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Gordon Ramsay Opens The ‘Bad Boy Bakery’ | Gordon Behind Bars

So we get an x-ray me a traitor an expert are What happens if we’ve lost a nut or a bolt? And it’s falling in one of these Jesus and can we just forget about that for now or do we have to go on are? We don’t know we’re doing it properly every yeah. No, but there’s no nuts involved there at the end of the day We don’t have one of their majesties prisons We have systems that we have to go by no matter who is for we do not change the system for anybody else There was that trolley nearby just coming doll. Thank you pizza boxes So all the fucking work has gone in So it’s time to make my escape Aided and abetted by prison head chef my accomplice, dal Hatfield They’ll be brilliant This is crazy another this is absolutely ludicrous Check there’s no faults and nuts and guns and doubt. Then – laughs show some flexibility Go to supermarkets, but enough but fuck me. This is ridiculous. This takes the biscuit and If every single cake and tartar has to be x-rayed. I’m going through too Morning Two more doors to go – were out man the logistics logistics bloody hell There’s times like this. You really do know, you’re in a prison yard About time Dino Dino come through reverse up, please. Oh Jesus Christ on my come on dean. Come on gall then honestly We’re doing in there see you later Why are they searching us again Why are they searching us it’ll be two seconds Bye Gordon It’s been x-rayed sir. Yeah man down I’m going to explain sir With my shop opening in half an hour. It’d be quicker to tunnel our way out what a fucking pulava The chances are getting 5 thousand bread rolls Or Treat the tarts out there Excuse me So amazing how good the food looks outside the prison I mean it’s extraordinary Listen, we may be in a pop-up. But yeah, I mean, I’m I’m hoping this stuff goes look at it Hello welcome what comes it what can I get you amazing lemon curtains actually made by the local bricks prison And I hear that you’re working with my son your son. Yes, Jerome Samuels and his mother my god when he focuses He puts his head down and he gets stuck in but from little he’s always he’s always like looking in the kitchen everything I just think he’s just mixed the wrong company, right? Is really usable, you know, yeah. I walked in this morning bad news. He’s been suspended There’s some verbal abuse giving her me officers give us a bit of a kick I know that That person he’s in the course, you know, he’s focusing what was that so where to see him That’s something I don’t really do. Do you not think he needs to see Wade speak to me all the time He can write to me. It’s not somewhere that I would like to be on a regular basis No, it’s not that this time. He was thank you for coming. I appreciate it any message for him. I mean I you tell him i he needs Get himself together. Yeah I will tell him two of these Was worried that people wouldn’t want to eat prison made food but the bad boys bakery name seems to be pulling in the punters Very creative There are very creative aren’t they and how does it make you feel about mate? That there made by prisons local last cool one? That’s all I did Yeah, that’s cool. It doesn’t put you off No not at all good Your stuff thank you so much can only be a good thing well try and give them some chances in employment There are no people in prison and stuff I think you know life’s a learning curve and if they can come in there and educate themself and learning skills then why not

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