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Going to a Restaurant Social Story Video

Social story video for children with autism Buddy, it’s time to start! Today’s the day I’m going to be like Buddy because I know there’s nothing I can’t do. Today’s the day I’m going to be like Buddy because today I’m going to try something new! Huh? Going to a Restaurant? Yay! Hey, Buddy! Today, we’re going to go to a restaurant. These are the things we’re going to see and do. Wait to be seated by the hostess. Tell the waiter what you want to eat and drink. Wait quietly for the food to come. Then, eat it all up. Buddy, now, it may be noisy in the restaurant, and there may be lots of people and lights and smells, but, if we earn all of our stars, we get to have… ICE CREAM!!! Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream! Buddy, are you ready to earn your ice cream? It’s time to get your first star. Wait to be seated by the hostess. Hello! Is it just the two of you? Yes, and, if there’s a table in a quiet part of the restaurant, that would be great. Sure. Follow me. Your server will be right with you. Buddy, great job! You’ve already earned your first star! Yay! Hello, my name is Steve and I’ll be taking care of you, today. Can I interest you in something to drink? Yes, and I think we’d know what we’d like to eat. I’ll have the Chicken Caesar Salad and an iced tea, and… Buddy? they have some of your favorites. Pizza, macaroni and cheese, or a sandwich? Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Buddy? Pizza, please? Okay, Buddy, pizza it is. I’ll bring those out as soon as they’re ready. Good job, Buddy. You just earned another star! Tell the waiter what you want to eat and drink. Buddy? There’s a lot going on and we have to wait a few minutes for our pizza. Would you like to take a walk outside, watch your programs, or draw in your coloring book? Coloring book. Good choice, Buddy. I’m proud of you. Okay, here you go, folks. Buddy, do you know what time it is? Pizza! And it’s also time for another star for “Wait quietly for food to come.” Buddy, you have just one star to earn, before you get your ice cream. Buddy, chew your food. Okay, Buddy, you’ve done a great job of finishing your pizza, and you’ve earned your last star. Now, it’s time for… Ice cream! Yaaaaaaay! Buddy, I’m so happy we ate at the restaurant, together. You were really nice, and now you know what to expect. We wait to be seated by the hostess, tell the waiter what you want to eat and drink, wait quietly for food to come, and then we eat. It might be loud or crowded and we may have to wait, but we can handle that calmly and earn our reward. You did great! GO BUDDY!

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