Go Vacation – City Resort: Animal Photo Book Guide – Nintendo Switch

Hi everyone, sorry it took so long, exploring
the city made me a little motion sick. Then the day after my first one a couple people
found them all already. But I said I would do it so here is part two. Number 19 Cat. Cat’s shouldn’t be too hard to find because
there’s plenty of them but they do change spots around a bit. You might find them around the starting area
or in the park near the panda. Number 20 Pekin Duck. I once found the ducks when I wasn’t trying
but when I was I had a hard time. But I found some around the soccer field. But they aren’t always there. I did think I once found them near the shopping
mall but if you really can’t find them just try reloading the resort. I don’t think they scare off so that’s one
way to tell them from others birds at a distance. Number 21 Sparrow. I had a tricky time finding them, there are
some around the fountain in La Vacanza Shopping Mall but I kept scaring them off. Listening to the sound didn’t help me until
I tried looking at the railings and found one up there. Number 22 Rock Dove. I found the doves near the hot dog stand outside
of La Vancanza Shopping Mall near the bayside. They get scared off as well so be careful. I also saw some at the top of the stairs at
the back of the skate park. Number 23 The Giant Panda. The panda is lying in the park next to the
wheel slider. I haven’t seen him anywhere else. Number 24 The African Elephant. He is either up near the wheel slider way
or I’ve seen him outside the fountain side of La Vacanza Shopping Mall opposite the hot
dog stand. Number 25 African Lion. The lion is in the Kawawii gardens otherwise
I’ve seen him in the understairs area of the mall on the left sometimes the doves are there. Number 26 Ghostly Boy. He appears only at night underneath the UFO
buildings where the floor lights up when you step on it. You can only see him when your camera is open
and he’s pretty fast so you might have to figure out were he’s going and shoot from
there. Number 27 Extraterrestrial Lifeform. This guy is night time only as well, he seems
to show up every five minutes or so. You’ll hear a distinctive sound so keep somewhere
high up as he has at least three landing spots. He always lands outside of your range so you
have to find the right spot to take a picture. One of the places you can get to by getting
to the top of the circular part of the mall and jumping across to the other building then
photographing him from there. If you’re too late you can just wait five
minutes around until the UFO shows up again. Another spot you can access by going up the
rocket in the memorial park and landing on the building after and then going through
the middle to the other side without falling off. The other spot he can be photographed from
when he lands there is the top of the wheel slider. So again you go up the rocket but instead
you go to the next rails which will take you all the way up there and he’ll probably land
around the building with the heart shape. So I hope that was still helpful for some
people and I’ll make the other two soon. Bye.

3 Replies to “Go Vacation – City Resort: Animal Photo Book Guide – Nintendo Switch”

  1. Shannon Clegg says:

    Are you going to do a mountain resort video for the animals? I can't find the bunnies! That's the only animal I haven't found yet. I found another youtube video that showed the locations but the bunnies aren't where that video said.

  2. Paige Detlefsen says:

    19: 0:10
    20: 0:28
    21: 0:51
    22: 1:21
    23: 1:46
    24: 2:09
    25: 2:29
    26: 2:44
    27: 3:46

  3. Dragovski Verkovic says:

    Loving these thorough guides. Great job.

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