a leading partner in warewashing technology. We must deliver top quality and for that we also need a reliable partner in warewashing technology, disinfection technology and in waste control. We looked into various partners and then we compared what we needed, and what the manufacturer supplies, and there was MEIKO, by far the best partner for us. Our customer Bürgenstock Resort sees its advantage in the fact that its processes work 100% as far as our contribution is concerned. That there are no failures. If these failures do occur, they are repaired in a very short time. We run a 24-hour operation, and so also having the option, in the event of something going wrong or if there are any technical problems, to be able to call our partner and have them on site immediately, is a very, very important point. That means one phone call is enough to have someone on site within half an hour to an hour and a half. We have compact designs, which means we are in a position to satisfy the customer in the smallest areas. We have installed over 40 machines in this facility, so that the large number of dishes can be washed. You can see the quality of the warewashing technology, in the level of disinfection and cleanliness that the dishes come out with. All the glasswashers are also connected to demineralized water. Thus there is one step less and the glasses do not need to be polished. We must be able to guarantee that the dishes are clean from A to Z and are also available again in a correspondingly short time MEIKO – The clean solution

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  1. Thomas Pease says:

    what model is that machine

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